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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chase, Maynard Expand Roles At iHeartMedia


Marc Chase (pictured), who re-joined iHeartMedia last year to lead many of iHeartMedia's marketing projects, will now oversee the company's brand management team. Chase is charged with reviewing all facets of the iHeartMedia brand management team to ensure the company is providing stations with the highest level of format-specific expertise.

In addition, the brand management teams will expand in 2015 to include more programmers across the country for idea generation. Chase will also oversee Critical Mass Media. Maynard, who joined iHeartMedia at the end of July, will now head up programming strategic review teams. He'll work with iHeartMedia programming executives and the brand management team on station action plans and to monitor what's actually coming out of the speakers.

(12/5/2014 4:57:25 PM)
The buffoonery continues. The company keeps "shuffling the deck" with these made-up positions and changing out one moron for the next, but the company results continue to downward spiral. What doesn't iHeart get rid of the boobs at the top and get some real leadership in place? Pittman et al are flailing idiots who keep wasting company money and using corporate assets for personal use while the losses mount and the billions in debt grow.

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