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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Study: Radio Satisfies Listeners More Than Pandora


That's the conclusion the team at NuVoodoo comes to after surveying about 1,100 people and asking them which service they desire more when listening to 10 songs in a row. NuVoodoo VP of Research Leigh Jacobs said: ?What we wanted to learn was whether Pandora?s algorithms do a better job creating an enjoyable playlist for consumers than the researched and carefully curated playlists that broadcast programmers sweat over day in, day out. It?s Pandora?s technology against radio?s research and decades of experience." So what were the results?

Jacobs says, "Our data show that broadcast beats Pandora for music satisfaction ? big among those who align themselves with rock-leaning formats. While the customization possibilities are endless with Pandora and other digital pure plays, we know that few take advantage of all those possibilities. What it sets up is a massive number of swing voters ? consumers whose time we could pull back from Pandora with the right promotional tactics or lower commercial loads."

NuVoodoo President Carolyn Gilbert said, ?Radio?s on a bigger stage than it?s been since the advent of TV, but it does a great job making great music programming easy for consumers. We?ve known for years that most people don?t want to program their own music, or design their own cars, for that matter. They want to pick something that works for them and enjoy it.?

Jacobs adds, ?We know that many Pandora listeners are also heavy users of broadcast radio, but we?re interested in whether those using Pandora begin to pull away from broadcast radio over time. These latest results validate our hypothesis that longer experience with Pandora doesn?t equate to less listening to broadcast radio. While those who?ve spent more time with Pandora tend to increase their daily TSL from the service, they claim not to reduce their TSL with broadcast radio.?

NuVoodoo interviewed nearly 1100 respondents, ages 14-54, in all PPM markets.

(8/22/2014 6:20:21 PM)
Living in a rural area with limited stations, and the last classic rock station going to pop crap... Pandora outshines radio every day.
(8/22/2014 12:42:45 PM)
A few comments on that survey
- It starts with the word "Imagine"
- How long would it take to play 10 songs on radio between the 8 commercial sets weaved nicely in between.
(8/21/2014 10:15:55 PM)
In that case, Congratulations To Radio!!! We fare better than a streaming service. Let the bells ring out. Let the trumpets blare. Let the banners fly. Have some cake.

Now, can we please get serious...?

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