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Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Radio Jobs Will Be Lost"

Radio Ink
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Fence-Sitting: Should NPR Be Defunded?

<a href="" originalAttribute="href" originalPath="" target=_blank"><font size=1>Fence-Sitting: Should NPR Be Defunded?</a></font>
Eric Rhoads, Chairman/Publisher | Joe Howard, Editor-in-Chief | Brida Connolly, News Editor
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Today's Headlines February 25, 2011

New York GM Says "Radio Jobs Will be Lost if Congress Cuts CPB Funding"

New York GM Says "Radio Jobs Will be Lost if Congress Cuts CPB Funding"

It's like a scripted play they have in their desk drawer ready to be pulled out, dusted off, rehearsed and performed. General managers all around the country are organizing to defend the threat being made by Republicans in the House of Representatives to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The CPB receives about $420 million from the federal government. The reasons for taking away the money are many, including, accusations that the CPB is too left leaning or that other TV and Radio stations do not receive tax dollars so why should the CPB. In its current form, the bill would withdraw any obligation on the part of Congress to fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
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Vote in the Radio Ink CPB/NPR Poll

As congress debates whether or not to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, NPR affiliated stations around the country are uniting the troops. GM's across the country tell Radio Ink that the cuts would be dramatic, not only in programming but in jobs lost. So, they have created a campaign that you can find on nearly every one of their station websites. They've also created a website called The stations say that's how many members they have.

Internet Pioneer Michael Robertson Launches Another One

It's a simple looking site with a simple goal. To become the DVR of radio. Hence the name DAR, short for Digital Audio Recorder. It's the brainchild of Internet pioneer Michael Robertson. Yes, the Michael Robertson of fame. Today Robertson launched his latest idea, one he starting working on 6 months ago. It's called DAR.FM and it allows listeners to record their favorite talk show or radio station. The recording sits on a "cloud" and you can retrieve it when you're ready to listen.
You Can't Find Good Radio Salespeople Because You're Not Looking

You Can't Find Good Radio Salespeople Because You're Not Looking

Sean Luce is back with some Fresh Content for managers all across the country. As the economy turns positive you want to make sure your sales team is filled with great people who can represent your brand well and bring orders through the door. Sean details how to find those great people.

Former WGMS Washington DC Radio Host Bob Davis Dies at 90.

Davis was part of WGMS (103.5 FM) for more than 50 years until the station went under in 2007. He specialized in theatre reviews at WGMS, where he also introduced classical music concerts at venues including the private Landon School in Bethesda. Davis was a former actor who became one of the leading voices of WGMS. He played show tunes and interviewed theater personalities. He died of heart ailments at his home in Chevy Chase.
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Follow Radio Ink On Facebook

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Clark Howard Dedicates His 42nd Home to Atlanta Habitat For Humanity

Howard has been involved with homebuilding with Atlanta Habitat For Humanity for the past 16 years. Today and tomorrow Howard will dedicate his 40th, 41st, and 42nd home and welcome three Atlanta families into their new homes. One of the dedications will be in the memory of Royal Marshall, a long time producer of Dial Global’s Neal Boortz show who passed away suddenly earlier this year.

Alliance for Women in Media Announces 36th Annual Gracie Award Winners

The Alliance for Women in Media has announced the 2011 local, online, public and student winners of the annual Gracie Awards. The winners will be recognized at an industry luncheon on Wednesday, May 25, 2011, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA. The Gracies recognize exemplary programming created for women, by women and about women in all facets of electronic media, as well as individuals who have made contributions to the industry.

Do You Have The Best Studio in Radio?

In an upcoming issue of Radio Ink magazine we are highlighting the best studios in Radio. It takes a lot of money, a lot of superb engineering and a lot of great products to build a state-of-the-art Radio station studio. We plan to highlight your station and the vendors that helped make it happen. Send your pictures and all vendor information to

Neal Boortz Kicks-off Speakers Series With Jeb Bush Tonight

Neal Boortz will kick off the inaugural Marco Town Hall Speaker Series this evening as he welcomes Jeb Bush, 43rd Governor of Florida, to the stage. Boortz was invited to introduce Bush and to engage him in a question and answer session with the crowd. Boortz plans to ask Bush if he plans to run for president, among other things. The Neal Boortz Show is heard on more than 200 stations Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET.

How To Turn A 0.9 Into A 5.0 ... In Just One Book!

ADVERTISEMENT -- Radio's newest music format is connecting with the money demo in a revolutionary way. Find out why this "Cool AC" format is breaking rules and ratings records! >>Read More
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Univision Net Revenue for Radio Drops in Q4 and 2010 Despite Having #1 Stations.

The company boasts of having the #1 ranked Spanish-language radio stations (18-34 and 25-54) in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego and San Francisco during Q4, yet revenue was down. In Q4 net revenue for the Univision radio division was down $1.1 million (from 2009) and down $15.5 million for the year.
Citadel Deal Causes Cumulus to Delay Q4 Conference Call.

Citadel Deal Causes Cumulus to Delay Q4 Conference Call.

Originally scheduled for Monday the call has been pushed back 2 weeks due to the announced merger negotiations between Cumulus and Citadel,. The call has been rescheduled for Monday, March 14th at 9:00AM EST. The call will be open to the general public on a listen-only basis. A press release summary of the Company’s Fourth Quarter and year end financial results will be issued before the call at approximately 7:00AM EST on March 14, 2011.
Convergence Technology
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Pandora Tops Ando Media December Rankings

Pandora topped the list with 355 million session starts. A session start is the number of different requests for streams of at least one minute. CBS Radio received 65.5 million session starts, Clear Channel 40.5 million, Slacker had 20 million and Citadel 11 million rounding out the top 5.

BIA/Kelsey Launches Social Local Media Advisory Service

BIA/Kelsey has launched Social Local Media (SLM), a new advisory service dedicated to covering the growing social media ecosystem and the best opportunities for driving revenues with social platforms. SLM was created to address the rapidly developing social segment of what the firm estimates will be a $23 billion digital advertising market in 2011.
Radio Ink
5 Programming Tips to Add More Listeners

5 Programming Tips to Add More Listeners

Recently, Radio Ink editor Ed Ryan asked me to review a few survey results he received from the Fort Myers Radio listening area. A survey was sent out to about 2,000 Fort Myers residents. We wanted to know if they believed there was too much clutter on the Radio. While, it would have been awesome if all the responses were positive and supportive about our radio stations, it seems as if many listeners not satisfied with what we are doing. After each listener comment I've posted some detailed information on how stations can correct the problem.
5 Ways to Increase Sales Today

5 Ways to Increase Sales Today

by Sean Luce You are the message â€" especially if you don’t have enormous numbers to sell from Arbitron or Eastlan. Eighty percent of the reason someone buys from you is because they like and trust you; 20 percent is because of your product or service.You must build a relationship, but you don’t need a two-year wedding march to get the order. Here are 5 tips on how to sell with emotion and enthusiasm:
Mighty Red II: New Features Never Before On ANY Radio

Mighty Red II: New Features Never Before On ANY Radio

Radio Ink debuts the Mighty Red II, bringing back the little HD radio with mighty HD sound. New features on the Mighty Red II include Artist Experience -- cover art, artist info, and more -- onscreen ads that can be synced with audio, Live Pause, and song and ad Bookmarking. It's a great gift for clients to show them what's really possible with HD Radio. Click the headline to order now.
Get The PastBlast iPad App

Get The PastBlast iPad App

PastBlast, the new iPad app from Radio Ink is available now in the Apple App Store. Historical audio, photos, and more from every era of radio's history, with navigation through a beautiful, fully equipped retro radio studio. Click the headline to see it, or get it here.

Updated: Radio Pros Available

The economy is slowly turning around, and broadcasters are beginning to hire again. Put your name in front of the industry with a free listing in Radio Pros Available. And we'll be happy to post your aircheck or demo, or a link to your website. Click the headline to learn more.

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