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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Confusion Over Content


Podcast One has gone public, demanding Stitcher remove all of its shows, while Stitcher is saying that has already been done. Stitcher specializes in spoken word format, including news, sports, talk, and entertainment radio with over 25,000 radio shows, live radio stations and podcasts. The company was recently purchased by Deezer. Podcast One says it has made reasonable efforts to settle the issue but Stitcher continues to sell and distribute programming without the proper rights, consent and compensation. Podcast One CEO Norm Pattiz says the company is stealing content without permission. We received this statement from Deezer last night: "The content in question was removed a few weeks ago when the PodcastOne team reached out. We hope to find a solution with PodcastOne quickly, so the Stitcher audience can enjoy the great shows that are affected."

Pattiz says, ?In some cases, Stitcher has absolutely no rights to carry our programs, and in others, no rights to sell or monetize our exclusively represented content in any way. This has been an ongoing problem, and enough is enough. You can't just steal content without permission. Podcasting is breaking through big time, not only with consumers but with advertisers as well. I see new players coming into the market, all touting technology that will allow them to grab podcasts for their subscribers. Let this be a message -- make sure you have secured the rights from content suppliers before you distribute programming you don't have the rights to.?

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