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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NextRadio: "We See A Great Pattern Emerging"

In its latest blog posting, the team at NextRadio says listening hours are climbing at a rate of 22 percent month-over-month on average while listeners grow at a rate of about 15 percent each month. "Listening hours are growing at a faster pace than devices are being registered, which is exactly the kind of growth we want to see. And this, according to NextRadio executives means radio is becoming portable again. "And when FM is portable, people use it. And when they like the experience, they listen more." The blog posting, updating the industry on the progress of NextRadio, also quotes a Boston Globe piece written by Hiawatha Bray who says NextRadio gives the radio industry positive momentum.

Bray writes, "Broadcasters are hoping that if enough of us use this, it?ll generate sort of a momentum to get the cellphone industry to turn on FM radio in all their phones. It might work, because it turns out having an FM radio in your phone is a pretty cool thing.? And he concluded with, ??frankly, it?s an option I?m really glad to have, and I?m one of the few people who can have it. That?s not fair. We should all be able to do this.?

Here are the updated NextRadio Statisitics:
? Over 1,191,000 app downloads
? Over 10,750 FM radio stations tuned to from the app
? Over 1,711,000 hours of listening through NextRadio

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