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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

P1s Agree: Radio Makes Us Happy


Researchers from Mark Kassof & Co. asked a simple question of radio P1s ages 18-64, and got a great answer: Radio makes them happy. Kassof asked the 1,010 respondents to fill in the blanks in this sentence: "Listening to [name of station they listen to most] makes me feel ____." And nearly a quarter -- 23 percent -- gave the answer "happy." Another 16 percent said "good," and 8 percent" said "relaxed." Other responses: "informed," "great," "alive," "energized," "nostalgic," and "calm."

Kassoff then asked how often the respondents' P1 station make them feel any of 51 possible feelings. Forty-seven percent said their favorite station "always" makes them feel happy, and 36 percent said it "often" has that effect. Other respondents said their P1 station always makes them feel "comfortable" (40 percent), "interested" and "connected" (38 percent each), "informed" or "satisfied" (37 percent) or "relaxed" "35 percent.

Way down on the list were people who said the station they listen to most always leaves them "worried" (4 percent), "embarrassed" (also 4 percent), or "bored" (3 percent.)

Kassof said, "The positive, constructive feelings we tested overwhelm the overtly negative ones, which are all in single digits. Yes, radio is a positive force in these listeners' lives."

(11/14/2014 4:51:30 PM)
Subjective reports on a subjective experience delivering objective results. Oh, yeah. Let's go with that.

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