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Monday, October 26, 2015

Walters: "This Will Make A Difference."

Walters: "This Will Make A Difference."
Oct 26th 2015, 03:26
Cromwell CEO Bud Walters, among many other broadcasters, has been hounding the FCC for easy-to-implement procedures to save the AM band, for quite some time. Walters' plan to move an AM translator in Tell City, IN, was ignored for years and eventually denied by the FCC, about a year ago. Now, it appears the FCC thinks Walters' request to move that FM translator was not only reasonable but should be considered the model as part of the short-term plan to help save AM radio. The Commission is using Tell City as an example for other AM operators to do the same. We reached out to Walters this weekend to get his feedback on this issue and here's what he had to say.