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Monday, August 10, 2015

(Audio) Podcasting Pioneer - Dan Franks

(Audio) Podcasting Pioneer - Dan Franks
Aug 10th 2015, 05:46
Dan Franks is a CPA an entrepreneur and a Podcaster. He's also one of the founders of The Podcasting Movement which is a convention focusing entirely on Podcasting. It's already doubled in size after only two years in existence. Last month over 1,000 people attended PM15 in Dallas and Franks says his 2016 convention next July will be held in downtown Chicago. We spoke to Franks at length about the popularity of Podcasting, where Podcasting is headed and what radio managers should be doing when it comes to Podcasting. We also asked him the age of those involved in this space. His answer may surprise you. LISTEN HERE. (Franks is pictured here with Sarah Koenig of the very popular Podcast Serial).