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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Morning Man Faces Deportation


KLKK-FM (103.7 The Fox) morning man James Shaman (pictured), has been speaking out a lot lately about immigration reform. He's facing deportation himself. Shaman is scheduled to appear at a hearing on his immigration status and whether or not he'll be deported back to Canada. When he was young, Shaman broke the law and because of this, he has a criminal record. Shamantells KIMT TV that up until only three years ago, his legal status was protected by a permanent residential visa. With his criminal record, his green card was rescinded and he was placed on parole legal status. KLKK, located in North Iowa, is owned by North Iowa Broadcasting.
Shaman said, ?There?s a whole lot more to immigration and I?m not the only one that?s dealing with this. I don?t even think I?m the only person in north Iowa dealing with this, there may be others. I consider myself rather fortunate that I have the means to speak aloud with my microphone and my radio station and let people hear about this.?

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