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Monday, July 20, 2015

TRN Must Pay Savage $800K

TRN Must Pay Savage $800K
Jul 20th 2015, 04:49
This dates back to 2012 when the relationship between Savage and TRN, went south. As Savages' contract was coming to an end Cumulus made Savage an offer. TRN had a right to match that offer but Savage refused to recognize it because he was owed the $800K in back pay. An arbitration panel terminated the agreement between Savage and TRN and awarded Savage the $800,000 in withheld compensation. Savage filed a motion to confirm the arbitration award, which the district court granted in May 2013. TRN appealed the award and that was denied this past Friday.. A request by Savage to impose sanctions against TRN for filing a frivolous appeal was denied