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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stitcher: We Want to Work With Norm


Todd Pringle is the Vice President of Products at Stitcher. Last night Pringle told Radio Ink that all of the content PodCast One has asked Stitcher to remove has been taken down. "We have removed all the relevant content in question, and have proactively reached out to Podcast One as we have done so. There is a small amount of content where owners have asked us to keep it up and we are trying to honor that while we work to resolve with Podcast One. If any of our owners of record for these shows ask us to take it down, or PodcastOne provides evidence of ownership, we will take these down immediately." Pringle also addressed Pattiz' request to show PodCast One an accounting of any revnue generated by Stitcher.

Pattiz has also asked Stitcher for an accounting of any money the company made from PodCast One shows, which is standard operating procedure when revenue is being shared. We asked Pringle if Stitcher has generated any revenue from the Podcast One shows and if the company would provide Pattiz with that information. While Pringle did say there was a revenue share, he did not address the accounting question or say whether or not Podcast One shows produced any revenue. "We share revenue with existing partners already and there's no reason we wouldn't do this with Podcast One shows." Pringle did address Pattiz' claim that subscribers can still download Adam Corolla's show. "Our subscribers have not had access to Adam Carolla."

We also asked Pringle of request to remove content is becomg a bigger problem for the company. "We have received a small handful of similar requests in our 7 year history of hosting 30,000 shows, and we've always been able to arrive to a solution with the content provider. The podcasting ecosystem has thrived on open and mutually beneficial relationships, we believe the way we grow this industry is by working together with the common goal of growing listening. Stitcher provides widespread distribution, discovery tools to drive new listeners and advanced analytics to our partners.  We are optimistic that we will be able to reach a resolution with Podcast One and ensure that Stitcher listeners will have access to these great shows. We have met with and reached out to Norm in an effort to come to an understanding that works for Podcast One, who we have a lot of respect for and hope to work with in the future.

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