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Friday, December 4, 2015

FM Translators in High Demand at Auction

FM Translators in High Demand at Auction
Dec 3rd 2015, 05:46
Following day one of the FM Translator auction at the website Ronald Unkefer says many of the buyers are stepping right up to the "Buy Now" prices rather than try to duke it out in an auction. He has over half a dozen translators already sold under contract with more in the pipeline. He says, "Apparently in this scarce market broadcasters are willing to pay a bit extra in return for the certainty of locking one up." Bypassing the auction speeds up the process and eliminates a lot of legal fees. Unkefer says those who wait by being coy about placing bids are making a mistake because bidding increments are $5,000 giving early bidders a little protection. The auction continues through December 9 and is being hosted by Unkefer's First Ventures Capital Partners.