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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Could A Non-Compete Be Holding Up The KVJ Return


Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki, and Jason Pennington are rumored to be returning to West Palm Beach, perhaps Digity's WRMF. The three canceled a press conference planned for 3 p.m. today and this was posted to their Facebook page: "The KVJ Show is currently under contract with Cox Radio. We cannot comment on the news of the day or any rumors regarding the show. We want to thank our listeners and fans for all their support."

The KVJ Show began back in 1999 on WLDI in West Palm with Kevin and Virginia, adding Jason in 2004. In July of 2013, Cox lured the show to Miami where they worked at "The Coast." The show started on August 5. Less than one year later it was canceled. The WRMF website has this top picture with the caption: "New Morning Show on July 29th." It's quite similar to the actual (bottom) photo of the KVJ team. Cox and Digity did not return our e-mails about the situtation.

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