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Friday, August 8, 2014

ABC Announces Expanded Operation, Break From Cumulus


After its distribution agreement with Cumulus Media winds up at the end of this year, ABC News Radio will be teaming with Skyview Networks to deliver its content, effective in January. ABC News President James Goldston (pictured left with ABC News Radio GM Steve Jones) called it the "beginning of a new era," saying that, with the Skyview deal, ABC News Radio will "expand our operations to invest in new programming, take control of distributing and marketing our content, and deepen our affiliate relationships."

ABC News has nearly 2,000 affiliates nationwide and is on digital services, including iHeartRadio and Slacker. Goldston said in announcing the move, "As we move ahead we see tremendous opportunities and know that we will have to work even harder to ensure a bright future. We?re taking these important steps now to work more closely with our terrific, long-standing station partners and better position us for digital audio growth in the future."

Additionally, a new website launched Thursday at

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