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Friday, December 12, 2014

About That Huge Market Share for Digital


Digital media grew 17% in 2014, to $142 billion, according to the new Magna Global report. That's $20 billion more than 2013 and the company is forecasting global digital to grow by 15.1% in 2015 to reach 30.4% market share. Magna says digital is still smaller than TV on a global level (39.7% share in 2014) but larger than print and radio combined. And, digital is the #1 media category in 14 of the 73 markets it analyzes. Mgna says digital will catch up with television in 2019, when both account for 38% of global advertising revenues. Digital is driven by social (up 64% this year,) and video (up 34%). Search remains strong (up15.6%) and banner display is barely growing (+5% this year) and is actually shrinking in many markets. Paid Search remains the #1 digital advertising format, with 49% of global dollars, followed by display (21%), social (12%) and video (8%).

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