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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Welcome To Radio Kids


The KBA WKU Radio Talent Institute has concluded and 70 new students are ready to infiltrate radio's farm system. Kentucky Broadcasters Association President Gary White said, ?The KBA determined this to be a very worthwhile cause. We know we need to find and attract young people who have a desire to be in our industry today who can be our leaders of tomorrow."

Dan Vallie, founder of the National Radio Talent System, stated, ?It?s a moving experience to see the caliber of broadcasters giving their time and sponsorship to teach these young people who have a passionate desire to have a career in radio and, after 10 intense days, the students saying they wished it didn?t have to end. This is the talent incubator we need, and the campus-to-career connection the student needs to get into broadcasting. While our industry is moving forward and embracing technology and social media, these young people will one day be in leadership and will combine tradition with technology in order to keep radio thriving. It?s still people that make the difference. I?m proud of the broadcasters and the universities that are making this happen.?

The National Radio Talent System is a system of Radio Talent Institutes held on college campuses. Seventy percent of the students who have completed the Institutes have gotten their first job in radio or a related field and are working for CBS, Clear Channel, Beasley Broadcast Group, Entercom, Greater Media, Forever Communications, CNN, and others.

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