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Thursday, August 27, 2015

(RAMSEY) Is The New Golden Age of TV…Over?

(RAMSEY) Is The New Golden Age of TV…Over?
Aug 27th 2015, 11:06
Some say TV's new golden age is nearing its end, and Tom Asacker and Mark Ramsey agree. Plus, when what passes for news online gets too nasty, who do we have to blame, the advertisers? Not so, say Mark and Tom. Plus, Tom raves about the TV news reporter who has had quite enough Kardashian news. Meanwhile, Mark rants about how Periscope lies with statistics and rants about how Disney is turning the Star Wars franchise into an infinitely bigger franchise. It's episode 26 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. LISTEN HERE.