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Monday, August 24, 2015

How YOU Can Take NextRadio To The Next Level

How YOU Can Take NextRadio To The Next Level
Aug 23rd 2015, 13:11
(by Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads) An incredible thing is happening for radio. In July, AT&T agreed to activate FM chips in smartphones. Then Nextradio's Paul Brenner created a video at a T-Mobile store featuring a consumer telling T-Mobile CEO John Legere she wants radio on her smartphone — something the mobile carrier was not offering. Brenner had the woman ask Legere to enable the FM chips so she could listen to radio on her phone, for all the reasons NextRadio is promoting: low battery consumption during continuous listening, no data charges for audio, and FM radio when cell networks are down. Now it's your turn to turn up the heat on carriers. AND HERE'S HOW.