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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Managers Corner: Balancing Relationships With Sports Teams

Managers Corner: Balancing Relationships With Sports Teams
Nov 24th 2015, 06:34
As a manager you want compelling content so if you have a sports station in your cluster you hire a knowledgeable, opinionated host who, at times, criticizes your local professional sports team, or its players. The team doesn't really like that, it's trying to develop a relationship with the community and sell tickets. So, what's the happy balance? As the person in charge it's your job to make sure both sides are happy and your hosts have the freedom to speak their mind and be real with the audience. The Sports Hub in Boston has had tremendous success walking that tightrope, in what is probably the number one sports city in the country. Mark Hannon is the Market Manager for CBS in Boston and Hannon, along with VP of Sports Programming Mike Thomas, morning hosts Toucher and Rich and PM drivers Felger and Maz are part of Radio Ink's December 21 cover story. We spoke to all of them about creating compelling content while working closely with professional sports teams. Here's what they had to say...