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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pattiz Is Serious About Protecting Content


The disagreement over content between PodCast One and Stitcher is heating up. Late Monday PodCast One CEO Norm Pattiz sent out a press release stating Stitcher (now owned by Deezer) was stealing PodCast One content. Pattiz not only wants Stitcher to take Podcast One's content down, he wants an accounting of any revenue Stitcher generated selling that content. Pattiz told Radio Ink last night this is similar to what we're seeing on the TV side over content and there's finally someone big enough to stand up for these podcasters.

When we reached out to Stitcher for a comment Monday, they responded, "The content in question was removed a few weeks ago when the PodcastOne team reached out. We hope to find a solution with PodcastOne quickly, so the Stitcher audience can enjoy the great shows that are affected." However, after seeing that statement, it doesn't appear Pattiz, while encouraged by that it, doesn't believe it's entirely true. "If they meant it, we're open to having a conversation, but to be clear nobody is going to access the programming for free."

While Patiz agrees some of the content has been taken down by Stitcher, he says subscribers still have access to it. He wants all of it removed and says the people and comapnies PodCast One represents support him. About 10 percent of the content on the PodCast One website NPT shows, for example, are non-exclusive.

PodCast One was demanding these shows, among other, be removed from Stitcher: Adam Carolla, Clark Howard, Dan Patrick, Carcast, The Dr. Drew Podcast, Rich Eisen, Yahoo! Sports Radio, Barstool Sports? #Mailtime and KFC Radio, Loveline, Adam & Drew, Ace On The House, Alison Rosen, Penn Jillette, This Week with Larry Miller, Jay Mohr, Afterbuzz, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Ross Tucker, Schmoes Know Movies, Film Vault, If I Were You, and many other successful podcasts.

The website lists The Adam Corolla Podcast in its shows section. When you click on it, this is what comes up: "This is nuts. Our apologies. We can't seem to find the show you're looking for. Tap LISTEN above to browse over 25,000 shows." The same message came up for The Dan Patrick Show and The Rich Eisen Show. In the Stitcher app, shows like Dan Patrick and Adam Corolla and Loveline cannot be found in a search, however Jay Mohr can be.

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