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Friday, August 21, 2015

(IN-DEPTH) Why Did John Dimick Really Leave Radio?

(IN-DEPTH) Why Did John Dimick Really Leave Radio?
Aug 20th 2015, 23:40
Highly respected programmer John Dimick recently decided 35 years of his life was enough to give to radio. He's always wanted to own his own business so he bought an AAMCO in Atlanta. Dimick finished his career as the SVP of Programming and Operations at Lincoln Financial Media, working for Don Benson. We spoke to Dimick at length about his long and successful journey in radio. We asked him why he really left radio, his opinion on the state of radio content, the importance of mentoring others in the business, who helped lift him up along the way and, of course, Voltair, which he believes does increase listening. Take a listen to our interview with John Dimick HERE and reach out to John by e-mail at