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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Walking On Eggshells At ESPN


Dan Le Betard will return to the airwaves today after being suspended two days for purchasing billboards in Ohio poking fun at LeBron James. It'll be interesting to see if Le Betard discusses his suspension Monday afternoon. Now Max Kellerman is on suspension, according to The Daily News, perhaps for telling a story from many years ago when he and his then-girlfriend Erin, who now is his wife, got into a fight at a college party. Kellerman said they were both drinking, she slapped him and he slapped her back. Kellerman added he and his wife have been happily married for 20 years. But, the paper reports, the suspension may really be about something else.
The Daily News says ESPN has warned its hosts about discussing the Ray Rice incident. Rice was suspended for two games after being caught on video in a physical altercation with his girlfriend (who is now his wife). One source tells the paper, "My understanding is that it was part of a larger conversation ESPN had with all its on-air people. Kellerman obviously didn't pay attention." Many ESPN hosts have been critical of the NFL for suspending Rice for only two games, although Stephen A. Smith was suspended for a week for using the word "provoke" when analyzing the incident. Smith is back on the air and, in fact, is getting his own show on SiriusXM

Kellerman co-hosts the afternoon-drive program Max & Marcellus on ESPN O&O KSPN in L.A. The brief statement about Kellerman was: "Max Kellerman will return to ESPNLA Radio and SportsNation on Thursday."

(8/11/2014 5:51:50 AM)
ESPN has bowed to the NFL before. Many, myself included, were looking forward to season 2 of the Playmakers. Never happened because the NFL put the hammer on ESPN. The NFL may be the greatest game on the field but not so much away from it. The fact don't hit a woman (unless she's pointing a gun at you or a knife.) And where is the outcry from the womens group over this? Rice should minimum...been suspended halg a season.
(8/11/2014 4:47:59 AM)
The whole thing with Bristol is an exercise in brainlessness. It's being talked about on other networks, it's being talked about online, and it's being talked about in person between fans of the game. THIS topic is apparently untouchable, and yet misogynistic statements about women are perfectly fine. Le Betard gets suspended for a (very funny) billboard, but Skip Bayless troll LeBron James left and right without consequence. Worldwide Leader in Hypocrisy? You'd better believe it.

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