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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Radio's Report Card From Bud Walters


Cromwell Group President Bud Walters is perhaps the definitive successful small-market operator. His deliberate and smart approach to building a company has served him well over the years. He?s achieved his goal of serving local communities with a great broadcast product, and his willingness to share his successes and experience with others has earned him a stellar reputation throughout the radio industry. Today, the Cromwell Group consists of 22 stations in towns like Decatur, Effingham, Mattoon, and Vandalia. And throughout the years, Walters has stuck to his plan of looking for undeveloped and underdeveloped stations and and achieving his mission of serving the community. The story of Walters' path to success is detailed in the latest issue of Radio Ink magazine. In it, he looks into his radio crystal ball. Here is a snippet of what he had to say.

"I think we have a great future. We have to find ways for what we do, from a programming standpoint, to be important to somebody. Then we have to make it available to them on whatever device they want it on. That includes smartphones, and obviously the dashboard, with however that changes, and anything else coming down the pipe. From a business standpoint, the fact is, more people are listening to radio now than ever before. If the numbers are correct, 93 percent of the population listens to radio. It?s like 235 million-240 million people a week. Those are really huge numbers. It doesn?t mean that people aren?t listening to other services, but that?s always been the case. People just have more choices now. Our challenge is to be one of those choices."

"On the advertising side, in a small town, we do have more bigbox stores than we used to have. We just have to keep finding different kinds of clients to do business with us. As the national people come in and go out, you just have to find ways to work with them. I am on the Executive Committee of the Radio Advertising Bureau. RAB is doing some wonderful things ? not everybody in the industry knows about it right now. The data resources that RAB has, folks are using them more than they ever have before. You can find all the copy you ever wanted. You can find all the information you want about any kind of industry. You can sign up for the articles. RAB has a new customer management system that about 2,000 people are using, small- and large-market broadcasters."

Bryan Broadcasting Vice President Ben Downs says of his friend, ?Bud didn?t pull records for Mr. Marconi, but he has played a role in a significant percentage of radio?s development. He?s always been willing to share his ideas and things he?s learned with people who are new to the business. Radio is blessed with a few special people who get into the business early and stay late. That love for our industry and our communities is what makes Bud and the owner-operators like him unique to radio. They?re why radio continues to remain relevant as we start looking toward the second century of radio broadcasting.?

To see the entire interview now, subscribe to our digital version HERE
To subscribe to our print issue, GO HERE

The Bud Walters issue also includes articles on:
- How to Train New Salespeople
- Changes to the RAB CRMS Course
- Small market Succes Stories

You can leave your comments about Bud Walters below or reach out to him directly at

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Your Comments on Monday's Bill Koenigsberg Story


Bill Koenigsberg is the President, CEO and Founder of Horizon Media, one of the largest independent media agencies in the world. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and Amsterdam Horizon has 650 employees and annual billings of $3 billion. Koenigsberg is also Chairman of the 4As Media Committee and has played a vital role in getting advertising agencies to adopt policies to abolish the No Urban/No Hispanic dictates the media industry has been dealing with for so many years. Advertising Age Magazine just named Koenigsberg Advertising Executive of the Year and this past Friday we spoke to Koenigsberg to get his take on radio.

For so many years, despite all the radio friendly stats Arbitron throws out stating the number of radios per household, the percentage of people who listen to radio and consumers listen through long stopsets none of those statistics have helped radio increase (as an industry) its revenue share with advertisers. For what seems like decades, radio has only been able to muster up about 7% of an advertiser's budget. So we asked Koenigsberg what it was going to take for radio to increase that number. Not surprisingly, his answer had nothing to do with the typical radio research which, to an advertiser, really means nothing.

"I think multiple things. One is, and I have been very vocal about this, proving cause and effect, return on the golden goose, the holy grail. Radio needs to do a better job of proving attribution, if I spend a dollar in radio, my return is "X" vs. a dollar somewhere else. That's one. Two, and I think that Bob Pittman is trying very hard to reinvent radio at Clear Channel. I think radio has become a bit static and needs to reinvent itself. Now, how it reinvents itself, I'm not quite sure. Radio has got to become more of an engagement vehicle. Engagement is critical for advertisers today. A lot of people listen to radio in the background and it's not intrusive, and it's not engaging. It is more passive. How do you make radio more engaging? So, I think return of investment proof and engagement proof is critical. If you can prove that, they will be buying radio all day long."

(1/30/2012 8:41:48 PM)
Although Steve inquires: "What am I missing?", the answer is still "Not much - if anything."
However, the more difficult generalization about radio listeners is their inability to RECALL the content of ads.
There is an explanation-of-sorts offered in a recent Radio Ink article:
Meanwhile, Steve's other comments about closing those loops, I believe, also have significant credibility.
Fact is: demonstrating efficacy of our services is something that is definitely on the "Honey Do"-list.
(1/30/2012 3:59:36 PM)
I don't see radio's 'trackability' as a huge challenge to overcome? Maybe I'm not clear on what the expectations are with tracking, but with things like SMS, unique URL's, data base opt-ins, QR Codes, and the like, we should be able to close that loop and move forward delivering what marketers are looking for - more trackable campaigns. What am I missing?
(1/30/2012 12:13:36 PM)
Nice to see some smart guys coming out of the woodwork.
Still, I wonder about how many executives would continue rearing up with the demand to "Stop telling me how to run my business!"
(This would be the same business, by the way, that has been around longer than any other electronic media and still can't pick up more than 7% of the available revenues.)
Gosh-a-rooties! How can that be...? This is definitely stuff that makes me go, "Hmmmm".
(1/30/2012 11:27:43 AM)
No need to reinvent the wheel. Everything that you need to know about radio success is available by studying what was successful in the past.

Here's a bit of my radio philosophy that you can either take or leave, as you wish.

First, times change, but people don't. We may think that we do, but we really don't.

What's old or very old is new to someone that hasn't seen it before. So, feel free to steal ideas from your predecessors. They don't, won't, or can't care if you do.

And lastly, programming is King. If your listeners don't care for what you're broadcasting, find something they do like and care about. It may take quite a lot of your time digging for real golden content, but it will pay off in a big way.

(1/30/2012 11:19:39 AM)
Yes, radio needs to re-invent itself; it also needs to re-inVEST in itself.

The trend, since deregulation, has been away from live and local talent, and outside of CC's Prophet system (which, in and of itself is a bit dated), the automation platforms have been rather stale, themselves.

A club DJ can do what today's contemporary radio stations SHOULD be doing - mixing mp4s (videos) streaming on their website and potentially a local cable channel (for another revenue source) heard on their FM.

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Lori Heeren New GM in Reno For Americom


Veteran CBS radio executive Lori Heeren is the new GM for Americom?s six Reno radio stations and VP of the Reno Media Group today. Heeren, who spent 14 years as sales manager and then director of sales for CBS? six Las Vegas stations, previously worked as GSM of an Americom station in Vegas. That station is now operated by CBS. Americom President Tom Quinn said, ?I am thrilled that Lori is rejoining our company. She led our Las Vegas radio station to record revenues and then helped make CBS? Las Vegas properties among the most successful medium market stations in America.?

Heeren began her broadcasting career in 1986 as an account executive for Lotus Broadcasting in Las Vegas. She worked for Americom as an account executive and then sales manager from 1989 to 1994, when she moved to Seattle and joined CBS radio as an account executive before being promoted to sales manager. She returned to Las Vegas in 1997 as sales manager for two of CBS? stations, including KMXB, which she turned into the city?s top-billing radio station. In 2008 CBS named her director of sales, and she led the company to revenue dominance in Las Vegas. Heeren joined Beasley Broadcasting last year as its director of new business development. ?I?m excited to be rejoining Americom and my family and I are delighted that we?ll be moving north to Reno,? Heeren said. 

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Balderas Leads Killer Revenue Panel in San Diego

As March 21 quickly approaches, we want to be sure to give you the details on some of the panels that will highlight our Hispanic Radio Conference program. Angelica Balderas is the National Sales Manager for Adelante Media Group, and she'll moderate a panel focused on how stations can find and capture revenue in 2012. She says the panel will fous on several details that will help uncover that money.

- Spanish stations pricing off general-market cost per point -- and  how we move marketers, but more importantly their agencies, to plan inclusion of Spanish.
- What is the right revenue mix for a successful Spanish station (national, agency, local direct)? How much do you have to depend on Hispanic-owned businesses to make you profitable? 
- How do you balance a sales staff when  you have general market sellers, bilingual sellers, and Spanish dominant sellers?
- How do you do it right and hit it out of the park? 

During the show awards will be given out to the best Hispanic broadcasters in the country. Nominations are being accepted now. Here are the categories:

Hispanic Radio Station of the Year
General Manager of the Year (markets 1-25 and 26 and up)
Sales Manager of the Year (markets 1-25 and 26 and up)
Programmer of the Year (markets 1-25 and 26 and up)
Personality of the Year (markets 1-25 and 26 and up)
National Legacy Advertiser
Local Legacy Advertiser

Submit your nominations HERE
Register for the convention HERE

(1/25/2012 3:50:23 PM)
Perhaps Angelica can also explain Adelante Media's strategy of using live radio ads dressed up as contests for "winning" Disney vacations, not before the "winner" has to provide a credit card which will get charged hundreds of dollars after "winning" the radio "contest".

And how about all the live natural Viagra ads on Adelante stations? Talk about shamelessly misleading your audience.

I guess that's a killer revenue they are talking about.

(1/21/2012 11:39:43 AM)
Hispanic Origin. Persons of Hispanic origin were identified by a question that asked for self-identification of the person's origin or descent. Respondents were asked to select their origin (and the origin of other household members) from a "flash card" listing ethnic origins. Persons of Hispanic origin, in particular, were those who indicated that their origin was Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or some other Hispanic origin. It should be noted that persons of Hispanic
(1/19/2012 11:24:54 AM)
Also, to all those people that like to INCORRECTLY use the term "LATINO", could you please define it and then define the term "LATIN AMERICAN"as well, and tell me what the difference is?????
(1/19/2012 11:17:09 AM)
HISPANIC Radio???? Is there "ANGLOSAXON", "BLACK /AFRICAN/AFRICAN-AMERICAN", or "NATIVE AMERICAN" Radio as well??? I understand that the people at RADIO INK are not of Hispanic (WRONGLY phrased as Latino) descent, but if they are going to write about something, they should inform themselves FIRST, this way, they will avoid making these errors.....
The right term is "SPANISH" Radio, as it refers to the LANGUAGE format, which is obviously
(1/13/2012 9:35:26 AM)
If you are attending make sure you put Angie's panel on your "must see" list. I have had the pleasure to meet and work with her over the past several years.
Bright, insightful, strategic and a dynamic seller.

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TV Dominates Florida Political Advertising


Media Monitors has been doing an excellent job tracking political spending on radio - and other media - in the Republican primaries. The latest study released by Dwight Douglas and his team details how the Mitt Romney camp has saturated the sunshine state, leading his media effort with massive Television buys. The primary vote in Florida takes place today.

Media Monitors captured data in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach for Radio, Cable and TV. In addition to those markets, Ft. Myers? data was also included for the Radio analysis. The study includes spots run from January 1st to early morning January 30th.

Looking just at RADIO spots that were run by the candidate?s campaigns, Mitt Romney ran 2,196 spots, while Newt Gingrich ran 492 spots. Rich Santorum and Ron Paul ran no radio spots in the Florida cities surveyed. Obama For America did run 25 spots in the month of January, 2012.

On TV, Mitt Romney?s campaign ran 4,930 spots against Newt Gingrich?s 638 spots. Again, there were no Ron Paul or Rick Santorum spots in this media.

On Local Cable in the markets surveyed, Romney once again ran the lion?s share of Cable spots at 1,862, while Newt Gingrich only cleared 79 spots. Ron Paul did run 6 spots in January, while the Obama campaign ran 12 spots.

In the Super PAC category:
- Restore Our Future is a Super PAC that to date has been pro-Romney. They ran 234 radio ads that attempted to denigrate Newt Gingrich.
- Winning Our Future is a Super PAC that helps promote Newt Gingrich or position anyone running against him negatively. They ran 1,537 Pro-Gingrich ads and 1,796 negative ads putting down Romney. SEIU is the Service Employees International Union and they ran 247 ads against Romney. The American Family Association ran 438 radio ads helping Newt Gingrich.

- On TV, the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future ran 3,443 spots against Gingrich.
- The Super PAC Winning Our Future pro-Gingrich ran 250 spots against Romney.
- The pro-Romney PAC Restore Our Future also ran 405 spots against Rick Santorum.
- The Super PAC AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) ran 412 TV spots against Romney.

On Local Cable, the PACs were very active. Restore Our Future ran 1,018 attack ads against Newt Gingrich, while Restore Our Future ran 147 spots against Rick Santorum. Winning Our Future only ran 40 pro-Gingrich spots on Cable in the last month and 61 spots against Mitt Romney. Super PAC for America ran 19 spots against Romney. The AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) ran 85 Cable spots against Romney.

And finally, the Republican National Committee ran 15 Cable spots against Obama.

Media Monitors also combined the spot count data and broke the media blitz down to show what the total impact of all the spots that ran on the two front-runners. If a Super Pac was anti-Romney, we aligned those counts with Newt Gingrich, and of course, if a spot was negative toward Newt, for this approach, we added those spots to Romney?s totals. We then added in the spots that were run by their campaigns. Here is what we found:

- On Radio, spots helping Newt Gingrich totaled 4,510, while spots helping Mitt Romney totaled 2,430.
- On TV, spots helping Gingrich totaled 1,300 while spots more positive for Romney added up to 8,778.
- On Local Cable, Newt spots totaled 284, while Mitt spots totaled 3,027 ads.


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Caballero Honorary Chair of Hispanic Conference

Radio Ink has announced that highly respected broadcaster Eduardo Caballero will serve as honorary chairman for the upcoming Hispanic radio conference being held in San Diego. Radio Ink V.P./GM Deborah Parenti said "We are extremely honored and proud to have Mr. Caballero as honorary chair of the Hispanic Radio Conference, His vast experience in all areas of Hispanic broadcasting, advertising and public service, will help insure a compelling, focused and exciting agenda for the 2012 Hispanic Radio Conference."

About the conference, Caballero said "this is the right moment for us to come together to address the challenges, trends, issues, and particularly the opportunities in front of Hispanic radio broadcasters across the country. It offers a unique chance to unite and exchange ideas targeted to radio and digital platforms. Because of its importance, we as an industry need to embrace this effort and make it successful so it can continue. The timing could not be better. The 2010 Census added an enormous volume of compelling statistics that irrefutably support what we have known for a long time: The United States is the second-largest Spanis -speaking nation in the world, a culturally diverse cohesive force, and the strongest Hispanic economy -- formed by major Hispanic radio listeners and heavy users of all types of digital and social media."

Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference is being held at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, San Diego March 21-22.
For more information, go HERE

(12/21/2011 9:02:28 AM)
If Hispanic Christopher Columbus Discovered America--then Eduardo Caballero discovered National Business for Hispanic Radio & TV Stations in early 60's . Eduardo & his wife Rosa, Attorneys, escaped from Cuba to get to Florida. Got into radio sales--when all Hispanics were called names now not politically correct. Somehow Eduardo got into The National Sales Station Rep business. Built his own Rep firm. Found his client stations got screwed by Pulse, Hooper & Nielsen's methodology. Got laughed out of Ad Agencies.
So- Eduardo was really the first National Sales Rep in history--Gringo or Spanish-who consistently bypassed Ad Agencies to go direct to P& G--General Foods-- General Motors,etc. Eduardo not only taught them about the inherent values of Spanish formatted radio-TV stations--Eduardo actually taught them about radio.
Our Rep firm--Eastman Radio -competed against Eduardo . Finally we gave up and co brokered with Caballero Reps. If you can't beat 'em--join 'em. Eduardo is a true treasure who's never been awarded the tributes he so richly earned. --by the "General Market" broadcasters.

Frank Boyle

(12/20/2011 10:47:15 AM)
Who? I have never heard of this man.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Comcast and NBC to Help Broadcast Museum


Comcast , NBC News and NBC 5 Chicago pledged more than $2.7 million worth of in-kind support to the completion and promotion of the broadcast museum in Chicago. The new 62,000-square-foot museum is expected to open later this year. Museum founder Bruce Dumont (pictured) said, ??We are grateful to have Comcast, NBC News, and NBC 5 Chicago ?V institutions that have contributed so much to the history of television ?V show so much support for our new facility. We are excited to open our doors and share the experience with visitors.??

Under the partnership with the museum, Comcast will donate up to $500,000 of 30-second advertising spots every year for five years to air on Comcast cable systems to help advertise and promote the museum. NBC News and NBC 5 will make available select historic artifacts to the facility that can be displayed as part of temporary or permanent exhibits and donate video clips to museum archives to enhance its collection. In addition, NBC News had previously committed $200,000 to the museum to help complete construction of the exhibits and presentation areas.

Other components of the new partnership include:
?h Naming the museum??s principle presentation area the Comcast NBCUniversal Center. The Comcast NBCUniversal Center will be a venue for industry pioneers, visiting personalities, authors, journalists and scholars to present on the media and its future. Public presentations in the Comcast NBCUniversal Center may be recorded and shared On Demand and via video streaming;
?h Producing an introductory 8-10 minute video presentation for the Comcast NBCUniversal Center that will explore radio and television??s historic role in American life and its evolving impact on society worldwide;
?h Creating a 30-minute documentary on the early days of television for local airing on NBC 5 Chicago;
?h Holding at least two public programs a year featuring NBC News and NBC 5 talent; and
?h Hosting at least one annual Career Assembly for inner city Chicago Public School students featuring NBC 5 journalists or executives.
The new museum, located in downtown Chicago at State and Kinzie Streets and one of just three broadcast museums in the United States, will offer five times as much space as the previous location in the Chicago Cultural Center, which closed in 2003 so the staff could focus on the new facility. With the additional space, the museum will be able to serve a wide range of audiences, expand its collections and increase exhibit and programming space. On site features include over 15,000 square feet devoted to the exhibition of television and radio history; state-of-the-art television and radio studios for hands-on experiences; and a media-equipped education center for group orientation and teaching.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

CRS Announces Songwriters For Kingsley Event


The CRS says songwriting events will take on increased role at Country Radio Seminar in February and the Kingsley event "Acoustic Alley?will be a highlight. Kingsley says, ?There's nothing better than hearing a favorite song sung by the writer. For a music lover, that's as good as it gets?

Casey Beathard, Jim Beavers, Corey Crowder, Marv Green, David Lee, Wendell Mobley and Rivers Rutherford are the Feb. 22nd performers. Rhett Akins, Tom Douglas, Ben Hayslip and Jeffrey Steele perform Feb. 23rd.  The Acoustic Alley is open from 9:30 p.m. until midnight in the Belmont Room inside the Renaissance Hotel.

Bob Kingsley?s Country Top 40 and SunTrust Bank are sponsoring the new after-hours songwriter event.

View the original article here

Tony Banks New Ops Manager in Fresno


Banks takes over operations for the Clear Channel cluster for Steve Weed who took the Ops job in Sacramento for Clear Channel. Banks has worked at WPLJ in New York and WPRO-FM in Providence, R.I.  For three years he also worked in the Programming Department at Clear Channel Miami's WHYI and WMGE.

Banks says, ?I?m thrilled to join the talented and driven team at Clear Channel Fresno and I?m looking forward to keeping these great Fresno stations and iHeartRadio on their winning trajectory.?

View the original article here

Plotkin Out at WTOP

The Washington Post is reporting that WTOP has canceled Mark Plotkin?s politics show and that Plotkin, after 10 yers, is leaving the station. The paper quotes WTOP Vice President of News Jim Farley saying "Plotkin has parted ways with WTOP, and the parting was ?without rancor on either side.?

Farley would not say why Plotkin was leaving because it?s a personnel issue. Farley says Plotkin?s ?Friday Politics Program? will be replaced with an hour-long news show.

View the original article here

Radio Vet Creates Hot Clock Company.


David Darling voiced his first radio commercial when he was 4 years old. His dad was in the radio business for 40 years working at stations such as WTRY, WMCA, WIND and WHK so there was in the family DNA for Darling to get into radio as well. He started out at the high school radio station where he caught the radio bug. His first paid position was in Houston Texas and ever since he's been working his way through the ranks of radio. Today he works for Salem in Dallas. In addition to his radio gig, Darling is an entrepreneur. He saw a need for a product in the radio industry, he figured out how to create that product and now he's selling it all over the world through his company DLD Media. We asked him how it all got started.

How did you start DLD media?
Over the years when we would have a local show come on the station, the Sales Department would ask for a Program Clock (or Hot Clock) for their potential advertisers.  I always had to ask our graphics person to draw something up - and after several days of waiting, it was usually incorrect.  It wasn't their fault, they just knew how to work the graphics software, but didn't have a grasp on programming.  I looked around for some software that would create a hot clock, but really couldn't find what I was looking for, so in 2008 I set out to create my own software from the perspective of a radio programmer.

Developing software is not simple. How did you get into that?
The first thing I had to do was find someone who I could partner with that understood software programming code. So after posting a few ads, I finally found the person I felt comfortable with.  Now the hard part - conveying to a programmer what you are trying to accomplish from a radio perspective and have him translate that into software. This process took about a year of testing, working and re-working at nights and on weekends.  In addition, I took some college classes to better understand the coding process.  But finally, I felt that we had developed a workable piece of software that accomplished the goal - 
The Broadcast Clock Creator.

- Are you finding there is a need for this product? Where and from whom?
I first started to use The Broadcast Clock Creator at my office. I would create clocks for our local shows and give to the Sales Department to use on presentations.  After being asked several times "Hey, how did you make this", I realized that I could market this.  So I created a website, studied up on low-cost marketing techniques and search engine optimization, and over time I began to see the sales grow.  I would ask for feedback from users, then take the money from the sales to modify the software with these suggestions.  I'm now up to the newly released 3rd version of The Broadcast Clock Creator - which in addition to allowing the user to print a clock, export to PDF or image file - there is also a paperless version that is displayed on your desktop in real time.  I have found this new desktop version to be especially helpful for fill in hosts.  The host can have the hot clock in front of them on their desktop and it displays the current segment you are in, how long until the next segment, etc. in real time.  The Broadcast Clock Creator has been translated into several languages (by people, not computer) and the response has been positive from around the world. Probably the most unique purchase has been from the Ugandan government which has purchased several copies.  I have also found that non-broadcasters have been purchasing the software as an easy way to create pie charts, which I thought was interesting.

- What is the pricing structure, the delivery method, installation, service, etc. And how can people get in touch with you for more information?
The price for The Broadcast Clock Creator is only $19.95 - which not only makes the software accessible to radio professionals, but also college students who may be studying communications or part-time broadcasters looking to gain experience.  All sales are online and you can purchase the software at  Once you pay through PayPal, you will receive a unique download link for the software to install on your PC (no Mac version - yet).  I usually try to respond to emails as soon as possible if anyone has installation or usage questions.  For more information, simply fill   out the contact form at the website.

Reachout to David HERE

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ACM Nominations Announced For Radio


Yesterday, The Academy of Country Music announced nominations for its annual award show to be broadcast on CBS Television April 1st. Nominees were announced online via the first-ever ACM digital press conference on the Academy?s Facebook and Twitter pages. Here are the nominees in the radio category.

Radio Station of the Year - Major Market
KUPL-FM Portland, OR
KYGO-FM Denver, CO
WQYK-FM St. Petersburg, FL
WXTU-FM Philadelphia, PA
WYCD-FM Detroit, MI
Radio Station of the Year - Large Market
KAJA-FM San Antonio, TX
WLHK-FM Indianapolis, IN
WQDR-FM Raleigh, NC
WUBE-FM Cincinnati, OH

Radio Station of the Year - Medium Market
KATM-FM Stockton, CA
KUZZ AM/FM Bakersfield, CA
WBBS FM Syracuse, NY
WYRK FM Buffalo, NY

Radio Station of the Year - Small Market
KCLR-FM Columbia, MO
KUAD-FM Windsor, CO
WUSY-FM Chattanooga, TN
WXFL-FM Florence, AL

On-Air Personality of the Year - National
Cody Alan - CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan
Kix Brooks - American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks
Crook and Chase - Crook and Chase Countdown
Lon Helton - CMT Country Countdown USA
Lia - The Lia Show
On-Air Personality of the Year - Major Market
Kelly Ford & Rider - KYGO-FM Denver, CO
Cledus T. Judd, Dave McKay, Veronica - WQYK-FM St. Petersburg, FL
Lisa Dent and Ramblin' Ray - WUSN-FM Chicago, IL
Trish Biondo - WUSN-FM Chicago, IL
Edwards & Lee (Chuck Edwards & Linda Lee) - WYCD-FM Detroit, MI

On-Air Personality of the Year - Large Market
Randy Carroll & Jamie Martin - KAJA-FM San Antonio, TX
Dave O?Brien - WLHK-FM Indianapolis, IN
Mike, Marty and Janie - WQDR-FM Raleigh, NC
Bill Cody - WSM-AM Nashville, TN
Big Dave and Chelsie - WUBE-FM Cincinnati, OH

On-Air Personality of the Year - Medium Market
Steve & Geoff in the Morning - KUZZ AM/FM Bakersfield, CA
Cash and Carey (Natalie Cash and Jim Carey) - KWEN-FM Tulsa, OK
Tom & Becky - WBBS-FM Syracuse, NY
Roger, Tom & Melissa - WPCV-FM Lakeland, FL
Scott Wynn & Sue Wilson (Wynn and Wilson in the Morning) - WQMX-FM Akron, OH
On-Air Personality of the Year - Small Market
Scotty & Carissa in the Morning - KCLR-FM Columbia, MO
Bill Barrett, Tim Fox and Tracy Berry - KKNU-FM Eugene, OR
Philip Gibbons - WGSQ-FM Cookville, TN
Bearman and Ken in the Morning - WUSY-FM Chattanooga, TN
Brent Lane - WYCT-FM Pensacola, FL

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Roy Williams Featured Speaker at RAB Workshop


The RAB's "Radio On Creative Workshop" will be held on March 7th in Dallas. Williams, a regular columnist in Radio Ink magazine, will be the luncheon speaker. Williams is also the founder of the Wizard Academy in Austin which teaches ad writing, creative thinking, strategic planning and human persuasion to a roster of students that include many of the world's most forward-thinking and successful CEOs, educators, journalists, inventors and consultants.

Williams' column has appeared in every issue of Radio Ink for the past 15 years. His first book, The Wizard of Ads, was named Business Book of the Year in 1998. The sequel, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, was a New York Times bestseller and was named "the number one business book in America" by the Wall Street Journal. The third book in the trilogy, Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads, also made the bestseller list.

For more on the RAB workshop go HERE

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are Broadcasters Making a Mistake Joining iHeartRadio?


One of Bob Pittman's strategies since coming to Clear Channel has been to bulk up iHeartRadio with as many radio stations as possible, competitors included. Following the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas and Clear Channel's launch of its curated music option to compete with Pandora, Pittman has been cutting deals with his fellow broadcasters. Cumulus' Lew Dickey was the first to come aboard followed by Greater Media and a handful of college and public stations. Is Entercom next? Radio One? Townsquare? And is this the right strategy? After all, we hear it at every industry convention...Radio needs to speak with one voice to increase its share of advertising revenue and compete with increased competition.

Robert Maccini is a managing director at Angel Street Capital. Prior to that, Maccini was a founder and CEO of Ando Media which is a provider of audience information and ad serving in the Internet radio industry. Ando now provides services to 45 of the top 50 radio broadcasters in the U.S. In 2009 Ando was sold to Triton Digital Media. Maccini wonders what broadcasters see in iHeartRadio. "Is it extension of their brands? Is it increased advertising revenue?  A new distribution platform? Even though I believe in added distribution channels, there simply is very little benefit for stations to join and distribute their programming via this platform." Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey apparently see a lot more benefit to iHeartRadio than Maccini. Dickey told Radio Ink back in December that it makes a lot of sense for radio to have one portal, such as iHeartRadio. It also eliminates the need for his company to create one, not to mention the additional benefit Cumulus receives from Clear Channel promoting SweetJack.

Maccini says for Clear Channel, and Clear Channel only, this is a beautiful thing.  "They get content for free to add to the offerings on their platform to the consumer and take advantage of the effects of ?the long tail? (No one broadcaster will benefit dramatically but Clear Channel may in the aggregate).   Being added just means that you are one of more and more stations/channels on this increasingly fragmented platform.  While stations may get to keep their in-stream audio ad revenue I?m sure Clear Channel is keeping all pre-roll and display revenue.  Will this platform result in some added ad impressions and therefore revenue?  Yes but not enough to buy a cup of coffee.  Of the five featured stations today, all were owned by Clear Channel. It appears that this is more a feel good strategy that terrestrial radio is doing something in digital."

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Jonathan Reed New PD at WNOK Columbia.

Reed will keep his Music Director duties at WNOK and his afternoon drive shift at the Clear Channel station. During the past 15 months Reed has been assistant PD. He's worked at WFKS-FM in Jacksonville, WRVQ-FM in Richmond and WZEE-FM in Madison.  WNOK is the longest-continually running CHR station in the nation and the only CHR station in the Columbia market.

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ALENT-Music Station Shows and Politics

TALENT -Music Station Shows and Politics January 2012
by Randy Lane

This promises to be an engaging election year, and seldom has the voting population been more polarized. That is the essence of entertainment -- anytime there is natural division, conflict and contrast it?s a good springboard for sticky content. This election has crossed over from the political arena into the pop culture mainstream. Not only are celebrities more involved in the political process than ever by urging women to vote, expressing their views, etc., the candidates are appearing on entertainment shows not to mention that the stories and pictures are all over the entertainment websites, TV shows and magazines.

Part of a broadcaster?s responsibility is to help simplify and clarify what?s being talked about. Where do the candidates stand social security, the economy, creating jobs, taxes, gay marriage and other social issues of interest to your audience. Work to get at the issues more from the emotional angle rather than just the opinion angle.

This is not Rock the Vote?this concept is much more selfish. We?re not trying to get you to help the country ? this will help your show. This is relevant and entertaining stuff. So, how do music stations relate to it and not sound like a politically based talk show?

Here?s how to get your show on the bandwagon:
It can be as small as playing clips back of Jimmy Fallon, SNL, Jon Stewart, Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, Tosh and Conan making comments or doing bits about the race. News and information segments are the perfect place to discuss the debates, the polls, etc. by playing back sound bites followed by discussion from players on the show. It also works on many shows to include listener phone calls during those discussions as well. Like the late night entertainment shows it can be kept from sounding like a talk show by injecting humor.

Get on the phone, get in the malls, get in the street, get in the workplace -- talk to people. Get people on the air who can passionately articulate extreme positions for both sides to set off reaction. Interact with comedy and seriousness. Go to the emotional heart of issues with people who are affected by the economy and job loss, the wealthy one percent/Occupy Wall Street vs the middle class, the national debt, the government?s role in our lives, the grid locked Congress, no or poor insurance coverage, etc.

Try features like:
Middle School Debate Analysis
Find two precocious middle schoolers, one a democrat, one a republican to evaluate the debates, the political platforms, statements they make in the news, etc. and interact with them.

Unfair Edit Idea
Use the Jimmy Kimmel concept of editing excerpts together to make politicians say things they don?t mean.

Presidential Panel of Listeners
Rotate groups of 3 real people who are different ? democrat, green party, mother, student, worker, suburbanite, urbanite, blue collar, 3 different religions, etc. to come on and give their opinions.

Simplify an Issue a Day
Find an entertaining Political Pundit who could simplify the platforms for each candidate.

Presidential Impressions
Doing impressions of the candidates can still be funny with some creative writing and an over the top delivery.

Stalk an Independent
Find a few independents (people who you recruit on air of off) and check in with them every day to see if the latest debate, news or scandal has impacted their vote.

Email Read more at his website
Like to The Randy Lane Company on Facebook
Follow Randy Lane on Twitter

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AutoNation Posts Huge 4th Quarter


Good news from one of radio's biggest categories. AutoNation, the nation's largest auto retailer, reported a record 4th quarter. The company reported net income of $69.4 million for Q4 a 3.1% increase. For the full year, AutoNation net income jumped over 24% to $281 million. Gross profit per vehicle rose to $2,451 or 2%.

AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson also predicted sales in 2012 would rise more than 10% over 2011 to 14 million units. One of the reasons for that rosy prediction is that the average car on the road today is approximately 11 years old.

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Fisher House Recognizes Greater Media's Graham


The Fisher House Foundation has recognized WTKK-FM, Michael Graham, and 96.9 Boston Talks listeners for their support in helping build "homes away from home" for the military families of wounded American troops.  WTKK?s 4th Annual Fisher House Radiothon raised over $120,000.   Pictured (l-r) at WTKK?s studios are Greater Media Chairman & CEO Peter Smyth, WTKK?s PM Drive Host Michael Graham and The National Executive Director of the Fisher House Foundation, David Coker.

The Fisher House Radio-Thon consisted of 96.9 listeners donating to the Fisher House by calling, texting, & logging on to all day and gave to our wounded warriors and their families. All Funds raised from the 4th Annual Radio-thon benefitted the Fisher House which enables family members to be close to their loved ones during hospitalization and gives them a safe, comfortable, home-like environment, making it easier for them to participate in the care and recovery of their loved ones.

Michael Graham is heard on WTKK-FM (96.9 Boston Talks) from 3PM-7PM.

The Fisher House Foundation has asked that family members of hospitalized active-duty service members and eterans of operation enduing freedom and operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) be given high priority for lodging at Fisher Houses. Fisher houses and Fisher House Foundation play a crucial role in helping veterans recover from the serious wounds they have suffered. Fisher Houses enable family members to be close to be their loved ones during hospitalization and give them a safe, comfortable, home-like environment, making it easier for them to participate in the care and recovery of their relatives. For more information, visit

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Friday, January 27, 2012

$10,000 Fine For Miami Pirate


Willis Cernogg, Jr. decided not to file a response to the FCC after being caught operating an unlicensed station at 90.7 in Miami. The feds notified Cernogg back in October. He has 30 days to pay the fine or the Commission may move the case over to the department of justice for further action.

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SALES - Are You Keeping Your Customers Satisfied?


I worked for a media rep firm whose CEO was fond of saying ?our most valuable assets go down in the elevators every night.? As an employee I appreciated the sentiment; however, he was wrong. The customer is the most important asset of any organization. Period. You can?t underestimate the significance of customer satisfaction, especially in this digital age of the savvy consumer.

Remember when you were seeking the customer?s business?  Smart salespeople treat their clients as good, after the sale, as they did before. Selling and service are inseparable parts of the marketing function. Everyone talks about customer service, but few deliver on it. If you do, your customers will not only be satisfied, but loyal advocates.

It?s a relationship, stupid. How do you feel when someone takes you for granted?  Everyone wants to be appreciated. Show your client you care about THEM and not just their business. 

Don?t treat them all the same. Each customer is unique. Treat them in the way that best suits their personality and needs. When I encounter a problem and a customer service rep tells me ?if I do this for you, then I have to do it for everyone else?? I cringe then say ?No, you don?t and why should I care?? Think about it, how does that remark make me feel? Don?t ever make a customer feel like everyone else and don?t tell them why you can?t do something?solve their problems.

Ask and they will tell. Your clients will tell you what is important to them if you take the time to ask. Lack of communication is the biggest problem that plagues most doomed relationships whether they are personal or professional.

I switched dentists recently and was not satisfied with my first cleaning. When I shared this with the office manager, hygienist and dentist they all started talking about how they did cleanings, and were defensive. Finally the office manager asked what I wanted. No one else thought to do that. By asking a simple question, she addressed what would it take to satisfy me and salvaged the relationship.

Establish value. Anticipate your client?s needs by staying one step ahead of them. Follow their business through social media sites like LinkedIn. Introduce them to connections of yours that might benefit them. Keep them apprised of what the competition is doing. Establish yourself as a valuable resource beyond your product.

Make yourself available 24/7. My clients have my home, work and mobile number. If there is a problem, I want to be the one that handles it. Return calls, as soon as possible, always within 24 hours.

Be prompt in your follow-through. Don?t wait until the contract is up for renewal to follow-up with the client. Regularly schedule on-going reviews of your product?s performance. Use these as a way to gain more insight into their organization and look for ways to exceed their expectations.

Be consistent. A major part of building relationships is based on consistency. Doing what you say you are going to do and following through. Simple, but so often this falls off after the deal is sealed.

Help your client?s customers. Send relevant articles that would interest them and their customers. Provide value-added ideas not directly linked to your business. Make your clients look good. Offer up breakfast meetings where you share some expertise that would be valuable to their customers or co-workers. 

Have ownership. Don?t leave to others what you should be doing yourself. If someone else in your organization is providing a service, confirm and double-check that they do so. It?s your client, you?re getting the commission from this deal, don?t expect anyone else to care as much.

Remember it is easier to keep an account than it is to regain a new one. Satisfied customers will provide you with referrals and repeat business?take the time to earn their loyalty.

Theresa Merrill is the Director of Business Development for Anovick Associates. She has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in NY, Boston and Atlanta working for Katz Communications, CBS, Tribune and Cablevision and can be reached at 201.444.2991 or by e-mail
For more article from Theresa GO HERE

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SOCIAL - 7 Steps To A Social Partnership


Radio has always done partnerships very well.  The idea of teaming up with a client to make a promotion happen is nothing alien to us at all.  We?ve always understood that providing a client with involvement that takes them above and beyond a standard spot schedule creates a premium marketing vehicle for them, and usually serves to deepen and strengthen the relationship between that client and the radio station.

One of the reasons I get back from the many stations I talk to as to why they aren?t getting their social efforts into ?high-gear? is lack of resources and lack of commitment internally.  That?s a little alarming.  When you see the trending massive shift of resources to digital and social, it makes you wonder what radio managers think they know that the leading brand marketers in the world don?t.

Regardless, that leaves you the station marketing & promotions manager with a problem.  How do I execute my creative and effective social campaigns when my station won?t put any gas in my engine?  The answer is in our longtime friend?partnerships.

Behold an example of a successful social promotion partnership.  General Mills? Multi Grain Cheerios and Meredith Corp.?s Fitness magazine teamed up on a 4-week online weight-loss program.  The content was recipes and menus from the magazine?s experts, a workout plan from a noted health and fitness author, and custom videos by Meredith following 3 women?s attempts to reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

Everybody brings something to the table.  To get the free program, access codes were put in specially marked box of Multi Grain Cheerios.  There are links to discounted subscriptions to Fitness magazine.  Meredith promoted the package on their ?The Better Show,? which reaches nearly 80% of US TV households.  And, of course, everyone brings their social audiences to bear.  Fitness has 75,000+ Twitter followers and 260,000+ Facebook fans.  Multi Grain Cheerios has 1,700 Twitter followers and is represented on the Cheerios Facebook Page with close to 600,000 fans.

So here?s what you should do if you get a brilliant idea for a station social campaign:

1. Congratulate yourself for even thinking of a brilliant social idea. 

2. Assess what you need to execute it that you don?t currently have. 

3. Assess who in your market can bring what you need to the table.  They don?t

    necessarily have to be existing station clients.  In fact, it?s a great way to potentially

    begin new relationships. 

4. Make sure you can show them the value proposition of their participation.  Think a

    LOT about what?s in it for them.

5. Be prepared to bring everything that makes your station valuable to the table (you want

    to be a partner, not a charity case). 

6. Execute. 

7. Follow up at the end of the campaign to share metrics indicating success and to keep

    the relationship-building going.

Mike Stiles is a writer/producer with the social marketing tech platform, Vitrue, and head of Sketchworks comedy theatre. Check out his monologue blog, The Stiles Files.

Find him on Facebook or on Twitter @mikestiles


General Mills :

Fitness Magazine:



Cheerios Facebook Page:



Stiles Files:

Stiles Facebook:

Stiles Twitter:

(1/26/2012 6:56:00 AM)
Great article, Mike. There are so many managers who don't understand the opportunity social media has to offer in regards to the promotions arena.

Hoping this article will give hope to desperate Promotions directors everywhere.

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Alan Jackson To Perform At CRS Luncheon


He?s sold nearly 60 million albums, topped the Country singles charts 35 times, scored more than 50 Top 10 hits, won 17 ACM awards, 16 CMA awards and at the end of this month he'll be singing songs for radio's Country PD's. The luncheon will be held Thursday, February 23rd at Nashville Convention Center. Capitol Nashville President and CEO Mike Dungan said, ?This will be a very special experience from a Country music icon and a true American original."

CRS 2012 is held Feb. 22-24, 2012.CRS 2012 $499 Regular Rate registration expires Friday, Jan. 27.  On-Site registration increases to $599 effective Jan. 28.  Visit to register today.

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EADERSHIP Creating Conditions For Innovation

by Rich Wellins
In the past year, innovation has risen to the top of the business agenda. With the recession out of the way, corporations are refocusing on looking for new ways to grow. It seems not a day goes by that the major media writes (or broadcasts) stories in innovation. And, it has become more than just an imperative for our corporations, it has become a matter of national pride?or not.

Some research shows that the U.S is losing its innovative edge to emerging economies. China, for example, is pouring a ton of state funds into programs, investments, and technology that foster innovation. Just coming back from Singapore in mid November, I read an article in The Straits Times where the CEO of IDEO, a leading innovation consulting firm, blames the lack of Singapore?s progress on risk-aversion leadership. He felt that the emphasis on having KPI?s (Key Performance Indicators) for just about everything was taking ?the breath out of innovation?.
The question we want to address here is the role of leadership in innovation. In speaking on the topic around the world, I often ask audiences if the role of leadership is to innovate. The answer is usually no, but to foster a culture of innovation. They are partially wrong. It?s hard to imagine an organization with a team of leaders who are innovateless (a new word!). Imagine Apple without Steve Jobs. I just interviewed Carlos Goshen, Nissan?s CEO. He is leading the charge on zero emission technology.
But they are right that innovation cannot flourish without leaders creating the conditions to make it happen. From 3-M sticky pads to Gillett?s Five Blade shaving system, most new ideas do not originate from the top. The type of leader who can create the right environment is part ?personality?. Risk aversion, lack of receptivity to feedback, and arrogance are not the type of personality patterns we need for innovation leaders. However, our belief is that it also can be a skill. Innovation leaders must inspire curiosity, constantly challenge the status quo, create the freedom to explore and experiment, and finally help drive the execution of the most promising new ideas.
In a new research report, ?Creating the Conditions for Sustainable Innovation,? (read the summary HERE) we recently asked 513 leaders around the world, to rate their own skill level on 20 separate innovation behaviors. If you believe these leaders, we have nothing to worry about. The majority of leaders feel they are darn good at:
? Urging their employees to stay close to their customers
? Being open to new ideas from their employees
? Frequently sponsor brainstorming activities with their teams
? Help employees learn from mistakes and failures.
But before we get too happy, a totally different picture is painted when we ask 514 employees the very same questions about their leaders. In almost every one of the 20 items there is a 20-30% agreement gap between leaders and employees. In other words, the majority of employees feel their leaders are not doing a very good job at all at inspiring a culture of innovation.
There is a happy ending to this story. While it can be tricky, but not impossible, to teach leaders to be more innovative, it is probable we can develop the skills to make them innovation culture changers. We can teach leaders how to help their employees learn from mistakes. We can teach leaders a whole range of techniques to foster generation and evaluation of new ideas. We can teach leaders how they reinforce and recognize bottom-up innovation. If corporation can get every leader using these skills their innovation hit rate will sky rocket. And, if we can get every leader in our respective economies using these skills, it will likely be a lasting source of national competitive advantage.

Rich Wellins, Ph.D. is senior vice president of Development Dimensions International (DDI), and is an expert on leadership development, employee engagement and talent management. He is responsible for launching DDI?s new products and services, leading DDI?s Center for Applied Behavioral Research (CABER) and its major research projects and developing and executing DDI?s global marketing strategy.

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Jackie Rinker New CC Market Manager Panama City


Rinker has served as Director of Sales for Clear Channel Birmingham since February 2008.   Prior to joining Clear Channel, she was Station Manager/Director of Sales with Treasure and Space Coast Radio in Vero Beach. She was also an Account Manager, LSM and GSM with Cox Radio in Connecticut and Orlando. Rinker replaces David Coppock who was the interim Market Manager. Coppock is now the Regional Market Manager for Mobile, Pensacola, Tallahassee and Panama City.

About the hiring of Rinker, Coppock said, ?We are very fortunate to find someone like Jackie to take over the Market Manager duties in Panama City. Her extensive background in sales, and early career experience with this type of market will pay dividends for both our advertisers and team members in Panama City.?

xecutive Vice President of Operations for its Mid-Major Markets Hartley Adkins said, ?Clear Channel works very hard to discover and develop intelligent and hardworking people. Jackie is the poster child for just that, her energy and successful involvement at every level of Clear Channel Birmingham?s operation. Panama City is very lucky to have Jackie moving South.?

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hipcricket Innovates With QR Ad For BP


Hipcricket says it has powered the mobile elements of a holistic and interactive BP America print advertisement which ran in Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. This first-of-its kind advertisement gave readers an augmented reality experience featuring U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hopefuls.

Unveiled in the December print issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, BP America?s series of interactive trading cards featured nine athletes through an augmented reality platform. When held up to a webcam or camera phone, these printed cards come to life as the athletes digitally appear in front of the user with exclusive training tips, and information about themselves and their sports. When readers scan the Hipcricket-powered QR code featured in the ad, they are redirected to the appropriate app store to download a mobile app with additional content. Hipcricket was also responsible for running the analytics around the BP America mobile advertisements on

Custom Publishing?s Project Manager at Bloomberg Businessweek Jordan Hyman said ?This campaign incorporated a number of channels to provide readers with a truly interactive and engaging experience,? said Jordan Hyman, Custom Publishing?s Project Manager at Bloomberg Businessweek.  ?By leveraging a multichannel approach with innovative mobile content, BP America and Hipcricket created what we believe is an unforgettable ad campaign. We look forward to rolling out the second phase of the campaign in 2012

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Competing on Pandora's Terms


As a manager or salesperson, clearly, you want as much information about what you have to sell so you can professionally sell it to every client and prospect. Especially when you believe what you have is superior to what everyone else has. But you have to wonder if radio gets so bogged down in trying to beat down Pandora and provide the numbers, the listening hours, the percentages and hours spent with the medium we forget the only thing that really matters is getting results for clients. After all those highly touted numbers, we still only get scraps from an advertiser. For so long, radio has received about 7% of the advertising pie and yesterday Magnaglobal predicted pitiful growth for radio in 2012.

Now, from Arbitron, we have this quietly released 14.6 billion listening hours per month number which is a direct response to how Pandora has been attacking radio, touting its 2.1 billion listening hours (for Q3 of 2011). Pandora says it's redefining how consumers listen to radio and with research provided by Edison it releases monthly numbers claiming to make listening gains in major markets all over the country. Arbitron released the latest figures in its Radio Today package which is available to subscribers for use in sales presentations. The figures were put together by RADAR and states "with an ever-growing number of media choices, American' preference for and reliance on radio has endured year after year." But do advertisers really care?

Advertiser after advertiser, agency after agency we interview are consistent when we ask them the following question; What can radio improve upon to get on more of your buys? Bring more ideas is what they say. They never answer, tell me how many listener hours your industry has every month. They never say, figure out how to beat Pandora. Here is an example. Jennifer White is the President of White House Media. We recently interviewed White for an upcoming issue of Radio Ink. Here is an excerpt from that interview. It nearly contradicts what you just may be starting your sales meeting off with today, the newly touted 14.6 billion listener number.

What's your biggest pet peeve with Radio?
Radio reps need to know more about advertising and marketing, specifically, to understand why their clients are moving to online alternatives. Here is the challenge. Radio reps love to talk about audience size. But, why would an advertiser spend big bucks to reach the masses when only a small percentage of that audience has any desire for their product?

Radio?s efforts to adapt to new media have just been a series of fancy band-aids. At one point, a station group told me that it was launching a search capability through their stations? websites. Well, this was obviously not going to work. Why would anyone use a search engine on WXYZ when Google has so much more to offer? Other stations put their emphasis on social networking with listener clubs, Facebook fans and Twitter followers. While I agree that ?likes? are nice, these efforts are just jumping onto the back of the speedboat and trying to hang on. It?s a cluttered media world out there and it will take more than a ?me too? attitude to remain relevant.

My favorite reps are my favorites for old school reasons. They anticipate my needs. They build a relationship-- not by generically asking about the health of my family, but by proving that they are looking out for me and my clients. They provide unexpected services. They get creative. My least favorite reps sit back, wait for avails, and lead me to believe I?m secondary to their other clients.

Right now, the radio advantage is a local sales force, not a sheet of paper touting billions of listeners that does not translate to the advertiser. When customers walk through an advertisers door, it won't matter to them whether Pandora or the newspaper or the local television station has 100 billion listeners, viewers or readers. They could care less if you are the person that makes their register ring. They will really only care about you. Go out and BE that person.

Need some additional information?
Check out our Sales Meeting with Matt Sunshine HERE
Read and print out articles from Sean Luce HERE

Feedback on this article to or leave your comments below.

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SOCIAL - Make Social Media Easier…For Your Listeners!


Radio people are usually always thinking ?How can we spend less time doing it but be more effective with social media for radio??  Today we're going to talk about how to make it easier for your LISTENERS to engage your brand and get more from your social media. Here are six ways to make things easier for your listeners:

1. Answer listener questions. By answering peoples? questions thoroughly and expertly, you gain listeners? confidence and you also let them know they matter to you.

2.  Don?t think social media is just Facebook and Twitter.  For example, there are important things for you to do on YouTube.  Are you engaging listeners with video?  Video is becoming more and more important.  Don?t be left behind.  Use your creativity and access to things listeners love. 

3. Don?t forget to include your connectivity info on Twitter, Digg, Facebook and other social media websites.  Easy connection is important.  Don?t make them struggle to look for ways to connect with you.  This would be similar to hiding a link on your website to listen to the station.  I see this all the time.  Don?t let it be you.  Make connection easy.

4.  Do not expect instant success.  If you have a strategy, have the patience to work it and keep your expectations in check.  Rome was not built in a day and there is a reason people say this.  Social media success builds over time.  The good news is how much it can build over time.  Building comes through trust, responsiveness to listeners, consistency and great content.

5. Share listener posts.  You?ll be amazed what sharing something from a listener does for them?.and for your brand.  People want to be recognized.  Do this and you will make someone?s day and build fans on social media and focus on your brand.

6. Make sure it is easy to connect to your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter directly from your website and loyal listener email sent to listeners.  Have you seen your loyal listener email lately?

Connecting with listeners is something we do every day in radio.  Social media should be an extension of that?.as long as you have a well thought-out plan that everyone who touches your social media appreciates and executes. Do you have a strategic plan for social media and do your key team members know the plan?

Loyd Ford programmed very successful radio brands in markets of all sizes for years, including KRMD AM & FM in Shreveport, WSSL and WMYI in Greenville, WKKT in Charlotte and WBEE in Rochester, NY. Learn more about Loyd here: Reach out to Loyd via e-mail HERE
Visit his Facebook radio social media page

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DIGITAL - How You Should Approach Digital in 2012


The year 2011 was a mixed one for so many broadcasters. There was plenty to distract our attention, now 2011 is behind us and 2012 is here. What are your plans to make it a year of growth in Digital? Here are a few simple steps you can follow that will make 2012 a banner year for your digital department.

A Borrell study this month points to findings that indicate pure digital sellers will out perform a mixed effort. Many of us have tried a variety of approaches and the Borrell findings don?t really surprise me. I believe that the commitment to build and manage a sales team that?s clearly focused on an objective will always outperform a sales team that has a mixed mission. I don?t? usually recommend that a cluster ?start? with a pure digital team anymore than I would suggest an all events sales team. Today?s market realities don?t often allow for the resources to mount that kind of effort.

Stations must have a clear sales mission; clear measurable goals and digital should be included in that mission. Now you follow the clear mission with training. Product knowledge and a true understanding of the tools available to the sales person are critical. 

Compensation must be tailored to generate success. Its ?sales?, your sales team is in it for the money.
Make sure the money rewards the behavior you want and compensates fairly for that success. Look at how you compensate for the results you want and set goals. The goals have to be realistic, a stretch but keep it real.

Now be sure the station and the support team is supporting the mission and make sure the mission is clear to everyone who will help in attaining the goals you have set.

Your clients should always be part of the equation. Make sure they understand what your team is trying to accomplish. If you?re providing a service and getting results for the customer your goals will be easier to achieve.

Celebrate. Make sure that the salesperson; the sales team and the staff that helps make it all happen are part of celebrating your success. Make Digital a true focus in 2012. You can make it work when you provide all the elements to achieve success.

Dan Halyburton is EVP McVay Cook and Associates and can be reached at 214-707-7237. Follow Dan @danhalyburton. E-mal Dan at

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SALES- Have You "Red Tailed" a Client Lately?


(by Sean Luce) How much bonding can be done with a client over a PowerPoint presentation even with all the bells and whistles? How stimulating is it for a prospect or client to sit through that Customer Marketing Profile or a seventeen minute closing presentation? Yes, sizzle can be added to the presentation, but is that really building a relationship with the client?

I once had ?Mr. Schmooze? on my staff. He was constantly teased by the other members of the sales team for wearing hip-waders because the manure surrounding him was pretty deep. However, he was one of my top billers having mastered the fine art of relationship-building outside the confines of a sales call.

How far should a rep be willing to go for a client? A round of golf is nice. It is a chance to get close to the client. Going to lunch or dinner is good, but can a client be blown away over a plate of lamb chops? Treating clients to unusual experiences opens up all kinds of revenue options.  The result being the next time a client thinks of signing that annual agreement for major dollars, he will be thinking of you!

With this in mind, it is necessary to schmooze clients all the time? Of course not, but it does help to protect those advertising dollars. I have been on many client trips. Many of those outings  have been great bonding experiences, but nothing compares to taking a client on a dune buggy ride through the hills at 70-80 miles per hour. Networking with A-list clients is not what it used to be. Entertaining clients today is more than an outing. It is an adventure!

Here are some of the hot trends for entertaining clients:
? Sky-Diving
? Baja Racing
? Surfing
? Nascar/Indy Racing
? Rock Climbing
? Shark Diving
? Cave Exploring
? Whitewater Rafting
? Aerobatic Flights

One popular trend is becoming a trainee fighter pilot (See Red Tails at your local movie theatre) in air-to-air combat. There is nothing like taking a client up several thousand feet and doing 4 to 5 G?s in aerobatic maneuvers, rolls, loops, and flying upside down.

What if the client does not want to become the next WWII Flying Ace? No problem? Why not take them to swim with the sharks or in a sailplane without an engine?

Extreme networking ?is a huge trend.? Great American Days in Atlanta is a company that puts people in hot air balloons, bi-planes, fighter jets, weightless chambers, NASCAR vehicles, kayaks, shark cages, and other stimulating, adrenaline-summoning devices. People can rodeo, climb rocks, explore caves, undergo special-forces training, or travel to top golf courses at prices ranging from $50.00 to $40,000.00.

Colin Reid, the managing director and CEO of Great American Days says, ?we?ll put you in a plane and take you to the edge of space about 27 kilometers up at about Mach 3.2. Companies are realizing that there are new and quite innovative ways to excite their customers and bring in new ones.?

Of course, there is probably not an ROI worksheet to justify investing in some of these experiences. Remember: People don?t care how much you know about them, as long as they know how much you care about them.  These ideas might seem like big-market schemes for big time customers. To some degree they are for the larger market, but I have seen sales managers in some of the smallest markets come up with some very creative ways to schmooze or network with clients. Try dropping them in a cage with great white sharks around. If that experience does not get their blood rushing and thinking of you the next time that new agreement is in front of them, then nothing will. Just make sure they don?t get eaten in the process!

Sean Luce is the Head National Instructor for the Luce Performance Group and can be reached at 

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lisack Promoted at CBS


CBS Interactive Music Group?s Tom Lisack has been promoted to VP for Editorial Content and Worldwide Talent/Artist Relations. Lisack was involved in relaunching CBS RADIO station websites, created a content strategy for publishing music content, produces CBS Interactive Music Group?s flagship concert webcast series ?Live on Letterman,? creates online events and oversees the division?s communications with music labels and management.

The promotion was announced by David Goodman, President, CBS Interactive Music Group, who said ?Tom's creativity, work ethic and passion make everyone around him better, and his even keeled temperament makes difficult situations easy.  I want to congratulate Tom for all his hard work.?

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Marv Nyren Goes From Emmis to Clear Channel

Nyren becomes the Regional Director of Affiliate Development in the Midwest for Clear Channel's Total Traffic. Nyren joins Total Traffic from Emmis where he spent many years. At Emmis he served as Sr. VP/Regional Manager for Phoenix, Indianapolis and Chicago, where he managed 10 radio stations and a staff more than 200 people. When Emmis sold its Chicago stations to Randy Michaels Nyren took a corporate job at Emmis.

As Regional Director of Affiliate Development for the Midwest, Nyren works with radio and television affiliates developing new business opportunities, as well as managing and growing existing station distribution.  The Midwest region includes Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Minneapolis, Kentucky, Wisconsin, as well as both North and South Dakota.  Nyren is based out of Chicago.

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Steve Tingle Joins Beasly's Philly Morning Show


Tingle (pictured) joins Beasley's WRDW-FM (WIRED) morning program. Tingle's start in radio was somewhat unusual. In 1998, he won a radio contest to be a DJ for alternative-formatted KEDJ-FM in Phoenix Arizona.  After a year working for "The Edge" he was hired to do mornings across the street on POWER 92.  Seven years later, transferring to a larger market, Steve handled mornings on Q101 in Chicago. Tingle joins Beasley immediately.

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Randy Michaels Agrees to CBS Demand...But Has One of His Own


In the war of words between CBS and Merlin Media in New York City, Merlin CEO Randy Michaels has agreed to stop using the phrases "All News, All The Time" and "We'll Give You The World" on WEMP after receiving a cease and desist letter from CBS lawyers. A return letter sent to CBS says while those phrases "do not infringe or otherwise violate any rights held by CBS" Merlin will stop using them because they are not significant in Merlin Media's advertising. The Merlin letter calls the use of such phrases "occasional ad libs." CBS had sent Merlin a letter last week threatening further action if WEMP continued to use the familiar CBS radio phrases. However, if you thought this was the end of it, think again. This is Randy Michaels after all.

The Merlin letter continues with a threat of its own. Michaels claims, unlike Merlin Media, CBS is in violation of the law by falsely advertising services it offers at WINS. "In particular, announcers at WINS proclaim at the top of every hour that WINS is New York's One and Only news Station." Michaels says this statement is patently false and has been so ever since Merlin launched FM News 101.9 (WEMP) in New York in August of 2011. The letter gives CBS until today to "cease and desist from making these false advertising claims."

The Merlin letter says WEMP was simply identifying its competitors and highlighting advantages in the marketplace. "This advertising does not infringe or mislead consumers; rather it accurately compares Merlin Media's services to those offered by CBS. Merlin does not want to be perceived as CBS and 1010 WINS in any respect."

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Former Chairman of The Broadcasters Foundation Dies


James Delmonico was 91 when he died peacefully Saturday, his family by his side. He was Chairman from 1991 and 1994 and is credited with the resurrection of the Broadcast Pioneers and changing the organization?s name to the Broadcasters Foundation. A foundation statement said "Inheriting an organization with a treasury of less than $30,000 and few grant recipients in 1991, through Delmonico?s leadership and inspiration, and that of his successors - Ward Quaal, Edward McLaughlin and Chairman Philip Lombardo - the organization today has an outreach that will exceed $700,000 in grants this year.

Corrent Broadcasters Foundation Chairman Philip Lombardo praised Jim?s leadership and guidance: ?Jim was a tireless leader for the organization, inspiring the appointment of many notables to the board of directors with new focus, determination, and purpose.  Jim was known for challenging his fellow board members to be supportive both financially and by encouraging others to do so.  Under his chairmanship, Jim brought new strengths to the organization in those early and important bedrock years.  He will be missed.?

As a broadcaster, Delmonico played a significant role in General Electric?s expansion to radio and television.  He was elected Vice President of both GE Broadcasting and GE Cablevision Corporation and transferred to Schenectady where, in 1974, he took on the added responsibility of being the Vice President and General Manager of WRGB-TV, WGY-AM, and WGY-FM.  He was named "Broadcaster of the Year" in 1991 by the New York State Broadcasters Association (NYSBA), and as a Director of the organization as well as Chairman of the NYSBA's Legislative Committee.

Funeral services for Delmonico will be held Tuesday at Blessed Sacrament Church in Syracuse, NY.  Donations to the Broadcasters Foundation can be made in Jim Delmonico?s name at, or by contacting 212-373-8250 or

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Sislin Says The Radio Sky is Not Falling

Research Director President Charlie Sislen has written a letter to broadcasters on the topic of measuring online listenership. Sislen's company has over 2 decades of experience analyzing research and he says, "while many may argue the merits of the on-line rating comparison, we believe the long-term success of our industry will not be determined by this debate. To fend off this newest competitor, we need to focus on serving our listeners."

Here is what Sislin would like broadcasters to know:
Two things that we cannot do:
- We cannot be an ostrich with our heads in the sand and hope that these on-line audio companies will go away.  They will not. 
- Nor can we be Chicken Little, fearing that the sky is falling and declare defeat.  This too will not occur.

Throughout our history, new competitors have attempted to attract the radio listener.  Before these on-line-only music companies, satellite radio was going to destroy our industry.  Clearly it has not.

We do not want to diminish the potential of these new services.  We need, however, to focus on what radio does best; supply entertaining and informative audio content to the local community.  While music may comprise the majority of the content for many radio stations, community service is a hallmark of the most successful broadcasters.  Ask most people in Atlanta about WVEE-FM, and they will say, ?The People?s Station.?  This station?s community involvement makes as much of an impression on its listeners as the music. 

No algorithm can match the personal relationship that many radio stations have with their listeners.  A great morning show offers companionship as its listeners in the local community begin their day.  Chicago?s Eric and Kathy on WTMX-FM are part of their listeners? lives, not just a jukebox.

Again, we do not want to downplay the threat that on-line-only music services pose.  It means, however, that, as broadcasters, we need to fight harder and smarter to maintain our fair share of listeners? time.  Let?s do what we do best?deliver quality programming and focus on our local community.  Only then can we feel confident in our response to this latest competitor for our audience?s attention.

Reachout to Sislin via e-mail diretly or leave your comments below.

(1/23/2012 7:34:48 PM)
While I agree the sky is not falling, it's still safe to say the ceiling is well below VFR minimums.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kevin Dorsey Gets New Gig With Clear Channel


Dorsey is now the President of Traffic, Navigation and Mobility. He reports to President of National Ad Platforms Charlie Rahilly. He'll oversee integration of Metro Networks with Clear Channel's Total Traffic Networks, and will manage programs including broadcast traffic reporting, online traffic mapping, custom routes and personalized mobile navigation. His responsibilities will also include building integrated connections with ?consumers on the go? over the air, online and via mobile.

Dorsey joined Clear Channel in September of 2011 and previously served as Senior Vice President of National Advertising Platforms. Prior to joining Clear Channel, he held the role of Senior Vice President of Business Development for the CBS Local Digital Media group, where he was integral in the restructuring of the CBS Owned & Operated TV stations and News, Talk and Sports Radio station websites into 24 individual market sites and was also responsible for online and mobile strategic partnerships and sales integration.  Dorsey also headed the CBS Television Station Group as the Senior Vice President of Business Development & New Media, overseeing all national new business, marketing and digital and mobile sales efforts.

(1/23/2012 11:57:49 AM)
Glad Lance Locher is out.A complete unethical cunt.Hopefully Kevin Loftus and his wife Amy austin are next.racist pigs

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Pandora Touts Edison Research to Show 2011 Growth

Pandora says analysis of its listenership by Edison has resulted in big gains in 2011. Pandora claims full year listenership has now reached an AQH rating of 1.0 or more among adults 18-34 in the top radio markets. Edison Research analyzed Pandora data to determine how many listeners tuned in, how long each listened, and then converted that into AQH and weekly cume metrics using industry accepted methodology for metro survey areas.

Pandora says it has experienced 50 to 100 percent growth in AQH ratings in all of the top radio markets for adults ages 18-34 and 18-49, with the largest AQH gains of 100 percent in the New York, Atlanta, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Boston metro survey areas. Pandora posted 44 to 75 percent cume increases in each local market with the Atlanta and Dallas-Ft. Worth areas posting the largest cume gains.

Here is thefull press release

Here are details on how the data is analyzed by EdisoN:
Only registered users are counted. Registered users are Pandora users who have created an account, providing their age, gender, zip code and email address. Pandora One subscribers or listeners who are not registered (anonymous users) are not included in the analysis. In addition, no attempt is made to determine if more than one person is listening at a time.

Audience Measurements
Average Quarter Hour
In order to qualify as having listened, a listener must have listened for at least five minutes during a quarter hour. Listening does not need to be contiguous during a quarter hour. Time is measured in seconds. In cases where a listener skips, pauses, changes stations or leaves Pandora before a song completes, the actual time listened prior to the action is counted and not the entire song length. When listening to a song crosses into a subsequent quarter hour, each quarter hour is credited with its share of time.  Any qualifying quarter hour is included in the average quarter hour calculation (AQH).
Qualifying Data
Data sent to Edison are a subset of the same data sent to SoundExchange for reporting royalty payments, information about which is included in our financial statements, which are audited by our independent auditors, Ernst & Young, and filed with the SEC. Only registered users listening in the analyzed markets are included.
Edison accepted the validity of the data provided by Pandora.

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Donny Osmond to Keynote NAB Radio Luncheon


The NAB announced today that Donny Osmond will deliver the keynote address at the ASCAP Luncheon, April 17th in Las Vegas. Osmond has a  syndicated radio show with McVay Syndication in a partnership with TeshMedia Group. Osmond will discuss how radio has impacted his career over the years.

NAB Executive Vice President of Radio John David said "As an accomplished performer and on-air personality, we look forward to hearing Donny's perspective on radio. His unique ability to connect with audiences is sure to energize attendees at the Radio Luncheon."

Since 2010, Osmond continues to host two internationally syndicated radio shows: The Donny Osmond Radio Show and Donny's 8-Track Playback. Formatted to fit both Hot AC and Classic stations, his lifestyle-driven music radio show delivers helpful and insightful information to listeners who are looking for "a friend to help them through the day."

The NAB Show Radio Luncheon will include the 25th annual presentation of the NAB Crystal Radio Awards, which honor local radio stations for community service. Also, Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker, will be inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

(1/23/2012 7:26:26 PM)
There is so much that could be said - all of it inappropriate for family viewing - and all of it inviting massive editing.
I do wonder, however... is artificially sweetened pablum on white bread part of the four food groups?

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Dial Global Taking KMOX Overnight Program National

Dial Global and CBS radio's KMOX News Radio in St. Louis have teamed up to do a national launch of the program "Overnight America with Jon Grayson." KMOX originated the program about three years ago. It airs from 1AM-6AM eastern and is already heard on KDKA-AM in Pittsburgh and WCCO AM in Minneapolis.

Grayson began his career in talk radio at age 19 while still in college. In just three years he had already hosted sports, politics, and general interest talk shows and served as the executive producer and on-air co-host of a top-rated weekly comedy broadcast on WFLA-AM in Tampa, FL. Jon honed his style through his early 20??s and landed the evening talk show host position at WWTN-FM in Nashville, TN at age 27. The show quickly went to No. 1 in the ratings and Jon enjoyed three years at the top of Nashville radio. In 2000, Jon moved to KMOX where he hosted the station?fs overnight show. 

The program will be available on January 30th and for more information on the program, contact Peter Sessa at Dial Global

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Michele Tafoya Leaving WCCO

Tafoya was doing afternoons on WCCO (Minneapolis) in addition to reporting for NBC-TV. Tafoya announced the news Monday on her NBC Twitter feed. Friday will be her last day. WCCO will move mid-morning personality John Williams to Tafoya's 3 to 6 p.m. shift.

Williams, who used to live in Minneapolis, does his radio show from Chicago, where he also works on WGN from noon to 3 p.m. John Hines will fill in Williams' slot. Tafoya joined WCCO in June of 2009. She's scheduled to participate in NBC's coverage of the Super Bowl next month and Olympics this summer.

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The Explosive Hispanic Population Growth

As March 21st quickly approaches, we want to be sure to give you the details on some of the panels that will highlight our Hispanic Radio Conference program. Adam Jacobson is the founder of Adam R. Jacobson Editorial Services. He'll be moderating a panel entitled "The Impact on Media of America's Hispanic Population Growth." This session will discuss some of the latest findings released in the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey and how advertisers, media buyers, and marketing and branding professionals are digesting the details.

Learn from agency and client-side professionals why Hispanic radio remains vital to reaching all Latinos, why it retains high ROI, and how media buyers should understand how Hispanic radio is consumed. Discussions on America's hottest emerging Hispanic markets will also make this a must-attend session..

The panelists will be:
David Burgos, VP, Millward Brown & Co-Chair, Advertising Research Foundation People Forum
David Gleason, Hispanic Radio Consultant
Arthur Rockwell, VP/Sales, Geoscape
Isabella Sanchez, VP/Media Integration, Zubi Advertising Services


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Monday, January 23, 2012

Georgia DJ Killed Outside Radio Station

Stephon Edgerton, also known as Juan Gatti at WGOV in Valdosta Georgia was shot three times just outside the door of the radio station Sunday. He was shot twice in the body and once in the head. Despite being shot Edgerton called 911 and told emergency workers he was shot by a man wearing a mask. He was rushed to the hospital, but he did not survive. The Lowndes County Sheriff's office has not caught the shooter

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Kassof Study Concludes Too Little is Known About HD Radio


The latest Kassof study included 670 people who were interviewed on the telephone in January. They were asked if they had heard of HD radio and what they knew about it. His conclusion, after all the publicity and industry backing is that too little is know about HD. "HD Radio has made important progress recently in terms of getting into the car?more auto makers are offering HD Radio as an option or even standard in some cases. Unfortunately, that progress hasn?t yet translated into the minds of 18-64 consumers."

When comparing this recent survey to a previous study in September ?08, Kassof says we "we find no progress". "Awareness has actually declined. In ?08, 67% had at least ?heard of? HD Radio; now, 54% do. And consumers? understanding (and misunderstanding) of HD is virtually identical to what we found three-plus years ago." Here is the bottom line according to Kassof: "The industry still faces a big challenge marketing HD Radio. Its best decision was to call it ?HD Radio,? because that enables consumers to at least infer that it delivers better quality. The industry needs to continue to focus on sound quality, plus MORE CHOICES and (to separate HD from satellite radio) FREE.   Period.

After a decade as a radio programmer and air talent, Kassof earned an MBA with specialization in research. Since then, he has conducted research and developed strategies for some of the biggest successes in North American radio, among them stations owned by groups including Beasley, Blackburn, CBC, Emmis, Greater Media, Mid-West Family, Midwest Communications, Newcap, Nextmedia, Pattison, Radio One, Standard Broadcasting and Wilks, as well as outstanding independent stations.

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What Radio Can Learn From The Ford Motor Company


Every year after visiting CES I come away even more impressed with The Ford Motor Company.
They hired current President and CEO Alan Mullaly in 2006 and they have continued to invigorate the car industry with their innovation and respect for the consumer. The Ford company always manages to create a ?buzz? at CES. For example this year they displayed their EVOS concept- a cloud connected vehicle that syncs the car to your office or home. So what lessons can radio take from the Ford Experience:

1) Fresh perspective is critical to success
Since Mullaly?s arrival they have benefited from his outside the car industry thinking(he came from Boeing). He didn?t approach the challenge by approaching everything from the status quo. They set a course that ultimately has caused others in the industry to follow. They have transformed from a car company to a technology company that happens to make cars. By transforming their own brand they?ve helped transform an entire industry. Radio managers sometimes need to step away from our inside the business thinking and take a fresh perspective on seizing opportunities.

2) Innovation encouragement makes a brand stand out.
Ford has made a habit of opening app development up to developers outside their company. By recognizing that open-source software is a collaborative community they?ve made their brand stand out in the pack. At CES 2012 Ford announced that ?Roximity?(a location aware daily deal notification service)was the winner of the Ford Sync App Developer Challenge. They showed Roximity?s smartphone app at the show as part of their display after announcing the contest in November.

The app provides real time deals and specials relevant to a users location. Ford?s goal is to forge an open collaborative bond with the wireless and consumer electronics industry as well as the app developer communities. Radio needs to find more ways to encourage innovation inside our buildings and beyond.

3) Let the consumers drive the experience.
By talking to their customers Ford is consistently able to get feedback that presents them with new opportunities to enhance their identity. I would venture a good guess the new Ford Energi which will go up against the Prius is an idea born out of customer feedback. Ford knows the importance of the customer experience and how it needs to stack up with customer expectation. By staying in sync with the listener experience radio can build upon it?s connection with a local market.

4) Capture a ?buzz? from something already hot in technology
Apple lead the way with ?Siri? the voice command system for the IPhone 4S and Ford has taken voice commands to the next level for their Sync Applink system. Ford drivers can fire up their own radio station thru the use of voice control to create the ultimate listening experience. By staying connected to what?s hot radio can be a greater top of mind medium.

5) Everybody on the team is on the bus and a brand ambassador
The Ford team that I experienced at CES has complete and passionate buy-in. From set-up crew to key engineers and designers to PR crew everyone acts as a Ford Brand Ambassador. Does your team at your radio station feel like it can be your best brand ambassador on the street?

Buzz Knight is the Vice President of Program Development for Greater Media and he can be reached at Knight was named among ?Best Programmers? by Radio Ink Magazine in 2007 and 2010. He has served on the programming subcommittee of the National Association of Broadcasters(NAB) and is currently a member of the Arbitron Radio Advisory Council and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) COLRAM Committee.

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