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Friday, August 15, 2014

Is Pandora Growing At Radio's Expense?


Not according to NuVoodoo Media Services. The company says it interviewed nearly 1,100 people, ages 14-54, in all PPM markets, to understand how consumers interact with Pandora and radio; more specifically, whether users cut down on the amount of time spent with radio as they increase time with Pandora. Here's what they discovered...

The company concluded that 62 percent of Pandora users who listen for at least 30 minutes per day are spending just as much time with radio. Vice President of Research for NuVoodoo Leigh Jacobs said, ?These latest results validate our hypothesis that longer experience with Pandora doesn?t equate to less listening to broadcast radio. While those who?ve spent more time with Pandora tend to increase their daily TSL from the service, they claim not to reduce their TSL with broadcast radio.?

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