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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Can Your Station Help Target Women?


If your station is female focused and female friendly, here's something you can package up and take to your local car dealer. The Wall Street Journal reports that more and more women are making the final decision to purchase a new automobile. Nissan's Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn tells the Journal that "women are making the final decision on more than 60 percent of new car purchases." Ford has created a program called "Live.Drive.Love," offering women 24-hour test drives, so they can "experience the product on their own time, in their own environments, and show it to friends," according to Ford's Director of U.S. Marketing, Chantel Lenard. Ever hear of or research the website

The Journal says is an automotive matchmaking website for women featuring a panel of female experts. Those experts could include auto executives, magazine editors, and even race-car drivers. They give women advice on buying, maintaining, and insuring cars. And, wisely, sells services to auto companies targeting female customers. There's also a new company called It's a place for women to discuss the experience they had at specific car dealerships. found that women visit an average of 1.9 dealerships before buying. And 47.5 percent of women who bought a new car went to the dealership by themselves.

And here's a great stat from the Journal story regarding millennials?53 percent of car buyers are female. A 2013 study also projects U.S. millennials will be the wealthiest generation ever. Here's a link to the entire article which should help you understand the change taking place with auto purchases and how you can address that with a proposal for your local dealer.

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