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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Majority of Managers Confident About Radio


The future of radio looks bright according to the current crop of managers running the radio industry. Radio Ink recently completed a detailed survey of managers which included owners, CEO's, corporate executives, market managers, general managers, sales managers and program directors. Our goal was to take the pulse of the industry as we head into 2015 and find out where you believe radio sits in the digital marketplace. With a new year a few weeks away, radio managers are feeling pretty good about things.

When asked the question, Based on what you know today, would you re-up for a radio career? nearly 60 percent said absolutely and 36 percent said maybe. Only 6 percent of managers in our survey said absolutely not. In addition, another 70 percent of managers are somewhat confident (47%) or very confident (24%) that radio can remain its stronghold in the automobile and hold off emerging competitors.

One comment we received repeatedly from survey participants had to do with local content. Many echoed this comment from a mid-sized market GM,  "Invest in the on air product with live personalities, shorter commercial breaks and better researched playlist." And this comment from a programmer, "Stop voice-tracking and get even more localized. That is the only reason that people listen to radio, for the local presence. STOP listening to consultants, and take radio back to it's core, both on air, and digitally."

We'll have much more from our survey. Tomorrow we'll focus on digital.
Picture courtesy Todd West Media

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