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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pandora: Turtles Threatening Free Speech


Internet pure-play streamer Pandora has responded to the Turtles. GIGAOM reports the company claims that lawsuits filed by the former members of the Turtles amount to an illegal restriction on the freedom of speech and filed an anti-SLAPP motion in L.A. this past Friday.

SLAPP stands for Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation; it's a law that provides defendants a fast process to challenge lawsuits that they believe threaten free expression. Turtles founding members Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman -- who have also performed as Flo & Eddie -- are coming after Pandora, claiming they are owed money for pre-1972 recordings. There is no federal law protecting recordings before 1972, so the two men are trying to use state laws to win their case.

(12/23/2014 11:01:32 AM)
I'm sorry, but that's a real stretch, and I'm sure that it will go just as far as Aereo TV's claims (before they were shut down.)

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