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Monday, August 24, 2015

Galaxy Unveils New Studios. Fans Flock.

Galaxy Unveils New Studios. Fans Flock.
Aug 24th 2015, 04:50
Local local local. Radio is alive and more than well in Utica, New York. Ed Levine's Galaxy Media relocated its studios to the downtown area and listeners showed up in droves to see the new digs. Levine told Radio Ink Sunday night, "We were thrilled to be a big part of the most exciting 48 hours to happen in the Mohawk Valley in 25 years! Twenty-five hundred new, well-paying jobs were announced by the Governor on Thursday, and then on Friday we opened our new offices and street-level studios and then threw a free block party outside our studios. We were stunned by the amount of people that toured our facility, which is in a building that has had a major history in Utica. It's rare when a radio station's new studios are the lead story on the local news but Galaxy represents part of the area's economic recovery, which is as good as it gets to a local broadcaster." SEE THE PICS .