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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Most Influential Women in Radio Are Coming

Now in it's 12th year, the Radio Ink Most Influential Women in Radio issue will soon hit radio station mailboxes. In the 2011 MIW issue we hear from Cathy Hughes of Radio One, the recently promoted Thea Mitchem of Clear Channel, syndicated talkers Monica Crowley and Dr. Joy Browne and many many others. We asked them all 3 tough questions and their answers will give you over 100 reasons to keep this issue hidden in your top drawer for years to come to you can go back to it and continue to learn from it.

On the cover of that issue is Ginny Morris. Morris is the Chairman of the new Hubbard radio. We say new because Hubbard is much bigger than it once was, having recently added 17 stations from Bonneville. Not only did Hubbard get the 17 stations, it also got Bruce Reese and Drew Horowitz in the deal. Reese and Horowitz are two extremely successful radio executives and having them on Morris' team makes Hubbard a force to be reckoned with.

To subscribe to Radio Ink to make sure you do not miss out on this issue, CLICK HERE

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Nicki Minaj Thanks Her Fans with 'Did It On 'Em' Video

by Erika Ramirez, N.Y.  |   May 30, 2011 2:00 EDT

To thank her dedicated Barbs and BarbKens, Nicki MInaj released an Internet version of her video for, 'Did It On 'Em.' The DJ Scoob Doo directed video is a montage of tour footage shot while on Lil Wayne's 'I Am Music II' tour. 'Did It On 'Em' captures Minaj performing, signing fans' bosoms and piggyback riding on Drake. 

Put your number twos in the air.

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Sean Kingston 'Stabilized' After Jet Ski Crash, Stars Send Their Prayers

Sean Kingston has been "stabilized" following a jet ski accident on Sunday (May 29) that landed him the trauma ward of a Miami hospital. 

The singer's publicist, Joseph Carozza, sent the following statement on Kingston's upgraded condition to Monday morning: "Sean Kingston is now stabilized and has moved from the trauma unit to ICU. Sean's family thanks everyone for their prayers and support during this time."

Sean Kingston Hospitalized After Jet Ski Crash

Kingston (real name: Kisean Anderson) was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital yesterday after he and a female passenger aboard his personal watercraft crashed into the Palm Island Bridge around 6:00 p.m. EST. A boater rescued the pair from the water, and Miami Fire Rescue crews brought the singer and passenger to the hospital. 

A representative for Jackson Memorial Hospital confirmed to on Sunday that the 21-year-old pop star was in the Ryder Trauma Center. No details regarding his injuries have been released.

Since breaking out with debut single "Beautiful Girls," which topped the Hot 100 for four weeks in 2007, Kingston has scored hits like "Take You There," "Fire Burning" and "Eenie Meenie" with Justin Bieber, who he joined on tour last year.

Kingston's hospitalization resulted in a outpouring of support by both his fans and peers on Twitter. The hashtag #prayforseankingston has been a top trending topic since news of the accident spread, while artists including Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown have tweeted messages for the singer. 

"Got my friend @seankingston in my prayers tonight," wrote Bieber. "A true friend and big bro. Please keep him in your prayers tonight as well." Soulja Boy tweeted, "Praying for my brother @seankingston I hope he makes a full recovery." 

"Praying for my bro Sean Kingston," wrote Brown, while Rihanna added, "Sean we praying for you baby." 

"My love and prayers are with Sean Kingston and his family," wrote Minaj. 

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Raphael Saadiq Talks 'Stone Rollin'' Influences, Being 'Raw'

by Gary Graff, Detroit  |   May 30, 2011 2:54 EDT

Raphael Saadiq has discovered that being busy as an artist doesn't leave him much time to pursue his hitmaking career as a producer.

"I haven't had any time to work on anybody," Saadiq -- whose credits behind the board include Joss Stone, D'Angelo, Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Whitney Houston and many more -- tells "when I have some time off, I definitely want to do that. But right now this is just the beginning of my record. I'm touring and just working every day, riding on the bus and hoping there are showers in the next venue I'm playing."

The album in question is "Stone Rollin'," the Tony! Toni! Toné! co-founder's fourth solo album and the follow-up to 2008's Grammy Award-nominated "The Way I See It." The 10-song set debuted at No. 14 on the Billboard 200, Saadiq's highest showing ever. "I'm just lucky that people were ready for this type of music at the time," Saadiq notes, acknowledging that "Stone Rollin'," like its predecessor, digs into old school influences ranging from classic late 60s and 70s soul back to the Chess Records blues of Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon.

"I'm doing all the things I listened to as a kid, all the things I really enjoy," explains Saadiq. "It takes a while to develop yourself as a solo artist, to find out who you are and what you want to do. It took me four figure out what I really wanted to be as a performer, and to be on stage. By the time I got to 'The Way I See It,' I was just at that point of figuring it out. So from here everything is pretty much kind of figured out. I think there'll be some surprises -- I keep surprising myself, but I kind of feel like I'm there."

Saadiq says he considers "Stone Rollin' " to be "definitely a departure" and even riskier" than "The Way I See It" and acknowledges that the overall sound is more raw than that album's smoother Motown/Stax/Philly-influenced blend.

"I'm raw," Saadiq says. "I'm from the Bay. Everybody in the Bay has been very raw, as far as Sly & the Family Stone and Larry (Graham) and Tower of Power, Carlos Santana -- people I really looked up to before I even knew I was gonna be an artist. That raw element is just me. I grew up playing with people like the Gospel Hummingbirds, Roy Tyler and Joe Thomas; those dudes are, like, the rawest. There's so much I learned from those guys in the beginning in Oakland. That's where I come from. That's all I know."

Saadiq tapped into that past with some of the guests on "Stone Rollin'." Besides hooking up with Robert Randolph and Yukimi Nagano of Sweden's Little Dragon, he also tapped Earth Wind & Fire keyboardist Larry Dunn and the aforementioned Graham, who Saadiq freely says "chewed me up" in the studio.

"Oh, man, he's like a monster," Saadiq says with a laugh. "I didn't stand a chance. I felt like a fly on his windshield...but it's great, 'cause he's my idol. That's my dude. He's like the father of bass to me. I met him when I was 13 years old, maybe 12. We were in the same store and I was chasing him around, trying to get a good look. I followed him to a bus stop and acted like I wasn't chasing him, and he walked right up to me and said, 'Hey, what's your name?' I told him my name, and I asked, 'Are you Larry Graham' and he said (in deep voice), 'Yes, I'm Larry Graham.' "So to be able to work with him now is like a 360 turnaround. To be able to work with somebody you've been watching your whole life and learned a lot from, that's a gift."

Saadiq currently has concerts booked into early August, hopping between North American headlining dates and European festivals. 

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Bravo's 'Platinum Hit' Seeks To Turn Songwriters Into Reality TV Stars

by Phil Gallo  |   May 30, 2011 10:00 EDT

NBC Universal's Bravo cable network has found its success in competition shows by making stars out of the magic-makers behind the curtain. Chefs whose names still appear in small print on menus, fashion designers without a personal label and hair stylists will soon be joined by yet another group of creatives working behind the scenes: songwriters.

"Platinum Hit," a 10-episode songwriting competition that premieres May 30, assembles 12 unknown songwriters competing to win a music publishing deal with Sony/ATV and a recording deal with Sony's Jive/RCA label. The competitors have backgrounds in multiple genres-country, pop, R&B, hip-hop-and "Platinum Hit" forces them to work in areas foreign to their experience.

"We relish the creative process," says Shari Levins, the show's senior VP of production at Bravo. "This felt very much [like] our signature shows-we're not afraid to show people being as different as they are, and the judges are great and credible." Singer/songwriter Jewel serves as host and a judge, and former "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi heads a rotating panel of established artists that includes Leona Lewis, Natasha Bedingfield, Donna Summer, Jermaine Dupri and Taio Cruz. RCA/Jive Label Group senior VP of A&R Keith Naftaly is a recurring judge.

In each episode, contestants are given a songwriting task. The judges select a few winners and then create teams to finish and then perform the song. In the premiere, the challenge is to write a chorus about Los Angeles in a half hour, from which four hooks are selected and teams of three complete the tune. "Collaborations are essential to the show," Jewel says. "It's a battle of ideas to a complete song. The awkward moments that [arise during the collaborative process] are essential to making it watchable."

Kara DioGuardi Sets Tour Dates, Talks 'Idol' vs. New 'Platinum Hit' Show

Jewel and DioGuardi say the real-life nature of the tasks were the reasons they were attracted to the show. Both describe the life of being a collaborator in very specific terms-meeting your new partner at 11 a.m. and finishing a song before lunch and a few more by quitting time-and say the show serves as a wake-up call for contestants.

"The songwriters we have use more inspiration than craft," says DioGuardi, a co-writer on Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces of Me" and Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man," who is currently working with a number of country artists.

In the premiere, contestants' eyes roll when one of them semi-melodically shouts "love it or hate it" with little sense of craft or emotion. But to DioGuardi, the catchphrase was much more of a winner than any of the other earnest melodies reminiscent of Billy Joel, Elton John or modern country.

"The concepts are the big thing-a genius title that expresses an idea or emotion that you would not ordinarily say," DioGuardi says, mentioning Katy Perry's "E.T." and Ke$ha's "Blow" as examples. She adds that one song that came out of the collaborations was strong enough to be considered for pop singer Charice's second full-length album. But it didn't make the cut.

"Platinum Hit" was shot last winter by True Entertainment and is one of six new shows airing on Bravo this summer. Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock, Evan Bogart, Tim Bogart, Faye Stapleton and Marvin V. Acuna are the program's executive producers.

Like all competition shows, "Platinum Hit" will dismiss contestants, but the premiere supplied by Bravo didn't include the final scene, and Jewel was hesitant to share the show's goodbye line. But she did hint that it might go something like this: "Songwriting is a hit or a miss. That was a miss."

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Scotty McCreery Makes Historic Start, Lauren Alaina Bows On Country Songs

by Gary Trust  |   May 30, 2011 11:05 EDT

After winning the 10th season of "American Idol" Wednesday (May 25), Scotty McCreery blasts onto Billboard's Nielsen BDS-based Country Songs chart at No. 32 with coronation track "I Love You This Big."

McCreery performed the song after hearing host Ryan Seacrest announce his victory, as well as the night before (May 24), on "Idol."

Scotty McCreery Wins 'American Idol' Season 10

The bow marks the highest for a brand new artist's first single since the chart converted to BDS data the week of Jan. 20, 1990.

Among new artists (unaccompanied by established acts), another musical reality program champion previously held the mark for highest Country Songs launch on an initial try. Brad Cotter, winner of the second season of "Nashville Star," charged in at No. 42 with "I Meant To" the week of May 22, 2004. The song peaked at No. 35 that August.

(Counting new artists arriving with previously-charted acts, Toby Keith's daughter Krystal debuted at No. 41 with her father on their duet "Mockingbird" on the Nov. 27, 2004, chart. The song reached No. 27. Like McCreery, the younger Keith was 17 at the time of her bow).

'Idol' Q&A: Scotty McCreery on His 'Crazy Ride,' Debut Album

"Big" begins with 3.2 million audience impressions on 76 of the 127 stations that report to Country Songs. Unsurprisingly, WQDR in Raleigh, N.C. - six miles north of McCreery's hometown of Garner, N.C. - led all panelists with 24 plays in the chart's tracking week. In the aftermath of its local hero's victory, the station has dubbed itself "Scotty 94.7" (complete with an "Idol"-inspired logo).

McCreery isn't the only "Idol" finalist from this season to translate four months of exposure on the series to a Country Songs appearance. Runner-up Lauren Alaina likewise bows at No. 49 with "Like My Mother Does." The 16-year-old also premiered her ballad on last Tuesday's finale showdown against McCreery.

'American Idol' Finale: The 10 Best Performances (Video)

The airplay for "Big" and "Like" will further fuel the songs' expected debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 to be released Thursday (June 2) on As previously reported, McCreery's song could flirt with a top 10 entrance, while Alaina's could arrive in the top 20, thanks primarily to strong first-week digital sales sums.

All charts will be refreshed Thursday (June 2) on

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Gomez's Ben Ottewell Covers Rihanna

by Jessica Letkemann, N.Y.  |   May 30, 2011 10:15 EDT

In this week's Mashup Monday, Britain meets Barbados and rock meets R&B as Gomez singer/guitarist Ben Ottewell takes on Rihanna's "Only Girl (In The World)," armed with only an acoustic guitar.

Photos: Ben Ottewell's Mashup Behind-The-Scenes

Gomez's Ben Ottewell at Billboard

Covering "the Rihanna song came about because I thought, 'What would put me out of my comfort zone the most,' basically," the dusky-voiced Ottewell laughs about choosing the pop star's hit for his turn at the Mashup Mondays mic. "It's a very well written song, so I'm glad I did it and found that out."

Ottewell worked hard to find his own voice in the midst of Rihanna's pop. "I had to do the tune acoustic, but I had to convey the rhythm as well, so I just came up with a mellow little rif and put a little groove on it," he says.

Ottewell's usual sound and Rihanna's may be worlds apart, but both artists have spent time collecting awards and enjoying the upper reaches of the Billboard charts. Rihanna's "Only Girl (In The World)" reached No. 1 on the Hot 100 last December, while Gomez's "A New Tide" rose to No. 5 on the Independent Albums chart in 2009. Gomez kicked off its career in the late 90s, earning a coveted Mercury Music Prize for debut album "Bring It On," while just this month, Rihanna grabbed her share of Billboard Music Awards.

Covering Rihanna comes amidst a busy 2011 for Ottewell. Earlier this spring, he released his solo album "Shapes And Shadows," and now Gomez is prepping its next record, "Whatever's On Your Mind," which is due June 21.

See All Of Our Mashup Mondays Videos


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Sean Kingston Hospitalized After Jet Ski Crash: Report

by Jason Lipshutz, N.Y.  |   May 30, 2011 12:47 EDT

Sean Kingston is currently in the trauma ward of a Miami hospital, following an injury reportedly suffered in a jet ski accident on Sunday (May 29).

According to the Miami Herald, Kingston (real name: Kisean Anderson) was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital after he and a female passenger aboard his personal watercraft crashed into the Palm Island Bridge around 6:00 p.m. EST. A boater rescued the pair from the water, and Miami Fire Rescue crews rushed Kingston and the passenger to the hospital.

A representative for Jackson Memorial Hospital has confirmed to that the 21-year-old pop star is in the Ryder Trauma Center. The singer is currently "being evaluated," although no details regarding his injuries have been released.

Kingston's publicist has issued the following statement: "Sean Kingston was in a accident today. No further details are available at the moment. He and his family thank everyone for the well wishes."

Since breaking out with debut single "Beautiful Girls," which topped the Hot 100 for four weeks in 2007, Kingston has scored hits like "Take You There," "Fire Burning" and "Eenie Meenie" with Justin Bieber, who he joined on tour last year.

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Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Blasts Onto U.K. Chart

by Paul Sexton, London  |   May 30, 2011 12:15 EDT

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album made its expected powerful arrival to the U.K. chart Sunday (May 29), with the biggest first-week sale of the year here of 215,000 units, more than the rest of the top ten titles combined. "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull featuring Nayer, Afrojack and Ne-Yo, meanwhile, starts a second week atop the singles chart.

Lady Gaga's opening U.K. sales narrowly beat Adele's first-week tally of 208,000 for "21" in late January. "Born This Way" is joined in the top ten by its predecessor "The Fame," which rises 11-7 and now has U.K. sales of more than 2.5 million copies, according to the Official Charts Company. Gaga also has three singles in the top 20, with "Judas" falling 8-9, the "Born This Way" title track 16-17 and "The Edge of Glory" 6-18. "Hair" fell 13-68.

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Projected to Sell 1 Million in U.S.

"21," which had spent 16 of the previous 17 weeks at No. 1, dips to No. 2, but Adele's previous album "19" holds steady at No. 3. The first single from the current album "Rolling In The Deep" moves back 34-26, as the "Glee" cast version of the track debuts at No. 49.

The new album chart also sees Bruno Mars climb back 5-4 with "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" and the Prodigy posting a No. 5 debut with the live CD and DVD "World's On Fire." Jessie J's "Who You Are" rises 8-6.

There's a No. 12 debut for Rhino/Warner Music's Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons collection "Working My Way Back To You" and a 17-13 climb for Noah & the Whale's "Last Night On Earth." U.S. soul singer Aloe Blacc continues his U.K. progress, as the album "Good Things" jumps 26-14 and the single "I Need A Dollar" 4-3. For the seventh straight week, "Now That's What I Call Music! 78" (EMI Virgin/UMTV) tops the compilation chart.

Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" keeps its singles chart crown as its predecessor at No. 1, Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song," holds tough in runner-up spot. Romanian singer Alexandra Stan rises 14-5 with "Mr. Saxobeat," which has already been a substantial hit across much of Europe and beyond.

Snoop Dogg's "Sweat," which reached No. 4 in April, spends an eighth consecutive week in the top ten by rising 9-7, and Swedish House Mafia's "Save The World" climbs 11-10. Three major American female stars enjoy top 20 climbers: "I'm Into You" by Jennifer Lopez featuring Lil Wayne improves 21-13, Nicole Scherzinger's "Right There" 27-15 and Rihanna's "California King Bed" 36-20.

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Journal's Tom Land Dies at Age 51

Land was vice president of radio programming for the company's 32 radio stations. He was diagnosed with cancer last August. Yesterday Land died of the in hospice care. He was 51. His wife Glenda posted the following message to a special website set up for Tom:  "Today I lost my best friend.  I am comforted to know that he is not in pain or hurting.  I am comforted to know that he died a faithful man who loved God and his friends and family. The messages you?ve posted about Tom are a blessing to me and Melanie?his girls. He left this world at peace and comfortable.  I am at peace.  I am so thankful for you, our Caring Bridge family?you?ve been there for us all along with the way of the journey.  You carried us when we needed a lift.  Tom was blessed by your words of kindness and caring for our family. 

I will update you as soon as I have details on arrangements.  We will celebrate the man and his life!

God Bless You.


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'Idol' Q&A: Scotty McCreery on His 'Crazy Ride,' Debut Album, Lauren Alaina's Kiss

As expected, deep-voiced country phenom Scotty McCreery defeated Lauren Alaina and took home the "American Idol" season 10 crown last night (May 25), making him the fourth straight male winner in the competition. Although Lauren's performance of "Like My Mother Does" earned raves from the judges on Tuesday's final performance night, Scotty's consistent performances, charming stage presence original track, "I Love You This Big" -- along with his consistent performances and charming stage presence throughout the season -- helped push him to victory.

Scotty McCreery Wins 'American Idol' Season 10

One day after 122 million votes tipped in his favor, however, the 17-year-old North Carolina native has brushed the confetti out of his hair and is planning to continue his "Idol" momentum with more original songs and a possible appearance with Lauren at the 2011 CMA Music Festlval, which hits Nashville from June 9-12. In a conference call on Thursday, Scotty discussed his upcoming debut album, the romance rumors between him and Lauren, and the "crazy ride" of "American Idol."   

Photos: Scotty McCreery's 'American Idol' Journey

How are you getting used to all of the attention of winning "American Idol"?

Scotty McCreery: This is pretty wild, I gotta say. It's a whole lot more than I bargained for coming into this. I never would have expected it. But I'm handling it well -- this is what I asked for, and it's my new life, so this is a really crazy ride so far.

Carrie Underwood made her debut at the CMA Music Festival and the Grand Ole Opry when she won. Are you headed that way too?

I think we're gonna try and get me and Lauren out there to (Fan Fair) this year. They're trying to work out the specifics right now about where we're gonna be playing, the booth signings and maybe playing at the Grand Ole Opry. They're working all this out as we speak. But we're gonna be down there for sure, I think.

'American Idol' Finale: The 10 Best Performances (Video)

You were an odds-on favorite all season on "Idol." Was there ever a point where you thought you were going home?

This week, especially. Lauren Alaina, she's something else. She sings like a bird. She's just an amazing young lady. Every week I heard people say the "front-runner" stuff, but to me it never even crossed my mind, because everybody this year, from Top 40 down, was just so talented.

Lauren kissed you when you won last night -- is there any romance between you two?

Oh, no. We've been getting that question a lot today. Me and her, it's more like the brother-sister thing. She told me before the show yesterday that she was gonna do that, kind of like a joke. She's a character. But she's lovely, we're really close friends. I met her day one of Hollywood Week, and we were schoolmates through this whole experience.

'American Idol' Runner-Up Lauren Alaina: 'I Knew Scotty Was Gonna Win'

What kind of album would you like to make now?

I'm really looking forward to getting my music out there. We recorded two [songs] this week and we weren't sure which one we were gonna do, and 'I Love You This Big' turned out to be the one we did. But the other one I'm really excited about too. I think it's gonna be a great album. I gotta pick good songs -- that's what it's all about after the show is getting good songs. The fans got me to where I'm at now, so it's my job to get them the music they want to hear and to have good songs. Hopefully me and Lauren Alaina get to do a duet at some point. I'm not sure about the first album, but hopefully sometime soon.

Lauren said that she thought you were definitely going to win going into the finals. What were your thoughts?

My thought was that she wrapped it up when she sang that finale song ["Like My Mother Does"]. That was one of the most beautiful songs I've heard. I was more than nervous coming into it last night, and it worked out in my favor. But Lauren, she's sweet, she's been supporting me and I've been supporting her through this whole process. We're really close friends, and we both came out winners last night.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

After 7 Years Tara Servatius Out at WBT Charlotte

May 27, 2011

With her contract set to expire in two months the station notified Servatius yesterday was her last day and showed her the door. Plans are for the news/talk station to go "in a totally different direction." The statement from the company was short, but not so sweet for the afternoon host: ?WBT AM/FM will not be renewing its employment agreement with Tara Servatius. We are grateful for Tara's contributions to the station, and we wish her the best#"  She's a former investigative reporter who focused on local issues in the Charlotte market. Reach out to her at

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ESPN Radio's Harry Teinowitz Pleads Guilty to DUI Charge.

May 27, 2011

Teinowitz pleaded guilty Thursday to the misdemeanor and said to the judge the arrest ?was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.? The 50 year old host of the ?The Afternoon Saloon? on WMVP-AM 1000 Chicago pleaded guilty at the Skokie branch of Cook County Circuit Court to one count of misdemeanor DUI. Police say back in March Teinowitz failed a field sobriety test and was cited for DUI and improper lane usage. Police said that breathalyzer results showed that his blood-alcohol content was 0.131, above the 0.08 legal limit. Teinowitz was given 18 months conditional discharge and sentenced to 240 hours of community service. He must also pay court fees and fines totaling $2,175 and take part in a victim impact panel on the dangers of drinking and driving.

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The Radio ‘Crises'

by Wayne ENS

The word ?crises? in Chinese, is made up of two symbols;

The symbol on the left stands for ?danger? while the symbol on the right stands for ?opportunity?. It?s true that with every crises there is both danger AND opportunity. But many broadcasters see a rapidly changing media landscape as a crises that only presents danger and not opportunity?.or worse yet, they don?t see the biggest opportunity glaring them in the face! I recently conducted a radio workshop where

I asked the broadcasters in attendance to identify the danger and the opportunity in the following graph;

Virtually every attendee saw danger in the shrinking red line with opportunity in the growing black line?.they all felt traditional media was at risk and that we had to pursue the growing online ad revenue segment if we were to succeed. Yes there is opportunity in the growing online ad spending. But there is an even bigger opportunity in the traditional media share. You see, broadcasters are making the assumption that we have to be a part of that shrinking traditional media share. But that?s just not so!

Print, brochures, catalogues, newspaper, yellow pages, coupon envelops and more should be the sole ad spending victims of new media. For some sick and twisted reason, radio has always delighted in fighting for the smallest share of the local ad spending pie. Pre new media we fought each other for an insignificant portion of the overall advertising pie. According to the research reported in this graph, by 2015, traditional media will capture more than three-quarters of local ad spending!

My last article talked about the important role of selling as teaching in a confusing and rapidly changing media environment. We need to teach our advertisers why radio deserves the dominant share of that 75% ?traditional? ad spend and we need to accelerate print?s decline.

I believe we are at an important tipping point in the pending ?crises?. We must teach our clients and prospects that the high cost of printed media for production (lumberjacks, paper mills, printing presses) and distribution (postal workers, truck drivers, carriers) are no longer necessary in the electronic age. In this new electronic age, broadcast and online are the only media local advertisers need.

Imagine the avails problem we would have if the bulk of the red line in that graph went to us!  If we don?t teach our clients where we fit in the new media landscape as they consider cutting their print, or us, in favor of online, we?ll be left fighting for crumbs again. While print is on the retreat, and while clients are considering what changes they need to make in the new media landscape, we need to educate them about the still-prominent role of radio in consumers? daily lives!

The math is simple and we have a huge opportunity. Capturing 50% of the traditional media ad spend will be much greater than capturing 50% of the online spend. Of course, we can capture both. But much of that online spend won?t be with media companies at all. It will be spent with advertisers? internal efforts; e-marketing campaigns, proprietary websites, social media and the next new digital thing that comes along.

Anyone can start an online media company today for less than $2,000; that?s $75 for a URL and $1,800 for web design. It?s not that easy or inexpensive to start and operate a broadcasting company. We have a unique core product worth selling! We have a huge opportunity to give our core product, and our only unique competitive advantage in the new media world, a huge boost if we train our sales people to teach our clients about the new media mix of broadcast and online.
Wayne Ens is President of ENS Media Inc and can be reached via e-mail Wayne Ens

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"I Have Embarrassed Myself And My Family".

Radio talker and MSNBC host Ed Schulz started serving his one week suspension last night after appearing on his 10PM show for 4 minutes. Schultz started his show with a major apology and a request for forgiveness for the remarks he leveled at Laura Ingraham. He was quickly replaced after the networks' first commercial break. Schultz called his remarks the "lowest of the low for me" adding I used vile and inappropriate language." Schultz apologized to his staff for embarrassing them and said he tried to call Ingraham to apologize but no contact was made.

Schultz was suspended by MSNBC for a week after calling Laura Ingraham a "right wing slut" on his radio program. There is no word yet on what, if anything will happen to his radio program which is syndicated by Dial Global. We reached out to Dial executives last night and received a "no comment."Here is the Scultz MSNBC apologoy video Listen to his rant HERE Scultz has also posted the apology to his website.

Ingraham responded to Schultz on her Facebook page: "Re the rude comments made about me by Ed Schultz on his radio program: First, I was surprised to learn that Ed Schultz actually hosted a radio show. Is it only available online? Second, I have to get back to recording the audio edition of my new book "Of Thee I Zing." Now I'm tempted to insert one additional zing--about men who preach civility but practice misogyny."
Follow the discussion on the Radio Ink Facebook Page Did Schultz go too far? What should happen next?
More details coming at

(5/26/2011 8:53:15 AM)

To equivocate, as you are, is to intentionally mislead and avoid scrutiny.
We are commenting on Ed Schultz and Ed Schultz only, not Janet Jackson, not George Carlin, not Joe Biden, not Eric Rhoades. If you think one week's suspension is adequate for Schultz, every fired, over the top former broadcast host will be seeking you out for employment. Let's hope you're not in a position to give it to them.

(5/26/2011 8:35:20 AM)
That's very say he 'used the basest insult' he could against a woman. But at the same time the right wing want rape victims to be called 'accusers' while denying many poor women access to basic ob/gyn health care. Guess it's all in what one says, not what they do. Bunch of hypocrites!
(5/26/2011 8:30:26 AM)
No question, what he said was inappropriate and over the top. But let's not charge up our phony outrage and pretend that conservatives don't say insulting, inappropriate, and untrue things repeatedly, on a daily basis. It's just that Eric Roads does not focus attention on these in his heavily biased 'news' resource.

Shultz was disciplined by his employer; people like Limbaugh are not...because they're considered 'ratings' gold for saying vile things.

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Clear Channel Helping Joplin Residents

Clear Channel Helping Joplin Residents

Clear Channel's Springfield Missouri Operations Manager Paul Kelley reports that his stations are helping neighbors in nearby Joplin. Springfield is only about 60 miles from Joplin and the Clear Channel cluster in Springfield has already filled six semi-trucks with 35,000 pounds of food and supplies for the Ozarks Food Harvest to take to the Red Cross in Joplin. They have also raised $5,000 in cash donations. Within a 24 hour period they raised $20,000 to support Convoy of Hope, a disaster relief organization based in Springfield that is on the ground in Joplin. And, the stations learned of the need for Type O Negative blood donations and have been encouraging residents to participate in blood drives for the Community Blood Center for the Ozarks.

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Steve Newberry Wins National Radio Award

Steve Newberry, president and chief executive officer of Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation, will receive the National Radio Award during the Radio Show Luncheon held Friday, September 16. Newberry told Radio Ink last night "I am humbled and honored to be this year's recipient.  I know many great radio broadcasters who are so deserving of this recognition, and to be chosen at this time is hard for me to realize.  And, when I look at the list of previous recipients, even being considered in that company is an honor." Previous recipients include Charles Warfield, Ed Christian, Bruce Reese, Jerry Lee, David Kennedy, John Dille, Lowry Mays, Jeff Smulyan, Bill Stakelin, and Erica Farber, among others.

What does it take to get into a position to do so much for an industry and be considered for this award? Newberry says it starts with loving the business. "You have to absolutely love what you do, and when you find that you're in a place to serve your profession, step up.  Consider it an honor to serve and take the opportunity seriously.  And, be willing to consider issues from a point-of-view that might be different then what is your own. Radio is FILLED with great people who care about their communities, and I have been so fortunate to work among them."

And, finally, we picked Newberry's brain to see who he looks up to and admires the most, people that help him succeed. "First, I'll cheat just a bit and combine my mother and father as one unit.  My dad was a hardware store owner and elected official and my mom was a respected schoolteacher.  As children of the Great Depression, they had a perspective that was so influential in my life.  They instilled in my brother Jim and me a sense of service, a real work ethic and a respect for others.  I admire them greatly and I am so thankful for the foundation they provided us.

The second would be a great friend of mine in my hometown by the name of Freddie Travis.  Freddie is a former Marine officer and elected official, a long-time client and a business partner who is now in his mid 70's.  He is known for his straightforward, no-bull approach, and he has been a counselor and great friend to me. I admire his very clear sense of leadership and integrity.

The third is not in radio, but is in television. Jack Sander was my predecessor as Joint Board Chair.  Anyone who knows Jack understands why I admire him.  He is the perfect balance of being a tough businessman and a true gentleman.  He can master complex issues, lead diverse groups and make things happen.  Yet, he never fails to call my 12 year-old son Walker by name and take a sincere interest in how Walker?s baseball teams are doing.  Jack defines the kind of leader and person I admire.

The Radio luncheon will take place during the 2011 Radio Show, jointly produced by the National Association of Broadcasters #NAB# and Radio Advertising Bureau #RAB#, September 14 - 16 in Chicago.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ardolina New Dir of Programming at Millennium

Ardolina will oversee programming of all five Millennium Radio New Jersey Shore stations. Millennium President/CEO Bill Saurer said ?Steve was already a stalwart in a very collaborative Shore programming department.  I?m counting on him to continue his strong diligence and leadership as he assumes this new role."

Millennium Radio New Jersey is a privately held broadcasting company which owns and operates 11 stations throughout the Garden State. They include: WKXW-New Jersey 101.5, WSJO-SoJO 104.9 FM, WJLK 94.3 FM "The Point", WADB -1310 AM, WOBM 92.7 FM, WOBM 1160 AM, WCHR 105.7 FM "The Hawk", WFPG - Lite Rock 96.9 FM, WENJ - ESPN 1450 AM, WENJ - ESPN 97.3 FM, WPUR - Cat Country 107.3 FM.

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'American Idol' Runner-Up Lauren Alaina: 'I Knew Scotty Was Gonna Win'

L auren Alaina may have lost "American Idol" -- but she still feels like a winner after singing with Carrie Underwood.

"Carrie has been my Idol since she was on this show in Scotty's position," Alaina told reporters in the press room after Wednesday night's show in which Scotty McCreery was crowned the new Idol; a record 122 million votes were cast for the finale. Underwood won season 5 of the Fox hit.

Scotty McCreery Wins 'American Idol'

Photos: 'American Idol' Season Finale Highlights

Performing with Underwood "was a dream come true," continued Alaina. "I love Carrie -- she is amazing, I got to sing with her that makes me feel pretty awesome." 

What did Underwood whisper in her ear? "She said, 'Wow, that was incredible. We should take that on the road,'" Alaina said. 

'American Idol' Finale: The 10 Best Performances (Video)

Now that the show is over -- but the tour has not yet begun -- what are Alaina's plans? "I get to sleep and eat unhealthy food," said the country singer, who dropped 20 pounds while competing. On second thought: "Actually, I'm not gonna do that."

'American Idol' Awards: The Best & Worst of Season 10

Competing was an eye-opening experience with Alaina. "Every day I learned something new about myself. I learned that I cry a lot. I didn't cry tonight because I was happy," she said. "How could I be unhappy with second place? There's a million people out there that would love to be in my position and I'm blessed."

"Life is a journey and you have to go with each step, stumbles only makes you stronger. I feel like things happen for a reason and God has a pan for me and his plan was to give me second place," she added. (Not hurting the situation either? She'll get a Ford - as the company is a sponsor - as a prize as well. Her choice? "Maybe a GT.")

Photos: Lauren Alaina's 'American Idol' Journey

She had nothing bad to say about the judges, especially Steven Tyler. "Steven was really nice to me," Alaina told reporters. Alaina also said earlier that night that she was sure McCreery would take the top prize.

"I knew Scotty was gonna win," she said. "I knew in my heart and I accepted it. ... I couldn't pick a more perfect person to get second place to. I know that's cheesy, but he's my best friend."

'American Idol' Bounces Back with Smart Shake-Ups, Young Talent

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More Kudos For The Zimmer Radio Group in Joplin

The latest to congratulate the Zimmer team on a job well done is The Los Angelas Times. In a piece entitled "Joplin Radio Stations Become Lifeline for Tornado-Stricken Residents" the paper highlights how broadcasters are turning into unofficial public information officers as callers ask for information on loved ones or make offers of assistance. And the paper points out that in the age of tweets and likes and blogs and texts, the good old fashioned transmitter, tower and telephone are the glue holding the tiny town of Joplin together. "In a town where Internet and mobile connections have become scarcities after an Old Testament-style disaster crippled new media, Zimmer Radio's untouched towers have made its six stations essential listening."

Read the entire article HERE

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Will Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Sell 1 Million Copies?

by Keith Caulfield, L.A.  |   May 26, 2011 6:09 EDT

One thing is nearly certain: we're going to have a new No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart next week, and it will be Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" with likely 1 million sold in its first week.

Industry prognosticators suggest the set, the diva's third, will hit the 1 million threshold by week's end on Sunday, May 29.

If "Born" hits the magic 1 million mark, it will be the 17th album to sell a million copies in one week, and the first to do so since Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" debuted at No. 1 on the chart dated Nov. 13, 2010 with 1.05 million

Lady Gaga 'Born This Way': Track-By-Track Review

No stone was left unturned by the folks at Gaga's label and distribution company -- Interscope and Universal Music Group, respectively -- when it came to finding opportunities to promote the album and to sell it in unconventional ways and locations. "Born" is stocked everywhere from Starbucks and CVS Pharmacies to Whole Foods and Walgreens.

The one unconventional promotion that Gaga's record company wasn't affiliated with was Amazon MP3's amazingly low 99-cent one-day discount on the set on Monday, May 23. Lady Gaga's label and management have stated that they were not alerted to or involved in Amazon's promotion. Sources indicate the stunt may have brought in more than 300,000 downloads of the album alone. ( Amazon MP3's second round of 99-cent discount pricing on the set, on May 26, will obviously further drive sales of the set -- easily securing a 1 million first week for "Born.")

Adele Remains Atop Hot 100, Lady Gaga Makes 'Hair'-Raising Bow

Considering it was only two weeks ago when industry folks were projecting that "Born" was "only" going to do around 500,000, having it approach 1 million (even with Amazon MP3's goofy 99-cent stunt sales goosing the first week) is mighty impressive.

With all this talk about Gaga, you've got to feel a little bad for country superstar Brad Paisley, whose "This Is Country Music" album will likely debut in the runner-up slot next week with maybe 150,000 copies sold. Paisley has yet to earn a No. 1 album -- after six top 10s (two of which hit No. 2. (Had his new album come a week earlier, perhaps he could have secured his first No. 1.)

Brad Paisley 'This Is Country Music': Track-By-Track Review

Other albums aiming for a top 10 arrival next week include "Glee, the Music: Season Two: Volume 6" (with perhaps an 80,000 start), the Rick Ross-led hip-hop compilation "Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made, Vol. 1" (around 50,000) and the New Kids On the Block/Backstreet Boys collaboration/greatest hits album "NKOTBSB" with maybe 35,000.

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'American Idol' Finale Ratings Up 17% from Last Year

by Lindsay Powers, The Hollywood Reporter  |   May 26, 2011 12:20 EDT

This year's "American Idol" season 10 finale was up 9 percent in the demo and 17 percent in total viewers from 2010, according to preliminary numbers.

It rated an 8.9 in the all-important 18 to 49 demo, with 28.2 million viewers. Last year, 24.2 million tuned in.

Scotty McCreery Wins 'American Idol' Season 10

This is the first time "American Idol" has shown year-to-year growth for the finale in the key demo since 2006, and since 2008 in total viewers.

Wednesday's finale beat the "Dancing With the Stars" finale Tuesday by 32 percent in total viewers. However, the finale of "Dancing With the Stars" beat the penultimate "American Idol" episode Tuesday night.

'American Idol' Finale: The 10 Best Performances (Video)

Photos: 'American Idol' Season Finale Highlights

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NAB Hires New Chief Technology Officer

The National Association of Broadcasters has hired Kevin Gage to the newly created position of CTO. The NAB hired an outside firm to conduct the search. It took 4 months to find Gage. He has 20 years of experience developing digital platforms in television and music. NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith says Gage's experience bringing game-changing technologies to market will serve broadcasters well.

Gage will lead NAB's technology efforts, including oversight of the current staff that represents NAB on a variety of standard-setting organizations, and which serves as the liaison to the engineering and technology community.

Gage's career includes stints at Warner Bros. Studios, where he helped develop the DVD Specification and production facilities at the film studio. While at Warner Bros., Gage helped launch The WB Network, and was a founding member of the Advanced Television Enhancement Forum, a cross-industry initiative that developed standards for interactive TV. Gage later became head technologist at Warner Music Group, where he oversaw creation of new digital platforms and standards for products that included iTunes. While at NBC Universal, Gage was responsible for developing online TV strategies.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Ingraham Accepts Schultz Apology

May 27, 2011

Yesterday Laura Ingraham said she accepted the apology of lib-talker Ed Schultz, who was suspended from his television show for one week after calling Ingraham a vulgar term on his radio show Tuesday. And while he was not hosting his own show yesterday, word is that is only due to the long holiday weekend. On her website, Ingraham said she accepted the apology, "It seemed heartfelt, it seemed like he really wished he hadn't said it, and I accept that apology. We disagree on big issues and I'm tough, I can take the critique and I can take the humorous critique. We don't want to Google our names and find certain words popping up which unfortunately you can't erase."

Schultz said he had tried to call Ingraham on Wednesday but had been unable to reach her.

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Ten Steps To Help You Reach Your Goals This Year.

by Paul Anovick

You are halfway through the year, how are you doing achieving your goals?  Now is a great time to evaluate your progress and make any adjustments that are needed for you to reach your goals. As Napoleon Hill said, ?Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.? You need SMART goals.  Here is a ten-step process to accomplish what you want this year.

1.    Goals:  What do you want?  Apply the SMART system:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound.  The more specific and detailed your goal is, the greater your probability of success.  Take time to develop what it is you want.
2.    Rewards:  What will happen when you reach your goal?  What is the benefit to you?
3.    Consequences:  If you do not achieve your goal, what will happen?  Is there impact for not obtaining this goal?
4.    Possible Obstacle:  Look at the goal and identify what?s preventing or blocking you from reaching this goal?  List as many obstacles as possible, if don?t have three or more, you are not evaluating and focused on reaching your goal. Think of what could go wrong.
5.    Possible Solutions:  For each obstacle you want to brainstorm possible solutions.  After developing solutions, chose the optimum one.
6.    Action Steps:  The best solution is now your action step to overcome the obstacle.  Each action step taken brings you that much closer to obtaining your goal.
7.    Date:  When will you complete this specific action?  You may have several dates set for each stage of achievement.  It must be time-bound in order to get it done. (An action without a time frame is just hope) Now ?get ?er done.?
8.    Delegated:  Is there a step that requires enlisting someone?s help or input. This must be detailed and spelled out.
9.    Target Date:  This is the date by which you will reach your goal.  Be realistic and consider all of the obstacles and how long each will take to accomplish in reaching your overall goal.
10.   Affirmations:  We are creatures of habit. The ?tapes? we have running in our heads can create self-imposed limitations. In order to create new habits we must program our thoughts to support them.  An affirmation must be in the first person and positive, such as; ?I?m a person who is a good listener.? Develop two or three affirmations that support your goal, write these on index cards and read them aloud three times a day, morning, noon and night. It takes 28 days to create a habit; try this for 28 days and let me know how it works for you.

Reviewing your goals daily is a critical part of your success and must become part of your routine. The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word. Write down your goals and achieve your dreams.

CoachAnovick. Developing Potential, Producing Results
Coach Anovick can be reached at 201.445.2822 or by E-MAIL

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Ask The Attorney: Contests That Go Wrong Can Cost You!

If you give away a house with a client and the client goes bust are you still on the hook for the prize? That's what clear channel is dealing with in Fort Myers Florida after a local developer went bankrupt after running a house-giveaway contest with the Clear Channel cluster. The case is going to mediation in August where someone will decide whether the developer bears 100% of the responsibility for failing to deliver or if Clear Channel has to pony up some cash. The contest also stated the winner would get a lump sum of $150,000 if not the house. But there is more than just a local court, big brother also watches over you. The FCC does not have a lot of tolerance for botched contests. We turned to attorney John Garziglia to give you all a detailed update on contests, contest rules and the do's and dont's.

John Garziglia:  The FCC dangers in radio station conducted contests encompass two general areas.  The first area is a failure to fully and accurately disclose all material terms of the contest.  The second area is a failure to conduct the contest substantially as announced or advertised. 
The station should have detailed written contest rules.  While those rules do not have to be read in their entirety every time the contest is mentioned on the air, the FCC requires that the material terms of the contest be broadcast periodically.  The FCC has defined material terms as encompassing (1# how to enter or participate; #2# any eligibility restrictions; #3# the entry deadline dates; #4# whether prizes can be won; #5# when prizes can be won; #6# the extent, nature, and value of the prizes; #7# the basis for valuation of prizes; #8# the time and means of selection of winners; and #9# any tie-breaking procedures.

The FCC regards a contest as any promotion in which a prize is offered.  Thus, even something as simple as the giveaway of concert tickets to the 10th caller should have contest rules in place, and the material terms of that contest must be broadcast.  For instance, is there an age restriction on who can call? Is there a requirement that the concert tickets must be picked up at the station and will not be mailed?  Things like this are material terms and must be stated at the time the contest is conducted.  For more complicated contests, a full set of written contest rules and the periodic broadcast of the material terms of the contest is a must. 

Broadcast stations manage to get themselves into trouble in a variety of ways with contests.  The FCC is particularly sensitive to contesting rule violations as the history of FCC regulations in this area goes back to the early days of television and rigged contests. 

Thus, a radio personality offering to give away the "keys" to a luxury car #but not the car#, a five night cruise #where the daylight hours must be paid for#, or dinner with Garth Brooks #a local dude who just happens to have the same name as the country music star), are all very bad ideas that can backfire on a radio personality who thought he or she was having a bright idea moment.  There are numerous examples of similar goofs on the air that appeared funny at the time resulting in an FCC notice of violation.

The contest prize that becomes unavailable is the classic conundrum for a radio station.  If Super Bowl tickets are offered, and the radio station finds out that the NFL really frowns on broadcast station promotions using its trademarked game name and is therefore unable to give away Super Bowl tickets, the radio station will likely also have an FCC problem if a complaint is filed. 

Comprehensive well-written contest rules, possibly prepared in conjunction with your FCC counsel and local counsel, are a must.  While it is impossible to write contest rules that cover every situation, detailed well-thought-out contest rules that management requires station personnel to absolutely adhere to can guard against contest mishaps.  It should also be noted that a contest rule that states that the station can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, for whatever reason, will not pass muster with the FCC,

On the more dangerous, sad, side of radio station contesting are water drinking contests and treasure hunts where injuries and death have occurred.  Keep in mind that even benign contests and promotions can have a potential for injuries or damage, and can create a host of liabilities for radio stations.  Be sure that the radio station's insurance covers the contest and any liabilities.  Scrub the contest completely beforehand by asking "what can go wrong?" 

Violations of the FCC?s contest rules not only have the potential to incur fines and penalties if an FCC complaint is filed.  In addition, radio station management is likely spent many hours, and tens of thousands of dollars of legal fees, in responding to the FCC.  It is not fun, nor does it help to get ratings or meet goals, to answer an FCC contest rule violation inquiry.  Accordingly, be sure to fully and accurately disclose all material terms of a contest, and to conduct a contest substantially as announced or advertised. 

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The Mason Memo Part Two. Is Clutter Killing Radio? How Much is Too Much?

May 27, 2011

by Ed Ryan

CBS radio boss Dan Mason is one of radio's group heads not afraid to speak his mind and let everyone know what he thinks. When he writes a memo to his employees instead of worrying about somebody leaking it to the radio trades, his staff sends it out. He's visible at industry conventions, not worried about trying to fly under the radar. In light of the increasingly crowded and competitive battle for the consumer's ears these days, there's been a lot of talk about radio figuring out a way to speak with one voice. Mason wouldn't be a bad choice in that role.

His latest memo had to do with a directive given to CBS music stations. After a meeting with a music executive Mason came to the conclusion that the industry needed to do a better job identifying songs and artists on the air. Over the years, for some reason, stations have gotten away from opting, a lot of times, for unprepared and meaningless chatter that turns off the listener. That music exec told Mason identifying the artists would help him sell more music. That brings us back to the age old debate in radio. Why don't jocks back-announce songs? How much clutter is too much clutter? How much mindless chatter can the listener tolerate? There are many questions. And we turned to the industry experts for the answers.

Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs says we're all struggling with those questions. "Doing great radio and finding the optimal avenues for different formats in which to deliver artist and title information is a key.  This is clearly a promotable benefit.  In research study after research study, listeners tell us that they value this information - and they're frustrated when they don't get it.   The trick is developing the balance of delivering the information in a timely PPM-friendly fashion.  For well-branded stations with strong personality, this won't be hard.  Creative programmers will find a way, and their audiences will benefit from having this information, rather than using Shazam or racing off to a search engine to find out the name of that damn song!"

Jaye Albright of Albright & O'Malley tells Radio Ink there is no boiler plate answer. "The more compelling the personality and the content, the more.  The less personable and relatable the non-music programming on a music FM is, the better the station will do with less of it, as long is the goal is short term only.  LONG term, developing strong entertainers who know how to use content as a magnet, the better the station will do. Listeners like it best when there is NO clutter.  Limiting unwanted elements that make money has always been the greatest programming competitive challenge. Running any clutter of any kind which doesn't drive revenue or usage is foolhardy.
McVay Media President Mike McVay says he's a huge fan of identifying the music. "WBEB/Philadelphia invented the tactic of "Song Tags." That's my favorite tactic. It's a quick recorded blip that announces the song title/artist name. Even if you have the visual tags on the listeners radio tuner, they still want to hear the name of the song that's been played. I do not subscribe to the "one size fits all" philosophy, but I do believe that you have to declare if you're a music station or a personality station. If you're a music station ... play 12 songs minimum per/hour. We've learned from the People Meter that the "tune out" types are gone by the second commercial, if they're tuning out, but if a listeners sticks through two spots, they're likely to hang-in for the complete set.

Lund Media Research President John Lund says the research says that listeners really want this. "Listeners do want to know what played. That?s why stations have this info on their website ? including the last 10 songs that aired.  But it is impractical to B/A all songs in every format since it breaks the flow ? especially in PPM markets. Title and artist is highly desired ? and that means back-announcing after the song, but not fore-announcing.  Stopping to B/A every song will be perceived by some as stopping down.  Must be programmed carefully.  I bet Clear Channel and Entercom are looking forward to all CBS stations back-announcing every song with title and artist.

Humans like humans, and listeners like to hear our air talents communicate one-on-one.  I don?t consider liners to be talk, but rather benefits of continued listening i.e., mini commercials for the radio station, and liners reinforce reasons to listen.  I disagree with one sentence below ? not all talk is perceived as ?all that clutter?.  That would be especially true this week on the Country FM in Joplin, MO Kix 102.5.

Second oldest question in commercial radio:  ?How many commercials an hour do we play?? Oldest is ?what format do we run???  Answer:  Do not play many more than the competition you share audience with.  We?re in the audience satisfaction business and we play the music targeted for the researched demo.  But if we have to stop down, keep it competitive.  Don?t give reasons for customers to shop other stores.

Gary Berkowiz of Berkowitz Consulting says "Yes, yes, yes. I have been a major advocate of this practice for a long time. Afterall, what do DJ's do? They tell you the songs they are playing. I advise my stations that when they are into music, always make the jock raps about the station benefits and the music. The biggest excuse I hear for not doing this is "They know all the songs we play." That is not true. In focus groups across the country, listeners frequently complain that they would like the radio stations to tell them the songs and artists more often. I have been using "song tags" on many stations for the past few years (a recorded backsell on every song played) and the listener reaction is always positive to them.

Listeners hear two things on radio stations. Music and everything else. They do not delineate promos, commercials, liners, etc. Its just music and everything else. For that reason, I try to play as much music as possible, keep it moving forward and still find a way to weave the personalities into the mix. If station promos are not highly compelling, I say drop em!  I believe 12 minutes/12 units max is best. Lately, its the units that are causing problems. I have always believed that listeners hear "messages" not "minutes".

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Clear Channel Elevates Three to Market Manager Positions

On the heels of restructuring at the VP level, Clear Channel is promoting three employees, giving them more responsibility as market managers. Thea Mitchem has been named Market Manager for Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Pam McKay has been named Market Manager for San Antonio. Mary Menna has been named Market Manager for Boston and Providence.

Mitchem has been named Market Manager for Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, effective immediately.  Mitchem has been with Clear Channel Radio since 2003 and has served the market as Operations Manager since 2008.

McKay is currently the Market Manager for Clear Channel Radio Austin and will expand her role to the San Antonio market. Menna is a 22 year Clear Channel Radio Boston veteran who previously served as Director of Sales in Boston and Providence. Prior to her role as Director of Sales, she served as the General Sales Manager and previous to that she served as National Sales Manager. 

Menna began her career at Clear Channel as a Promotion Assistant after graduating from Boston College with a degree in Speech Communications.  For the past two years, Menna also has led Clear Channel Radio?s auto category initiative.

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Embrace Social Media and Blogging to Create an Advantage

by Kerry Brewer

The latest studies and research show that stations that use blogging and social media to supplement their online presence, gain more in listener loyalty than stations that do not. The use of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be very creatively used by any radio station today to not only instill listener loyalty, but to drive branding as well. As a matter of fact, by not embracing social media and blogging, you are telling today?s progressive online listener that you do not care to cater to their demographic requirements.

One of the great benefits of embracing social media to promote your station and its online streams, is that it is free. I definitely do recommend however, that if you are going to use social media, and particularly blogs, that you need an in-house staff member that knows the details of your marketing mission and can effectively create and maintain that online effort. After all, the everyday events, remotes, interviews, guests and promotions that a radio station is involved with on a day-to-day basis, has to be then translated over to these mediums by someone with integral knowledge.

Twitter is perfect for setting up a page to send your playlist information to, and display artist/title/album, album art and/or show information. This is a very easy thing to do. All you do is set up a free Twitter page, and export your playlist metadata to the page using an API script. Ok, so that may not be your expertise, but that?s why you have a tech department, webmaster, or web development firm. It takes 5 minutes and then you can start promoting it, linking it on your site, telling your listeners about it on-air, and by whatever other means you use to get the word out.

Setting up a Facebook fan page is also very simple to create and maintain. Here is another chance to promote your station and events, document interviews and guests, create discussions with fans and more. Facebook also give your listeners the ability to post messages and comments, and also click on your ?Like? button, linking themselves to you. This information is also shared with others and a viral effect takes place, pushing your brand out there even further. Listener-interactivity is the key to keeping listeners? attention longer. The more ways you have to communicate with your listeners, the higher the loyalty rate and recognition factors.

Set up a LinkedIn page if you haven?t already. This may be more applicable to the individuals in the organization, as LinkedIn is seen more as a corporate and business networking platform. It?s a great way for the execs and DJs to establish a profile, backgrounders, create links to your other social media sites, web sites and blogs and further promote your image and mission. LinkedIn also has many industry organizations that you can join and link up with others of the same business and networking mindset. Easy to do, but like the others, it takes time to create and maintain. Again, this is more of an individual thing.

Blogging is one of the easiest and best ways to promote what you are doing on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis. Anyone can set up a free blog using something like WordPress or Blogger, customize it pretty much any way you want, add heading, titles and keywords, and start publishing your own material intra-day of you want. You can set up an email subscriber box so visitors and listeners can join your mailing list and keep up with the station?s events and promotions. You can pull RSS feeds, and even your Facebook and Twitter posts can all be integrated into the blog using simple APIs that are already built-in. The blog allows you the ability to become a publisher in real-time, and at the same time, pull all your social media together into one nice and neat piece of online real estate.

All of these things done together, by the right person, using up-to-date content and information of interest, will definitely help to set you apart from the competition. You need to show the listener that you care about them by using these common forms of new media, which are not-so-new anymore. The right staff member that knows your organization can easily enhance and shape your image like never before. There was a famous Clint Eastwood spaghetti western called, ?For a Few Dollars More.?  All it takes is a few dollars more, or a few hours more, spent on creating and maintaining your social media profile to notch yourself up in the game. It?s not ?new media? anymore, it?s a required action for every broadcaster, big or small.

Kerry Brewer is Sr. Managing Director at Securenet Systems, a leading provider of online streaming services to the worldwide radio industry. He can be reached at or on LinkedIn at

(5/25/2011 6:15:53 AM)
It’s no brainer to see that social media is here to stay for good. Given vast variety of the existing channels to choose and stick with, it’s time for such a hot space to enter into a new category. There is a need for a portal to provide a quick and intelligent decision for both the consumer and the enterprise about their online connections.

A Platform to Help us to Distinguish Our Quality vs. Quantity Friends, Fans, Followers, and Companies

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr and others have been doing a decent job of providing additional marketing exposure and even in some cases, additional revenue. However, as more and more social networking sites pop up, how do you manage your brand across all these channels? Maybe more importantly, which one of these sites should you select as the one that will help you best reach your target audience?

This glut of information reminds me of the early 90’s when WWW was adopted broadly by the general public. Every company rushed to have a presence, to the point it became literally impossible to find the right information on the Web. That’s when a better generation of search engines – at first the Yahoo! and then Google – entered the market and helped us find the most relevant information by just typing simple keywords in their search box.

Then came Web 1.0 & 2.0 – Youtube, Flickr, myspace, Facebook, Twitter and countless others have turned everyday people into content producers, influencers and experts. We basically tripled down on the information overload How do you know which channels to select for deploying your social media strategy? How do you know which one is the right channel to let your fans and followers to find you, your products, and services? Most importantly, who is Joe Smith that is recommending that person, that company, that product?

I hope my can accomplish such a mission. The site is not another social networking platform. Yet the portal to all your existing social media channels. The platform helps you, your fans, your potential clients to make an intelligent decision as to which company to connect to or follow via which social media channels and why? It’s free!

CEO & Founder

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mason Memo To CBS Jocks: Back Announce The Songs

At some point along the way one of radio's brilliant programmers decided telling listeners the name of a song and artist was a waste of breathe. Of course that leaves the listener hanging, the artist without any song promotion and, apparently music labels unhappy. And, by the way, this is one of those things you NEVER have to worry about when you listen to music on Pandora, Slacker or any other online service. That information is always there. Always.

This silly programming idea is also a reason why the app Shazam became so popular. How it was decided that identifying the song and artist were clutter and station promos after every song, 8 minute stopsets and unprepared DJ chatter are not is perplexing. And, we challenge anyone reading this to come up with a good reason why that's smart programming. Especially if you program the station with the listener in mind first.

CBS radio President Dan Mason circulated a company memo yesterday that said CBS listeners "should hear an immediate difference in the way we present our day to day programming." The Mason memo was a conclusion he and others inside the company came to after Mason met up with a Los Angeles music executive. Mason wanted to know how CBS could help sell more music. The answer he got wasn't very complicated ?Just give the title and artist of the music you play.? Mason told his people "We shouldn?t just play the music, we should showcase the music."

The executive rightly questioned Mason on how radio's brilliant minds decided dumping that information was a good idea. "He went on to question me as to how the concept of not giving that information ever crept into radio programming in the first place.  Having been around programming for 40 years, my recollection was that in the early 80?s that information was defined as clutter - the more music and less talk theory.  I didn?t subscribe to that theory, but it was the thinking at the time."

As a result, CBS Radio contemporary, rock, urban and country stations will increase the integration of title and artist information on new music releases in an effort to personalize, and drive sales of the product. CBS will also be expanding our radio play history online as far back as several years, providing a living synopsis of the songs we feature on the air for anyone to access.

Mason says "This is a commitment I feel very strongly about. This is a positive step CBS Radio is taking not only to support the sale of music, but in strengthening our relationship with the artists and those that promote and manage their careers."

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TRN's Rusty Humphries Detained in Egypt

We haven't gotten much information yet from TRN, the company that syndicates Humphries. They are still trying to find out what's going on. Egypt has been in a state of unrest ever since former President Hosni Mubarak left power. We have been told that Humphries has been detained in Egypt with his Atlanta affiliate news director Jennifer Perry. Details are sketchy at this time. Humphries is scheduled to be in Jerusalem tomorrow and TRN says "hopefully he'll be able to discuss his ordeal with his audience at that time."

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Homeless Zimmer Radio Families Can Use Our Help

The latest report we have from Zimmer Radio CEO James Zimmer is that the 7 people he employs who lost homes to a tornado have been accommodated for the next two weeks. Several staff members will be living out of an RV that was donated, by the way, by Clear Channel in Springfield, Missouri. We asked Zimmer if there was anything the rest of the industry can do to help his team out, and there is. Our hats are off to Zimmer's Joplin, Missouri team as they continue to serve their community. Some are doing it without a home to return to.

Here is the message from Zimmer: "If any of our fellow brethren want to donate specifically to our "homeless" staff members they can send donations to our stations in Joplin. Thank you, and I will keep you posted with any new developments."

Chad Elliot, OM,
Zimmer Radio, Inc. 
2702 East 32nd Street
Joplin, MO 64804

Radio Ink has also restarted our Tornado Relief Fund at PayPal so we can transfer any donated funds over to the station quickly if you would like to donate online today. Here is the link if you have a PayPal account:

Check out Eric's Blog on the subject

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AdLarge Strikes Deal With Benztown Radio Networks

AdLarge Media has been selected by Benztown Radio Networks to handle advertising sales representation for various Benztown Radio Networks Products and services. ?We?re extremely pleased to be in business with Benztown Radio Networks,? says AdLarge Media VP/Business Development Frank DeSantis. ?They have in short order carved a significant niche in the national radio marketplace and are clearly poised for tremendous growth. All of us at AdLarge are excited about supporting them as they move forward.?

?As we continue to expand our profile and product offerings, our ad sales relationships grow as well,? says Benztown Radio Networks President Dave ?Chachi? Denes. ?AdLarge Media brings years of expertise and great energy. Their strong ties with a diverse advertising market will certainly contribute to our success.?

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Zimmer CEO Says 7 Employees In Joplin Homeless

The tornado that tore through the town of Joplin Missouri has made a very dramatic impact on one of radio's family members. As we've been telling you about since early yesterday the Zimmer radio group has been delivering news and information non-stop to the community since it was clear the killer twister was headed their way. Late last night we reached Zimmer CEO Jim Zimmer who says he cannot put everything into words yet because it's too raw. "Seven people from the staff and their families are homeless. We?re trying secure housing for them and a couple of RV?s at the station to accommodate our on-air personnel and families.  Storms are still brewing coming our way.  Please pray for Joplin."

Zimmer says words cannot describe what his staff has and is doing on and off-air. "It is indescribable for me. When the tornado hit Joplin yesterday I was out of the state with my family. It was the one year anniversary of the death of my oldest son.  Around 4pm I started getting the phone calls from Joplin. The programming staff, always diligent, had seen the storm cell brewing in Kansas just west of Joplin and started crashing the station to go wall-to-wall with severe weather coverage about an hour before it hit Joplin.  They have been on the air ever since.  It is a truly remarkable team from programming to sales to local management.  Too many stories convey right now. Most will probably be forgotten or never heard outside of Joplin.  All I will tell you is that a better team you will never find than the working for Zimmer Radio in Joplin, MO."

(5/24/2011 3:50:11 PM)
its James Zimmer not Jim

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Seven Keys To Successful Selling

by Wayne Ens

Why does a lawyer earn more than a garbage man? Because nearly everyone is capable of doing the garbage man?s job, but the lawyer knows something most of us do not. So she makes more money. Why are accountant?s paid far more than the average person? Because they know something the average person does not. Knowledge is power and knowledge earns big bucks for those who have it in the new economy.
I?ve heard it said that ?Sales is sales, and anyone who can sell can sell spots.? That?s probably true. A lot of people ?sell?; from retail clerks to car sales people, and from insurance agents to yellow pages people, thousands upon thousands of people can sell. Advertisers today are bombarded with advertising sales people selling their ?commodities?; from sellers of online directories, to web malls and banners, to traditional media and more, so selling ?spots? isn?t really worth all that much. The advertising sales people that earn the most in the new knowledge economy are those who can teach advertisers how to make strategic sense out of a fragmented and rapidly evolving digital media and traditional media mix.

And of course to be able to teach, you have to have knowledge. Just as other paid professionals like doctors and lawyers invest time and money in knowledge, you have to invest time and money in your knowledge of the new media landscape to be more valuable than your competitors. Virtually all of your competitors have had sales training and can sell.   

Investing in strategic marketing knowledge not only gives you a strong competitive edge against those look-alike sellers, but that investment stays with you forever. Today, selling is teaching, and teaching is a skill unto itself. We have studied the proven inductive learning model used by the most successful teachers today and developed it into a proven successful sales model called Guided Discovery Selling.
The seven core elements of selling as teaching are;
1.) Care about your students/clients. Some teachers have jobs?but the best teachers, as with the best sellers, are on a mission to help their students, and their customers, succeed.

2.) Keep learning  yourself. If they respect and trust you, advertisers will be asking you questions about the new media landscape. If you do not understand the various platforms, and how to articulate radio?s role in a multi-media environment, you?ll quickly lose their confidence in you.

3.) Questioning is key. Old school sellers merely asked questions until they found an opening to close a sale. Teachers, and new-school sellers, research and prepare their questions to guide advertisers to tap into their own experiences and prior knowledge to arrive at solutions. The Guided Discovery Selling model takes the telling out of selling. It?s an interactive process which takes place in problem solving situations to discover facts, relationships and new truths. Advertisers take ownership of solutions they discover themselves and become committed to the campaign?s success.

4.) Relate to Visions and Objectives. The best sellers as teachers prepare proposals which clearly relate to the advertiser?s visions and objectives. Students and customers become disinterested in, and do not retain, figures, rankers, ratings, truths or solutions that do not relate to their own goals.

5.) Multi-sensory selling/teaching. Old face-to-face selling was once the cornerstone to successful business-to-business selling. Today, there is no singular corner stone. Trust and sales are built with a multi-platform approach. A creative mix of valid business contacts that includes emails, blogs, written proposals, spec spots, videos, spec calendars, face-to-face presentations and more, creates more retention and a greater cumulative impact than face-to-face alone can achieve.

6.) Throw away your radio hat. Radio isn?t new and isn?t exciting. Most clients have tried radio, been there, done that and still have the t-shirt. These same clients can be confused or intimidated by the new media choices and claims and are seeking a trusted advisor like you to teach them how to navigate through an effective media mix. Your prospects want a knowledgeable media professional who can talk strategy, media-mix, multi-platforms, return on investment, integrated campaigns and more. It is imperative that you study and stay up to date, and learn how to articulate where each media, including radio, fits into the marketing funnel.

7.) Tell Stories. The best teachers and the best sales people tell interesting heartfelt stories that put the ?student? in the picture to capture their emotions.

Wayne Ens is President of ENS Media Inc and can be reached via e-mail Wayne Ens

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busted Housing Market Ensnares Clear Channel

If you promote a contest giveaway for a client and the client fails to deliver are you liable? That's what Clear Channel is about to find out. In 2007 Cape Coral Florida resident Paula Hedberg won a $300,000 home in Lehigh Acres Florida from a developer who was building in the Copperhead Golf & Country Club. Apparently the contest rules also state that if the winner would be given a lump sum of $150,000 if not the house. Four years after winning the contest Hedberg has received nothing, the developer went bust and this one is headed to court if mediation doesn't resolve it before August.

According to the News-Press in Fort Myers the Clear Channel stations in Fort Myers promoted the giveaway along with a television station. Hedberg has named Clear Channel, Copperhead and Journal, the owner of the TV station. The paper says Hedberg is alleging  Clear Channel and Journal are liable under state law governing contests, which says it's illegal for any "operator" of a contest to fail to award a prize that's been promised. Operator is defined in the law as, "any person, firm, corporation, or association or agent or employee thereof who promotes, operates, or conducts a game promotion, except any charitable nonprofit organization."

A Company spokesman told the paper "Clear Channel has asked the court to enforce the contest rules as written and confirm that Clear Channel was not responsible for providing the prize."

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Carrie Underwood, George Strait to Choose 'Idol' Finale Songs

by Michele Amabile Angermiller, The Hollywood Reporter  |   May 24, 2011 5:20 EDT

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery will add a little extra pressure from two of the biggest stars in country music: Season 4 "American Idol" champion Carrie Underwood and the legendary George Strait.

According to published reports, Underwood and Strait have both selected songs that the two teens will sing this evening. Additionally, the two will perform personal selections from Season 10.

Haley Reinhart To Premiere Debut Single on 'Idol' Finale?

This week will also be the first time "American Idol" fans get to hear the single debuts by both of the finalists. The blog, Taste of Country, revealed yesterday that Scotty's single is titled "Love You This Big" and Lauren will unveil her version of Kristy Lee Cook's "Like My Mother Does."

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Puddle of Mudd Reworks Rolling Stones, Neil Young Hits for Covers Album

An abandoned attempt to make a followup to 2009's "Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate" led Puddle of Mudd to opt instead for a covers set, "re:(disc)overed," which is due out Aug. 2.

"Since we started we've been non-stop -- make a record, go on tour, then right into rehearsals and the next record, then back on tour...," guitarist Paul Phillip tells "We were really burned out, and when we started trying to write again it just wasn't time yet. And we had been doing (AC/DC's) 'TNT' and (the Steve Miller Band's) 'The Joker' and had so much fun with those that one thing led to another and we decided to make a covers record. It was just something fun to do, and we had a blast."

"Re:(disc)overed" features 11 of the 15 songs Puddle of Mudd recorded with producer Bill Appleberry during January and February at the Bomb Shelter, a studio owned by Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz in Los Angeles. The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" is the set's first single and will be serviced to radio in mid-June, and the album also includes versions of Free's "All Right Now," Bad Company's "Shooting Star," Neil Young's "Old Man," Led Zeppelin's "D'yer M'ker" and Elton John's "Rocket Man."

"We chose a lot of things that were challenging," Phillip explains. "People hear Puddle's gonna do a covers album and they think it'll be Nirvana and the Ramones and Metallica and stuff like that. And that's something we wanted to do, but we wanted to stretch our legs, and it was a very challenging thing to have songs that have piano and these big, crazy arrangements and stuff. I mean, doing an Elton John song with piano and backup singers and stuff is not easy. It's easier to record a Puddle of Mudd song, but to tackle an arrangement like that is a lot more difficult to do, and that's what we wanted."

For the most part, Phillips adds, Puddle of Mudd chose to "pay tribute" to the songs "rather than bastardizing them like a lot of people do when they do covers. We really tried to keep them true to what they were, because they are great songs already, so who am I to go in and change a Rolling Stones song? They're not slavish copies; these songs do have a Puddle of Mudd flavor to them, but we didn't go in and change parts just to make it sound more like us."

Phillips calls the guitar solo on "All Right Now" was his "arch nemesis," but the most challenging track, he felt, was "D'yer M'ker." "I really didn't think we were gonna pull that off at all, just because the reggae feel is not what we do, and the way (John) Bonham played it, he's just got that thing that not many people can do, you know? So I was very surprised by that one, personally. I think we did a really good job."

Puddle of Mudd will be on the road this summer, starting with Memorial Day weekend festival shows in St. Louis and St. Paul, Minn., and also including an appearance at the Download Festival on June 10 in the U.K. Frontman Wes Scantlin says the shows will featuring an opening set of the entire "re:(disc)overed" album, followed by an intermission and then a set of Puddle of Mudd's original material. Meanwhile, the group is eyeballing an original album; Santlin has written four songs he describes as "really cool, heavy stuff, really wicked, almost like Soundgarden, 'Badmotorfinger' type old-school Puddle of Mudd." And both Scantlin and Phillip predict that making "re:(disc)overed" will have some impact on Puddle of Mudd's new songs, too.

"I think this kind of opens us up," he says. "I think it brought everybody's playing up to another level...and maybe a platform for us to experiment a bit more on the next record and try some different things. This is going to be a real important record for us and we really want to try to take it to the next level and surprise people, so I think ('re:(disc)overed') is a great springboard for that to happen."

The track list for Puddle of Mudd's "re:(disc)overed" includes:

"Gimme Shelter" (Rolling Stones)

"Old Man" (Neil Young)


"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)

"The Joker" (Steve Miller Band)

"Everybody Wants You" (Billy Squier)

"Rocket Man" (Elton John)

"All Right Now" (Free)

"Shooting Star" (Bad Company)

"Funk 49" (James Gang)

"D'yer M'ker" (Led Zeppelin)

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