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Saturday, August 15, 2015

NextRadio Nabs T-Mobile

NextRadio Nabs T-Mobile
Aug 14th 2015, 18:38
NextRadio President Paul Brenner took to social media with video's and hashtags and it all caught the attention of T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Brenner even stopped T-Mobile customers coming out of a store to get them to hold up the sign. (WATCH IT HERE). Then, Legere sent out a tweet of his own: @JohnLegere: Hey @NextRadioApp – We heard you! We're saying yes to FM chip and will push our OEM partners to support! #sayyestoFMchip. Mission accomplished. Add T-Mobile to Sprint and AT&T to the growing list of carriers onboard with the FM Chip. Brenner recorded a thank you video you can watch HERE. Watch out Verizon, Brenner is headed your way.