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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Radio Disney to Focus On Digital Distribution


On Wednesday Radio Disney announced it plans to sell 23 of its 24 stations with Los Angeles being the only market the company holds on to. Twenty-two of the stations are AM and one is FM. The company will be discussing the sale of the stations with all prospective buyers. As a result, jobs will be lost and the Radio Disney brand will be distributed through satellite radio and digital platforms.

Radio Disney?s General Manager, Phil Guerini, issued the following note to Radio Disney staff on Wednesday:

Dear Colleagues,

Across all forms of media, digital technology continues to dramatically change consumer habits -- from the iPad, mobile devices and the push of connected devices into the home -- and these changes compel us to evaluate and evolve our businesses. Today, we're announcing meaningful changes to our Radio Disney business.

Radio Disney will be increasing investment in both digital distribution platforms and music-centric programming.  These decisions will optimize Radio Disney for long-term growth and better reflect the habits of the consumers we serve -- a national audience of kids and families. We are partnering with the most popular digital radio services including our distribution partner of over 12 years, SiriusXM, and the newly forged agreements with ShowMobile, Slacker and Harman's Aha Radio. We also have our fast-growing Radio Disney App for iPhone, iPad and Android, our WATCH Disney Channel partnership and our Top 30 syndication partnership that's building across the U.S. We will also be exploring new digital extensions of Radio Disney's programming, including the Radio Disney Music Awards and Radio Disney's Next Big Thing (N.B.T.).

As part of this investment shift, at the end of September, we will be selling 23 of our 24 local radio stations, retaining KDIS-AM Los Angeles to originate Radio Disney's national network programming. The operations of the Los Angeles station will be picked up by the national team. These changes will result in the elimination of some positions, adjustments to other roles and the addition of some new positions. Today and tomorrow, we will be talking individually to those directly affected. Please know that we approached this decision with care and rigor and will provide transition support to those who will be departing the organization.

I have always been impressed with the dedication and camaraderie of the people at the Radio Disney network and local stations. Thanks to that teamwork, Radio Disney leads the radio industry in delivering age-appropriate music and entertainment for kids and families. As we wish our colleagues all the best, we remain committed to continuing the momentum.



(8/14/2014 1:52:12 AM)
Sorry ladies and gentlemen... But when one of the best run companies in the world, the Walt Disney Company, throws in the towel on AM radio... well, that says it all. Sadly, radio and especially AM radio, are in the sunset of their lifespan.
(8/13/2014 3:03:38 PM)
Do the lucky buyers get the IBLOCK transmitters?
(8/13/2014 3:02:02 PM)
As the radio industry continues to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, religious broadcasters praise the Lord for all the new opportunities of those AMs.

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