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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Will Minihane Make it Through This Ordeal?


Forget whether or not calling someone a "gutless b***h" or saying they should drop dead without even giving them a chance to defend is entertaining radio or not, that's a debate for another day. So far the words used by WEEI's Kirk Minihane have only cost him one week. His future with the station may be determined by how this firestorm plays out day-by-day. What if other advertisers decide to follow Fox' lead and stop advertising with Entercom? There are always groups out there willing to put in the time to go after talk hosts when they see blood in the water.

It'll be a tough decision for market Manager Phil Zachary (pictured) and CEO David Field who's now involved in the matter. Zachary certainly jumped into the fire. He only been with Entercom in Boston since October, when he left Curtis Media for the Entercom job in Boston. Last week, Minihane, for his part was putting part of the blame for how this controversy has played out on others, calling it agenda-driven. 

In a blog posted on the WEEI website, Minihane takes aim at The Boston Globe, writing there have been five stories in two days about him. "It's important to note that I was called for a comment on exactly zero of these stories -- I was contacted by Gary Dzen after a story was posted, gave him a comment for the record that was never published -- which frankly astonished me. Probably, though, it shouldn't have, because the Globe has a very clear and obvious agenda against WEEI. Callum Borchers was the clincher. This isn't even a debate, this one cannot be questioned. Think about it -- the Globe employs four writers (Dan Shaughnessy, Chris Gasper, Tony Massarotti and Adam Kaufman) who are paid talent for our direct competitor. WEEI employs none. It's a smart move for that station -- they pay the two lead columnists for the Globe, which ensures a level of protection -- but it presents a serious conflict. And nowhere in any of the stories I've read on has it been mentioned that the other sports station in town is littered with Globe writers, all day long."

It will be interesting to see how, or even if, Dennis and Callahan discuss the issue this morning on their show. Or have they been told to leave it alone? No much else to talk about in Boston with the Red Sox doing so poorly this season and football still weeks away from starting. At what point do they decide Minihane is bringing them down?

Do you think Minihane will or should return to WEEI?

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