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Friday, August 22, 2014

She Says It's Her Norwegian Roots


That's why Jean Kasem is taking Casey Kasem's body to Oslo according to A spokeswoman for the funeral service agency in the Norwegian capital says Jean Kasem has cited her Norwegian heritage as a reason for burying her late husband in Oslo. Wenche Madsen Eriksson said yesterday that Kasem also informed them of plans to move to Norway and said having her late husband interred there would allow her to visit him. Casey Kasem died more than two months ago and has still not been buried. Meanwhile Casey Kasem's relatives and friends are pleading with the Norwegian government to deny Jean Kasem's request.

NBC News reports that 20 of Kasem's relatives and friends say the legendary radio personality always wanted to be buried in Los Angeles and never spoke to them about Norway. IN a letter to the Norwegian government the family writes, "As beautiful as your country is, our father has never spoken of any desire to be buried in Norway either to us or to his friends. Do not be fooled into believing his wife, Jean Kasem, who abandoned and isolated him during the last year of his life in favor of her boyfriend, John Paul Gressy."

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