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Monday, July 28, 2014

More Feet on The Street. Less Clutter on The Air.


Pandora's local advertising revenue is growing. In Q2 the company took in $35 million from local advertisers, an increase of 144 percent from Q2 in 2013. A big reason for the growth is Pandora's investment in salespeople. The company now has 109 sellers in 37 markets, having added 91 salespeople in the last year. Pandora's goal is 343 sellers. The $35 million in local was 20 percent of Pandora's Q2 revenue total. If you were wondering about spot loads. Pandora averaged about three units per hour in Q2, and being that they are :15's and :30's, the clutter, when compared to radio, is miniscule. Pandora will go as high as six units every hour.

(7/25/2014 5:19:12 PM)
Dale has also generated another thought.
While, as a paid up member of the On-air and Creative Guild, I am loathe to bring this generalization forward:

Those stations with the fewest "live" on-air presenters may, indeed, be better off - given the caliber of the performances of the vast majority of the on-air talent.

Fact: Exceptional, listenable and effective broadcast performers are the rarest of commodities. Most are tune-out factors all by their own damn selves. And I repeat: I hate to be the one who has to say such a disempowering thing.

(7/25/2014 10:49:21 AM)
So with Clear Channel cutting many of their "local" personalities, with little to no local programming, what's the difference between them, Sirius and Pandora? CC's rates are higher for now.
Short-sightedness for cutting people now, and not looking into the future, but of course, they don't have much of one. What a lousy company...and I'm not a jock, but an owner.

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