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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pirate Rejected For LPFM License

Pirate Rejected For LPFM License
Jul 24th 2015, 20:29
WKMJ Radio Live The People Station is the name of an organization seeking an LPFM license for Pinellas Park, Florida. The FCC denied the license application for a few reasons, key among them being that WKMJ CEO is Kervenson Joseph, who has previously been caught operating a pirate radio station in Pinellas Park, a violation of LPFM application rules. Johnson applied for a reversal of the dismissal, using the argument that the Florida State's Attorney chose to not prosecute him for the radio station incident, so it should not be counted against him. The FCC's rules state otherwise, therefore, WKMJ's Petition for Reconsideration was also denied.