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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Talk Radio Ratings Disaster


Showing a picture of the Titanic going down, former Clear Channel Executive Daryl Parks offers up his candid opinion on why he believes the Talk Radio format is disintegrating before our very eyes. Parks has become a very vocal blogger about the radio industry, and specifically talk radio, since leaving the employment of corporate radio. In his latest he says, "The diary markets coming in are bringing little joy. And many in the talk radio industry just sit back and continue on autopilot with the same hard line conservative narrative hour after hour, ignoring the cultural disconnect that?s happened between the format and society as the once unsinkable Titanic of radio formats begins to slip below water." And, he explains the role the General Manager and PD are playing in the talk radio problem.

Candidly, Parks says, the program director of today has no say in programming decisions. "Corporations don?t want a market PD with thoughts, ideas or any clue on how to correct talk radio?s problems.  They don?t get a vote.  Many of today?s talk radio PD?s are glorified board ops, never being taught and mentored in programming, coaching talent or strategic planning.  Many have no on-air experience. They are facilitators and are rewarded for nodding along with the status quo and punished for speaking out.  They know it?s best to keep their mouths shut in order to live another day and survive the next round of RIF?s."
And, he adds, many GM's are simply facilitators. "The ones that dare defend a talk station?s unique place and heritage in their market are viewed as troublemakers.  They are given unreasonable budget demands from corporate owners which handcuff them. They have no control to increase staffs even when it makes good business sense due to competitive situations and improving economies.  They also have no control in decreasing staffs. They are told to RIF associates even when it may damage the operations they are ultimately held responsible for.  ?We make the decisions, you?re responsible.? Doesn?t seem right, does it?"

Read the entire Daryl Parks blog HERE and leave your thoughts below.

(7/17/2014 7:52:24 AM)
Most of the national hosts are one trick ponies and are very predictable. Those traits have spread to many local hosts as well. Lack of depth along with predictability are what most sharp PD's of the rock radio era tried to eliminate from their stations. Today's sharp PD's still should. In my opinion, talk radio is responsible for destroying the listener credibility radio used to enjoy. So much dis and mis information - no better than social media. I can't say I'd be sorry to see it pass.

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