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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Four Corners Hit With $25K Fine


An FCC inspection in August of 2012 determined that several stations in Durango, Colorado owned by Four Corners Broadcasting were operating 0.6 miles from their authorized location, and they had been operating that way since 2007.

Four Corners filed applications to correct the violations after receiving initial Notices of Violation in September of 2012. The applications were returned by the commission in February of 2013 and were dismissed in May of 2013. And the commission says that, two months later, an agent discovered the STL stations were still operating at the unauthorized location. Four Corners did not deny the allegations but did ask for the fine to be reduced due to inadvertent errors made by its staff along with staffing issues that were beyond its control. The commission denied that request and levied the $25,000 fine. Read the entire forfeiture order HERE

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