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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thompson Returns To L.A. Radio


For 25 years he was one half of the successful "Mark and Brian" morning show on KLOS-FM before retiring back in 2012. At the time, Thompson told Radio Ink he was ready to move on and do other things, including making movies and podcasting. Beginning in February, Thompson will return to L.A. on Bonneville's KSWD-FM "The Sound" and compete against his former station. And Thompson says he's putting some of his old crew back together. "I will once again embrace my dear friends Joe Benson, Rita Wilde, and Cynthia Fox from my KLOS days." Benson, who had been doing mornings, will move to middays.

Thompson added, "For me to return to mornings on L.A.'s white-hot radio station, The Sound, is beyond exciting," said Thompson. "I want to thank (VP/GM) Peter Burton and (PD) Dave Beasing for their unbridled passion in making this happen. To all my old and new listening friends in LA: You should brace yourself, my people, because there is an entertainment storm coming and an umbrella won't help you." Burton added, "Mark's return is probably the biggest thing to happen to L.A. radio since his departure. There's been a huge void in local morning radio." And Beasing said, "The Sound will continue to be all about the music, and Mark will create a daily shared experience that classic rock fans won't want to miss."

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