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Friday, October 9, 2015

Emmis Quarterly Revenue Was Flat

Emmis Quarterly Revenue Was Flat
Oct 8th 2015, 20:43
The Indianapolis based Emmis is first out of the gate kicking off the ratings season. The months of April, May and June are Emmis' 2nd quarter and revenue was flat compared to the same three months of 2014 ($47.6 Million). In the markets that report to Miller Kaplan, Emmis was down 0.5% compared to those markets being down 1.9%. Smulyan said as the quarter moved on revenue got softer. Emmis was up 5% in June but down 2% in July and 5% in August. And, he said with political comps from 2014 pacings for the next three months are nit looking much better. Emmis is pacing down 4% due to those comps.