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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Horizon Develops Brand Attribute Tool for Audio


What if advertisers could pick the songs, or any audio, they wanted to advertiser around because they knew their customers loved those songs? Horizon Media says it will become the first agency to provide brand attribute information in the audio space. Horizon will mesh its "Proprietary BrandRatings Technology" with Clear Channel's new "Artist Match Tool." The agency says this combination will help client brands identify the most effective, targeted and efficient audio environments. "BrandRatings fuses syndicated and proprietary data along with specific brand attributes to identify more targeted and engaging matches between a brand, its consumers and the artists they follow most passionately."

Clear Channel's "Artist Match" is a new tool that explores the psychology behind artist appeal and how those associations can be harnessed most effectively by brands. BrandRatings and Artist Match rate artists across 26 attributes related to music, fandom and brand connection. That data is analyzed to determine the importance and extent of each attribute of an artist?s appeal, totaling over 64 million calculations per artist. A Clear Channel Power Score is then created for each attribute in order to assign the most engaging artist matches and media platforms in which to activate the partnerships.

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