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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Are We About to See Progress on AM Revitalization

Are We About to See Progress on AM Revitalization
Aug 13th 2015, 05:28
Some of you out their are probably muttering, 'I'll believe it when I see it.' This issue certainly has been moving slowly. The revitalization of the scratchy AM band has been in front of the Federal Communications Commission for years and has gone nowhere despite what appears to be bipartisan, perhaps unanimous, support. Broadcasters have grown frustrated with the waiting as their AM signals flounder at a time where consumers want crystal clear sound they can pull up on their smartphone. In his most recent blog posting, FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler says he plans to recommend several of the proposals discussed back in 2013 to enhance the viability of the AM band. Wheeler wasn't very specific. He surely wasn't as specific as Commissioner Mignon Clyburn was at the Radio Show going on two years ago now and he did not mention any window for FM translators which is what many broadcasters were hoping for. Here's exactly what he had to say.