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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marketron Opens New Revenue Door for Radio


This year Gartner estimates mobile ad revenue will hit $18 Billion, a 37% increase over the $13.1 Billion spent in 2013. By 2017 Gartner estimates that number will reach $42 Billion. As a Manager with the responsibility of increasing revenue every month of every year, how much of that huge mobile advertising revenue figure is coming through your door, helping you achieve those increases? Digital revenue is growing for radio, however it still represents a small percentage of radio's overall revenue with traditional over-the-air spot revenue still dominating, although for several years that number has been experiencing relatively flat growth. Mobile revenue is exploding. Marketron executives say at least one radio group is bringing in over $100,000 every month using its brand new location-based advertising product that becomes available to everyone today.

An important point about the new Marketron product is it does not take up any over-the-air inventory. Using the technology Marketron already has in place, radio sellers can now go into local clients and sell campaigns that target consumers on their mobile devices within a radius the advertiser desires. For example, your sellers can now go into a car dealer with a campaign that delivers a display ad on mobile devices to all consumers within one mile or two miles or five miles of that car dealer. That client can also target X number of miles around a competitor to try to draw in customers who may be in the market for their product but just happen to be shopping somewhere else. As long as those consumers have agreed to receiving mobile ads or agreed to accept geo-targeted information from an app like CNN, ESPN, The Huffington Post, Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Marketron has the scale of about 10,000 apps in their system.

The process for the sale is also simplified by Marketron. Once your rep completes the sale, an online order form is filled out and uploaded with the details on the banner ad, website link, etc. that the client wants. Marketron then creates and launches the campaign for you. Marketron also optimizes that campaign as its in progress. The new solution will provide full transparency to reporting and campaign overview for both stations and their advertisers as well as support all ad units including rich media, video, and native ads. Marketron also has an in-house design team to handle broadcasters? clients? creative as well as in-house advertising operations to handle campaign optimization for all live campaigns. With location-verified inventory from close to 10,000 publishers in North America and direct access to trading desks and ad networks, targeted campaigns can go live in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

For more information on the product, e-mail

(7/22/2014 12:13:38 PM)

We have had wonderful success with mobile Geo Fencing, if you would like a free video on how it works and how to sell it, pop us a note!

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(7/22/2014 10:01:54 AM)
Very good article. The ability to target specific demos and user profiles is and will always be the future of mobile advertising. The need for specific measurement will no doubt be the most important aspect of the full ad solution over the next 24 months

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