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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Beasley: We Were Blindsided By Nielsen in Tampa.

Beasley: We Were Blindsided By Nielsen in Tampa.
Nov 2nd 2015, 21:12
You don't often see a company publicly berate the keeper of the currency but that's exactly what Beasley Media President Bruce Beasley (pictured) is doing after WBRN-FM was delisted again over the Bubba ratings tampering controversy. Nielsen not only delayed the ratings, for the second month in a row in Tampa, it delisted WBRN-FM, the station that carries Bubba, from its October report. Bruce Beasley has publicly voiced his displeasure over the second delisting and says his company was also victimized by Bubba's action and, "we were blind-sided and disappointed" about the delisting. Here's more of what Bruce Beasley had to say about the delisting....