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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

(HIRING) Benefits And Perks Are Key In Hiring!


By Laurie Kahn

We have all noticed how hard it is to hire strong talent, especially in sales. We have discussed how hiring in the future will continue to be tough as not only is it competitive, but we are working with a group of young people who want different things in life ?  it has been projected that Millennials will switch jobs every 3-4 years; and not just jobs, but careers! So not only do employers need to get them ramped up quickly when hired, they may need to be more creative when trying to attract these future employees.

As the year is drawing to a close, do your team a favor and do a review on what you offer, and research what other companies are offering in the way of benefits and perks. Google "creative employee perks," research companies who are currently hiring in your market and do a comparison.

Here is a list of some of the creative perks and benefits we have recently encountered:
? Growth potential (a given)
? Flexible work time ? ability to work at home and office, work-adjusted hours to fit needs
? Unlimited vacation ? once their goal is hit, they are good to go when and where they like
? Great gear ? PC, MAC, ergonomic chairs ? the tools they need to be more productive at work
? Customizable benefits to fit their individual and family needs
? More relaxed dress codes to fit with their company culture
? Healthy snacks, fully stocked refrigerators
? Pet-friendly workplaces ? ability to bring Fido to work with them
? Wellness emphasis ? gym memberships or on-site workout rooms, ping pong tables, yoga classes, etc.
? Team outings ? fun, creative team-building outings from movies, bowling, golf, spa days, etc.
? Employee-of-the-month award/recognition still a high interest
? Continual reminding of the strength and success in the company.

Companies who are promoting these benefits in their recruiting are all about making their employees happy, to build loyalty and productivity.
While not all of these perks may work for you, I challenge you to really review what can be updated to appeal to more potential employees.

Laurie Kahn is Founder and President of Media Staffing Network and can be reached at 480-306-8930 or via e-mail at Visit the Media Staffing Website

(11/21/2014 1:53:22 PM)
Not from any radio station or broadcast group I'm familiar with. Good thought, though. It's like the Emerald City, way off in the distance...

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