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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

WILV Chicago Mixes Christmas With The Hits


Hubbard's WILV in Chicago announced today "The Perfect Christmas Blend." Calling it a radio first, WILV will blend the holiday classics along with today?s hottest variety of music. To do this, WILV will alternate a hit song with a holiday classic all through Christmas Day. WILV Program Director Marty Bender says, ?For more than a year now Hubbard Radio Chicago has been committed to reinventing the standard AC format. In that spirit, we are presenting a new way to hear the holiday. This is yet another unique ?touch? for our growing and lucratively targeted adult audience.This isn?t a radio strategy as much as it?s simply giving our listeners a balance of the two types of music they want to hear.? More details about the WILV move from the Chicagoland Radio and Media Blog.

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