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Thursday, December 25, 2014

WideOrbit Acquires Castfire


Castfire is a video and audio publishing platform, and WideOrbit says the integration of Castfire with the Abacast Clarity platform -- which WideOrbit acquired in June -- will create the first digital on-demand content solution with the capability to dynamically target and insert advertisements based on parameters like device type, geography, dayparting, and others.

Wideorbit CEO Eric Mathewson says, "Interest in on-demand content is skyrocketing, especially for podcasts. Every programmer, both terrestrial and digital, benefits from having a simple way to reach a larger audience and drive more revenue from its content. By integrating Castfire with Clarity, audio and video broadcasters, streaming radio providers, and podcasters will have a comprehensive solution that no other platform can offer for driving revenue from both on-demand content and live streams."

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