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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Talent Flip at CMG’s ‘97.1 The River’ in Atlanta

Monday, August 22, 2016
Aug 22nd 2016, 15:10, by radioinfo
Talent Flip at CMG's '97.1 The River' in Atlanta.  At classic hits WSRV, Atlanta "97.1 The River," Coxkielykaedy Media Group personalities Kaedy Kiely and Steve Craig swap dayparts.  Effective today (8/22), Kaedy Kiely moves from mornings to the afternoon drive "where she will continue to play great classic craigsteverock for weary Atlanta afternoon commuters.  Concurrently, Steve Craig, The River's resident musicologist, will move to morning drive from afternoons, getting listeners to work with classic rock news, traffic, weather and great music each morning."  Program director Chris Eagan states, "Kaedy is best known for afternoons in the market – that is where 'The River' audience wants to hear her voice as they commute.  Steve Craig's conversational, witty style will sound great in morning drive where he will bring his music history expertise to Atlanta's rock fans."
Radio Pro Randy James Charged in Nebraska Bank Robbery.  This is not the first bit of odd news the industry has heard about Randy James, a.k.a. James R. Fitzsimmons.  According to the story on, the former WMMX, Dayton program director led many to believe that in 2015 he was dying of an incurable illness.  (Inside Music Media blogger Jerry Del Colliano even posted an item marking the passing of Fitzsimmons.)  Now, Fitzsimmons is being charged with attempting to rob a Lincoln, Nebraska bank.  Authorities say Fitzsimmons passed a note to a drive-thru teller, demanding money and stating gunmen and explosives were inside the bank.  He did not receive any money.  He's being held on $100,000 bond and is expected back in court in September.  He programmed WMMX from 1991 through 1994.  He also programmed contemporary Christian outlet WAKW, Cincinnati and in 2013 created the media firm Truth2Value.
RadioInfo Career Moves.  Rock radio personality Laurie Roberts leaves her night show on Entercom's classic rock KUFX, San Jose "98.5 KFOX."….."The Cliff & Sharon Show" – with hosts Cliff Dumas and Sharon Burns – is in syndication with Steve Wall's Talent Farm.  Talent Farm will handle affiliation and marketing for the program.  It currently airs on country KBYB, Texarkana, and several other country outlets but is being made available to other formats…..Dan Rios joins Withers Family Texas Holdings' alternative rock KYRK, Corpus Christi "106.5 The Shark" to host the afternoon drive daypart.
Bernadette Duncan's Highly Anticipated Book About Talk Radio, Yappy Days, Released Today.  The long-awaited book is provocatively titled, YAPPY DAYS: Behind the Scenes with Newsers, Schmoozers, Boozers and Losers (AuthorHouse/Talkers Books, 2016) and it is receiving rave reviews from readers inside and outside the industry.  For example, Westwood One syndicated personality Jim Bohannon writes, "How good is a bernadettebookquarterback without the left tackle who has his back?  For 26 years, producer Bernadette Duncan was left tackle for some of the biggest quarterbacks in talk radio.  From the Super Bowl egos to bone-jarring clashes, Bernadette takes you inside the talk radio huddle. Yappy Days is an MVP – most valuable publication."   Written by the veteran talk show producer and wife of TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison, it chronicles her 26-year career in the trenches of big-time talk radio during its most dramatic decades (1983-2009) – set against the backdrop of America's pre- and post-9/11 realities when in one fateful day, talk radio went from its post O.J. Simpson default of covering celebrity murder mysteries (Gary Condit, Jon-Benet Ramsey, etc.) to an obsession with the reality and ongoing threat of civilian mass murder at the hands of terrorists.  She worked for some of the biggest names in the business during their glory days – Sally Jessy Raphael, Larry King, Tom Snyder, Lou Dobbs, Gil Gross, Charles Osgood and many more.  She captures through anecdotes and gentle analysis her experiences being a news/talk producer at ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and United Stations Radio Networks as well as local New York City radio landmarks, WMCA and WOR.  In addition to dishing insights into "the character of characters," including literally hundreds of industry and newsmaker names in this extremely candid account, Bernadette makes a compelling case on behalf of the importance of the position of radio producer – which she describes as being "the most under-rated, under-paid and under-appreciated job in commercial media."  Fox Radio and TV star Alan Colmes comments, "Yappy Days is a must read for anyone who ever produced or wants to produce media – and for anyone who ever consumes it.  More than a producer's manual, as you travel with Bernadette on her exciting journey, you realize it's a life manual as well."  WPGG, Atlantic City morning host Harry Hurley adds, "I couldn't put the book down.  Rarely, if ever do you learn about the radio and television industry from the inside out versus the outside in.  With integrity and a flair to properly tell a great story, Bernadette's Yappy Days delivers the goods."  Although she never worked directly with or for Rush Limbaugh, she interviewed him early in his career for the New York Daily News and crossed paths with him at several key junctures in his career, presenting a compelling study of his evolution in the chapter, "Brushes with Rushes," that media consultant Holland Cooke describes as "nothing short of poignant."  Bernadette kicks off a national radio/media tour this evening with a guest shot on the Jim Bohannon Show.  Producers and hosts interested in booking Bernadette Duncan on their shows can do so by calling Barbara Kurland at 413-565-5413.  To read a special review and feature story about the book by TALKERS/RadioInfo VP/executive editor Kevin Casey posted today (8/22), please click here.   The book is available at
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