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Monday, March 27, 2017

January 2017 PPM Analysis: News

January 2017 PPM Analysis: News
Mar 1st 2017, 14:24, by TALKERS
By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor
LOS ANGELES — A new presidential administration about to assume office coupled with the conclusion of all-Christmas music by FM music stations led to a perfect January 2017 ratings storm for all-news outlets to post some particularly strong rebound numbers (compared to "Holiday" 2016 stats).
The following (6+) scoreboards are comprised of news stations that appeared in any of the 48 PPM-markets in January 2017, a ratings period that covered January 5 to February 1.
Nielsen Audio only releases audience estimates for facilities that subscribe to its services. Owing to that reason, ratings stats in this exclusive analysis are limited to stations that pay Nielsen Audio for its data.
Several stations on this list that are primarily news throughout the day but program daily talk blocks are designated by an asterisk (*).
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