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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now It's Telos' Turn To Explain

Now It's Telos' Turn To Explain
Jul 21st 2015, 20:46
Many of you have spent a lot of money on a Voltair unit. Now you've been told by the ratings firm that impacts millions of dollars of revenue that comes into your industry that it does not support what that piece of equipment may be doing to the ratings that control those dollars. If you take Nielsen at its word, that in some of its Voltair testing, the PPM Watermark is being manipulated and, in some cases listeners can hear it, the folks at Telos Alliance should have to rebut what Nielsen representatives have said or explain why this is happening. Here's what Nielsen's SVP/Product Leadership Jennifer Huston told Radio Ink after the webinar..."The PPM system was done to be inaudible to the human ear. You cannot discern the watermark. We discovered in lab testing that Voltair does create an audible artifact into the audio. That is not the way we designed PPM to work." READ ON