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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The BIG Fraud! Online Couponing

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Today's Headlines March 31, 2011

The Big Fraud. Online Couponing.

The Big Fraud. Online Couponing.

Now I certainly don't expect every reader to agree with every article we write. That would be self-centered, pompous, and quite frankly, boring. So, when I received a scathing letter from a "radio veteran" who disagreed with an article I wrote about online couponing, I was happy to engage this radio fellow in a diplomatic discussion about his criticism (after I got over my feelings being hurt).
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Is Online Couponing Smart For Radio? More Importantly is it Smart For Our Clients?

Have broadcasters really done the math on a Groupon type approach to selling? Many broadcasters see this as a way to tap into a new source of revenue: the listeners. After all, we've never gotten them to pay for the music, why not get them to pay us for the products our advertisers are trying to sell.

Ask The Attorney: You Botched A Contest

Ask The Attorney: You Botched A Contest

We just ran a contest to give away a car. Contest boxes were dropped off to 6 advertisers where listeners registered to win. The day after the name was pulled and announced on the air, an account executive walks into your office with a box. Only 5 boxes were picked up. What are you legally required to do now?
Miami Pirate Nailed for $20K.

Miami Pirate Nailed for $20K.

Marckenson Bazile is charged with operating an unlicensed radio transmitter on the frequency 103.9 MHz from his residence in Miami, Florida. The commission doubles the fine to $20K due to Bazille's status as a repeat pirate, according to the commission.

Consumer Groups in NM Use Radio to Pressure Governor

As WTOP General Manager Joel Oxley told Radio Ink yesterday, government spending is a big part of his revenue pie at the number one billing radio station in America. This type of spending is just another angle on that type of spending and perhaps a great source for cold calling for many salespeople across the country. Two New Mexico Consumer advocacy groups have turned to radio to put pressure on Governor Susana Martinez regarding the touchy subject of health insurance.
Citadel Holds Brief Q4 Conference Call. Gives No Guidance. Doesn't Discuss Merger

Citadel Holds Brief Q4 Conference Call. Gives No 2011Guidance. Doesn't Discuss Cumulus Merger

In what was probably the briefest conference call of all time, the Citadel brass had very little to say regarding a company that will soon feature new players at the highest level. The call lasted 14 minutes. CEO Farid Suleman made a brief statement and took no questions. Judy Ellis discussed inventory for about 30 seconds. And the group took one e-mailed question from an analyst. You can clearly tell these people have one foot out the radio door.

Citadel Q4 Revenue up 4%. For The Year Up 2%

Chief Executive Officer of Citadel Farid Suleman says "In spite of the Company operating in bankruptcy for the first five months of 2010 and the disruptions that resulted from operating in a bankruptcy environment, the Company reported a full year 2010 Adjusted EBITDA of $251.2 million, an increase of $54.9 million, or 28.0%, compared to 2009. I am particularly grateful to Citadel"s dedicated employees, who have been instrumental in creating substantial value since the Company's reorganization in June 2010.

2 Emmis Stations Raise Money for Teens Killed in Crash.

Here's another example of Radio at its best, helping the local community. DJ's at WJFX-FM and WBTU-FM, both owned by Emmis, are pledging to stay in their studios and on the air until they raise $40,000 for the families of four teens killed in an automobile crash. They fundraising campaign began Tuesday morning and as of 10AM yesterday they had raised $31,000.
Why One Card Carrying Liberal Loves Glenn Beck

Why One Card Carrying Liberal Loves Glenn Beck

Orrin Onken of writes a piece about how he simply loves talk radio, whether it's Beck, Lars Larson, Michael Savage or any of the other right-leaning talkers on the radio. And, he explains, a lot of the times it's about the formula they've created, not the message they deliver. When NPR fails him, he goes right to the talker in town. Yet, when I can't listen to "Science Friday" or "Talk of the Nation," I go straight to the wingnuts."

United Stations Radio Networks Teams With John Garabedian.

United Stations Radio Networks announced a partnership with national program supplier Radiocraft whereby USRN will represent the entire lineup of programming to the advertising community. The partnership covers ad sales only. Since 1988 the Boston-based Radiocraft has created and produced programs such as John GarabedianĂ¢€™s long-running, signature program, Open House Party.

Exciting Research: 25-54s Seek New Options

ADVERTISEMENT -- Dynamic new research demonstrates that radio's most sought-after audience has specific wants and needs that are not being met in the marketplace. >>Read more.
Convergence Technology
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Tech Summit Agenda Now Available

Tech Summit Agenda Now Available

Radio Ink's Tech Summit will be held this year on May 17-18 at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus in Mountain View, CA , immediately preceding Convergence 11, which will be on May 18-19. Tech Summit presents new media's best and brightest technologists sharing the latest and most innovative trends. This conference will cover both the technical and business aspects of new radio technology in a way that stimulates better understanding of each sector by engineers and managers alike. It's a unique opportunity for radio managers and their technical teams to convene in a single forum that charts a coherent course toward future growth. Click here for the complete Tech Summit agenda.
Radio Ink
FRESH CONTENT:Is Selling Internet Really Hard?

FRESH CONTENT:Is Selling Internet Really Hard?

During one of my recent seminars for business owners, called "The Shift -- How Online Advertising Can Strengthen Your Media Mix," I pointed out that since 2007-2008, how ad dollars are allocated has been changing, with the Internet grabbing hold of money that had typically gone to radio, television, and, of course, newspapers. Add the "Great Recession" in the fall of 2008, and it was the perfect storm for reallocating media dollars.
Mighty Red II: New Features Never Before On ANY Radio

Mighty Red II: New Features Never Before On ANY Radio

Radio Ink debuts the Mighty Red II, bringing back the little HD radio with mighty HD sound. New features on the Mighty Red II include Artist Experience -- cover art, artist info, and more -- onscreen ads that can be synced with audio, Live Pause, and song and ad Bookmarking. It's a great gift for clients to show them what's really possible with HD Radio. Click the headline to order now.
Get The PastBlast iPad App

Get The PastBlast iPad App

PastBlast, the new iPad app from Radio Ink is available now in the Apple App Store. Historical audio, photos, and more from every era of radio's history, with navigation through a beautiful, fully equipped retro radio studio. Click the headline to see it, or get it here.

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